Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What makes you so special?

Sometimes there are big advantages only to those living in Israel.

I know that when posts like this have been posted here in the past, it started a comment war between those who think life is better in America and those who think life is better in Israel.

Well, here’s a new one for you.

Nefesh b’Nefesh is offering a $3000 prize for the best video… now get this… not on what is best about living Israel, but what is unique about living in Israel.

OK, so we can end this war right now: “Unique”, not “Best”.

Now I just need some unique ideas (so leave your comments).

The first idea is that this contest is uniquely open only to residents of Israel!

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Baila said...

okay, maybe I don't count, because I won't be an Israeli citizen until September 4, G-d willing--but how's this: When I arrive (in 2 weeks!!!!), there will be beds or airmattresses made, food in the fridge, toilet paper in the bathroom, and a meal prepared...this taken care of not only by family and friends, but by some strangers as well--not exactly how my parents emigrated to the US!!! Maybe I'll video that and submit it to NBN...

Miriam said...

the way people just turn around and talk to one another on the bus,etc

Anonymous said...

friggin hebrew!
one of the biggest accomplishments in the history of mankind. i still cant figure out how they pulled that one off. every time some kid goes into a makolet [!] and buys something in hebrew its a minor miracle.

Anonymous said...

baila, don't forget to fill out the application!

Anonymous said...

Here's some unique "Israelis":

If you want to ask directions, you beep at the person beside you in traffic and both roll down your windows.

If you ask someone who is eating a sandwich how they like it, they don't say, but they offer to give you a bite!

If you ask something in Hebrew, they answer you in English.

And, of course, milk comes in a bag . . .

annie from DL said...

What's unique about Israel? First of all - it's Jewish! No other country can qualify can it?

Also - Shabbat in Israel. There's nothing quite like Friday afternoon, the winding down of business, public transport, the siren sounding as Shabbat comes in. Nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Sweettooth120 said...

Having strangers walk by you when you are eating, and say Betavon (good appetite).

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