Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ashton Kutcher Hearts Gush Etzion

Celebrity US actor, Ashton Kutcher is visiting Israel these days, and he took time out of his busy schedule to visit...Gush Etzion!

Under the initiative of project "Mashiv HaRuach" which deals with strengthening the values of Zionism, Kutcher visited the community of Efrat, listened with great interest to a historical review of the community and the Gush Etzion area, dined at a Glatt Kosher restaurant, and even dipped in a local natural spring "Mikva" no less than 151 times! (151 is the numerical equivalent "gematriya" of "Mikva")

The project's director, Rafi Even D'aan briefed Kutcher and the history of settlement in Gush Etzion and spoke to him at length about the region's Jewish history. Rafi told Kutcher about the establishment of the new Jewish settlements after the Six Day War and explained the spiritual and historical significance of Gush Etzion.

"Mashiv HaRuach" is a project of the Israel Center of the OU (organization of Jewish communities) and hosts every year about 30 thousand IDF soldiers to help combine and strengthen the values of Zionism and the IDF.

Photos of Kutcher's visit to Gush Etzion:

Maybe next time, Kutcher's wife Demi Moore will visit us in the Shomron?

Update: From Kutcher's tweets about Israel:

tweet: Connecting with Joshua: http://yfrog.com/n8l5wdj

tweet: Love love love (@ Tomb of the Patriarchs) http://4sq.com/cKStRW

tweet: The morning light of mercy is washing over The Wholly Land. I only hope that I can deliver on it's promise. Wholly=1=love

Best comment heard about his tweets: "He's such a seminary girl..."
--The always funny stam! (who also gets a hat-tip for sending the tweets this way)

Story translated from: NRG/maariv, Photos from the OU.

Last Update: Who needs Richard Goldstone, when we have leftist Walla columnists who bash Kutcher for visiting Hevron (poor translation via google). According to Walla -- anyone visiting Hevron is another Baruch Goldstein...

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Benji Lovitt said...

Wow, did anyone tell him about the Middle East summers?

Benji Lovitt said...

B/c of his wardrobe, that is.

Sara said...

Is that Demi w/ him? or some random mitnachelet in shorts? Too bad bein hazmanim...(for the Gush guys I mean.)

SuperRaizy said...

This is really terrific! We need as many hot-looking Zionists as we can get ( :
But seriously, this kind of outreach to the Hollywood community can go a long way toward improving the perception of Israel in the U.S. Lots of young Americans take their cues from celebrities, and if Hollywood thinks that Israel is cool, so will millions of young Americans.

YMedad said...

those residential buildings in the background of the photos are Jewish buildings, in Betar Illit.

You shouldn't think anything else.

Anonymous said...

Pehaps you can suggest that he visits the Grave of Rav Assi in Hoshaya? And dunks himself in Nahal Hacohanim?
Any progress with the water story?


Anonymous said...

Is he Jewish?

Anonymous said...

"and if Hollywood thinks that Israel is cool, so will millions of young Americans."

Normally that is true, but when said hollywood celebrities are members of the Kabbalah Center cult, its positive affects are diminished.

Laura said...

ha! i'm sure my girls will be bummed that they missed him :-)

the sabra said...


("seminary girl"?! lolllll)

Joe in Australia said...

I heard that there's an even better segulah where the number of times you dip is equal to the gematria of "taharat hamishpacha".(*)

(*) 1,052

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