Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Worst. Ad. Ever.

In my humble opinion, this is one of the most tasteless ads I've ever seen.

Reminds me of my son's classmate who was thrown out of school for a day for wearing a t-shirt with the following graphic:

If ZAKA can run video ads like the one above, then the t-shirt isn't that much worse.

J Becker: Happy now? :-)

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Mark said...

That is pretty bad! Better would be real video footage with no sound other than the scraping of the zaka tools cutting up the pavement and building facings.

Nachum said...

Umm...what are they advertising, exactly?

I saw someone with a T-shirt like that (different color, I think) in the shuq yesterday. I was pretty taken aback.

The ad reminds me of some toys I saw for sale in a sefarim store in Boro Park once: emergency vehicles, but each in the "frum" version: A Hatzolah ambulance, a "Shomrim" police car, a roadside assistance truck with the logo of some other charedi group...and a New York City firetruck. Apparently they haven't gotten around to having their own fire department yet. :-)

jonathan becker said...

i didn't think the ad was so awful, but i want one of those t-shirts! where did your son get it?

Shira said...

There has been a PR push recently from the Charedi community to assert that even though the party line is against army, they do contribute to society in other major ways, and without relying on that amorphous "learning that supports the world."

The problem with the PR is that it seems to take the approach of showing that when Charedim contribute, it's *even*better* than what anyone else is doing.

They don't realize that it's elitism which is getting them a bad name in the first place. They'd be better off putting forth a message like, We might have our own ways, but we also make a contribution.

Anonymous said...

Identification of Disasters Victims Search and Rescue

Is that written correctly?

Shouldn't it be Identification of Disaster Victims?

TIUNY Alumn said...


It's Chasidish! Not English!

Like the Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York. Except that Talmudical is a made up word!


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