Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jewish Leadership in the Likud

I'm too busy to write something, so here's what Moshe Feiglin has to say about the upcoming Likud primaries this Tuesday. (I'm voting for Moshe instead of Netanyahu). You can find more about him here.


By Moshe Feiglin

Time and again, the same small leaders from Kfar Maimon and the Yesha Council harness themselves to the old, G-dless leadership. Major Yesha figures are working with all their might to convince Judea and Samaria's Likud members of the dangers of the belief based candidate. Their conclusion? The settlers must vote for Bibi. As if Bibi had never hugged Arafat, surrendered most of Hebron to the Arabs, released and armed terrorists, negotiated to surrender the Golan Heights, voted in favor of the expulsion from Gush Katif -- and as if in these very days he has not proposed to bring the Jordanian brigade of the PLO to police Judea and Samaria.

What is the source of this psychosis? Clearly, the only reason that the settlers of Judea and Samaria are enjoying so much attention from Netanyahu is the very fact that an authentic alternative to the Left has been created. Why do the Yesha leaders prefer to perpetuate their role as the battered wife who will always accept her violent husband's apology -- until the next time?

The following is Moshe Feiglin's open letter to the Likud members of Judea and Samaria:

valetHave you noticed how important you have suddenly become? So important that the same person who just two months ago suggested that an entire brigade of Jordanians be brought to your homes has now taken the trouble to visit your settlements. It seems that when your votes are needed, you suddenly turn into legitimate Likud members. You have become so important that you receive telephone calls almost every evening explaining why it is so worthwhile for you to support the man who never missed an opportunity to betray you. The refugees from Gush Katif are now being asked to give their Likud primary vote to the man who could have prevented their expulsion, but chose instead to support it from the Knesset floor and to fund it as Finance Minister.

You may think that Bibi is reaching out to all the Likud members. But that is not the case. Bibi is not investing in other Likud voters even a fraction of the resources that he is investing in you. Because suddenly you are V.I.P.s. Suddenly, you are the very most important people around. Everyone else is out of the country or on vacation or simply apathetic about the elections. They are unmoved by the chairman of their movement and will not trouble themselves to go to vote against the candidate who expresses their core belief in G-d.

So strange as it may seem, the primary elections for the head of the Likud will be determined by the settlers. Dear friends, YOU will determine who will be the head of the Likud and its candidate for Prime Minister. That's why Bibi is not running to Hadera or Ramat Hasharon. His phone staff is not investing long hours to convince the residents of Netanyah to vote Bibi. All the scare tactics and brain washing techniques are focused on you.

Suddenly, you have transformed from the most marginal sector that has no human rights -- citizens who can be expelled and destroyed and taxed and whose sons can then be sent to the army -- to the most significant group of voters.

Will know how to preserve your new status? Or will you become intoxicated by it until Election Day (30 Av -- August 14) and immediately afterwards return to your real status as doormat of the Likud and of Israeli society? Bibi is not stupid. He understands that your votes can determine the outcome of the upcoming elections. Now it is in your hands!

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