Sunday, August 08, 2010

Jews and the Great Outdoors

While we own a huge tent (it can sleep 10), I admit, we haven't used it that often. Maybe if I used my inflatable mattress, I would go camping with the kids more.

Regardless, I found the following video rather lame.

What say you? (I know Lurker probably agrees with this video to some extent :-)

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Lurker said...

What say you? (I know Lurker probably agrees with this video to some extent :-)

Hey, I have no problem with Jews camping, just so long as they aren't me...

Twilight said...

A little clarification here.
Real Jews spend 3+ years in tents in the mud/desert (depends on the season), having shower once a month and seeing home even less, not to meantion eating horrible food and even combat rations, doing god's work outdoors in the scorching sun, in the mountains, in the dust, in the sand, in the mud and everywhere they're needed. After that they still have an outdoor month each year until the age of 45/55 (depending on rank).
SO what do you want from us? After all that outdoor experience we want (and deserve) some luxury, air conditioning and normal food.

Twilight (stuck in the IDF for far too long :))

JoeSettler said...

You're going to laugh, but I like army food.

Erachet said...

We used to go camping every Memorial Day Weekend for years!

Mrs. S. said...

All the kids wallowing in the mud at the various machanot would probably beg to differ... :-)

RivkA with a capital A said...

I grew up camping. My favorite childhood memories are camping with my family.

My kids also love camping!

My husband, unfortunately, does not like camping.

So, when I take the kids camping this August, he'll stay home and guard the fort.

Jews, or anyone else, who likes camping are welcome to join us!

jonathan becker said...

twilight mentions the army. i was going to mention shalosh regalim. whatever, camping is fine and i'm on the side of the campers, but i appreciate the sense of humor of those jews who "don't camp". as long as they maintain the funny, i won't give them a hard time.

KACH 613 said...

We used go camping every year in upstate N.Y. we saw bears all the time it’s a blast!! Last time I checked I’m Jewish.

Over Generalizer said...

American Jews who have no attachment to the land don't camp.

Israeli Jews who have a strong attachment to the land, do camp.

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