Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Roundup from Israel

So much to blog little time.

Israel braces for the Winograd Commission report of the Israeli government and IDF's conduct and operation during last summer's second Lebonon war. A "scooped" copy was leaked to Channel 10 TV on Friday. No real surprises:

1. IDF Commander-in-Chief Dan Halutz acted as an arrogant, narrow-minded, war-chieftain, believing that the IAF could destroy Hizbollah via air supremecy alone.

2. PM Olmert: LOSER. Even more arrogant than Halutz, and claims he will continue as Israel's PM, regardless. (Regardless of how many deaths he was responsible for).

3. Defense Minister Peretz: The most irresponsible politician alive in Israel today, for accepting the position of Defense Minister, when he is isn't capable of grasping basic military concepts (i.e. "war").

Next up: The Student's Strike. Government Black-Shirted Shock Troops (YASAM) bash heads of students, reporters, and anything that gets in their way -- as they used extreme physical violence to force (passive civil disobediently) demonstrating students out of intersections. The students said in response that they will call for a civilian rebellion. My advice: The government will use YASAM shock troops against you 10 times out of 10, and will accuse you of sedition and treason. Your best bet? Pay more tuition for the time being, and then go into politics to dissolve those parties that approve the use of the YASAM to implement totalitarian policy.

Chomesh! Cheers for Chomesh and the valiant pioneers who try to rebuild it! This past Yom Haatzmaut, between 15,000 and 30,000 men, women and children hiked to the ruins of Chomesh, one of the Shomron settlements destroyed by the Disenagegment. Tons of pictures here. I heard a totally spooky story the other night from a friend who went to Kever Yosef in Shechem last week. Too spooky to post, since the IDF will try to find me and extract information about how the night-time excursion took place.

Finally, a kinder and gentler Coca Cola that's healthier and available ONLY in Israel!
Over the past few years, health food trends have been taking the world by storm, but only in Israel will the world's most popular soft drink be manufactured without preservatives or artificial food coloring.

Coca-Cola Israel will be the first to produce a healthier version of the drink, while at the same time maintaining its taste, shelf-life, and of course, kashrut.

The move came following market surveys which clearly showed the Israeli consumer's preference of products without preservatives and artificial colorings. YNET

And last but not least...boy did I get it over the head for my JIB posting last week. How could I forget good blogging friends like the Maggid of Bergenfield, CosmicX, DafNotes, Sarah's View, Batya's Musings, and so many others? How? Because I was blogging on no sleep, with no sincerest apologies. You'll still be invited to the Muqata Waffle Victory Breakfast if we manage to win some JIB awards. On the other hand, I've obviously irked Hot Chanie who wrote me the following short email:

"Jameel: Your blog and blog name are the dumbest on the entire internet. It took me weeks to figure out that you are JEWISH and not some missionary or something. Your comment last week about not advocating my blog for the JIBs requires that I encourage all my five-town friends (and their friends and kids) to vote for every other possible blog, but YOURS. My friends have multiple computers per household, so killing your blog's chance of winning should be as easy as 90 minutes of spinning at our local gym.

Prepare to LOSE.


Hot Chanie

Hmmm. I had better take her threat seriously, and lobby hard this week, since the Muqata blog has some serious competition.

Shavua Tov! (To everyone, but Hot Chanie)


Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Rafi G said...

don't worry about Hot Chanie. Multiple computers does not give multiple votes. That is, unless each one has its own internet connection. But if they all share the same dsl line, they only get one vote between them all.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Rafi G: She seems slightly imbalanced...not sure whether to take her seriously or not.

Rafi G said...

it must be all the exercise she gets... too much oxygen in the addled brain. and the tight outfits probably don't let her breathe properly

JoeSettler said...

Hot Chanie: Please tell all your friends to vote JoeSettler.

Anonymous said...

HotChanie needn't take any measures beyond telling (aka D----------------) to continue his hacking job.

YMedad said...

I didn't complain when you left me out. But I'm not doing too bad. Not at all.

Jack's Shack said...

Is Hot Chanie really that dumb. Oy.

mazeartist said...

We all miss Yosef HaTzaddik, when the time comes, so be sure to share the story of the latest visit to his tomb.

judi said...

Sorry to have to break it to you, but "Hot Chanie" is actually a 16 year old high school kid from Brookline named Greg. Does everything suddenly make sense?

ps- I've got a post in the running in the Humor Post category, group C. Just sayin'.

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