Thursday, August 02, 2007

Chareidi Positive Mental Attitude

The Jerusalem neighborhood of "Shaarei Chesed" is often described as "Meah Shearim with a smile." (sound like a promo for the Muqata House of Waffles)

What better positive mental attitude is there, than broadcasting this message:

"Please pass through our neighborhood!
We want you to visit! Please drop by...
but please wear modest clothes."

A simple wave of the black graffiti marker and a negative sign becomes so much more appealing...and it's message, so much more understandable.

Much nicer than the original:

Equal Opportunity Sign Modification: They did the exact same on the Hebrew posters.

These graffiti masters should work for a Chareidi Ad agency -- they certainly know how to get the right message across, in a gentler way.

hat-tip: My former Shaarei-Chessed flatmate, CG

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Annie said...

I found this charming, thanks for sharing a non-negative portrayal of a Charedi community.

Michael said...

Amazing, what a simple edit can do.

a2 said...

where is everyone today!

yitz said...

To quote from an old song, Annie, "I second that emotion!"

mnuez said...

I've had some personal experience with posting krazot in Charedi communities and let me tell you, you gotta be careful.

My posters imploring people to drive more safely didn't rouse any hard feelings that I'm aware of but my posters entitled, "Di!" ("Enough!") and went on to quote the Rambam on the proper way to engage in Tochacha (hint: It doesn't involve mobs of animals smashing traffic lights and dropping stones from their windows) didn't fare as well. In fact, one of the fellows hired to actually post these pages got beaten up.

I love many many things about the chareid community but their willingness to allow violence to be engaged in on behlaf of their religious principles is an ugliness that you can only truly appreciate when you witness it very first-hand.


Chana said...

That's fantastic, huzzah graffiti masters!

wannabe frum said...

On a wall in the old city, someone wrote, "bat melech shomeret al kvoda umitlabeshet b'tzniut" (the king's daughter safe-guards her honor by dressing modestly) - much of the same - nicely saying the same thing, and probably earning a much more positive reception.

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