Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Outpost Destruction....(and Vote for me!)

JoeSettler thought he would pull a fast one by hijacking my blog to convince you to vote for him. His "illegal outposting" is about to be removed...

Vote MUQATA in the JIB AWARDS! (list of recommendations coming later...)

Vote: The Muqata
Best Designed Blog - First Round Group

Vote: The Muqata
Best News/Current Events Blog (First Round Group A)

Vote: The Muqata
Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog (First Round Group B)

Vote: The Muqata
Best Slice of Life in Israel Advocacy Blog (First Round Group A)

Vote: The Muqata
Right Wing Political Blog - First Round Group B

Vote: The Muqata
Best Contribution / Blog that Made a Difference - First Round Group A

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


JoeSettler said...

Then what are yo going to do with the link in your post to my illegal (out)post? Hmmm? Didn't think of that, did you?

tafka PP said...

Bob wants to be careful- Snoopy's got one heck of an Uzi on him...

JoeSettler said...

Girl, for someone who hangs out with so many palestinians, you think you'd recognize an M-16 when you see one.


Jack's Shack said...


JoeSettler said...

Update: Vote JoeSettler here. I have a chance to make it into the second round of voting!

It's the only place I'm not competing (yet) head to head against Jameel.

Anonymous said...

I can't quite make out the happy face on that bulldozer driver...

Avromi said...

Looks like we're neck and neck for the "Difference-maker blog." I'm glad the top 3 go in. Hatzlacha.


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