Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Treason in the Knesset

Mavi Marmara passenger, Member of Knesset Hanin Zuabi claimed: 'There was not a single passenger who raised a baton'
The freshman MK denied all claims that it was the international passengers on the ship that initiated the violent clashes with IDF naval commandos. “There was not a single passenger who raised a baton,” Zuabi claimed. “From where I stood, in any case I did not see any such thing. There was shooting, but I don’t know if it was with live bullets or not. There was shooting from the boats in our direction. The message was clear for us – that we should understand that our lives were in danger. We passed along messages that we did not want confrontation. What we saw was five bodies. There were only civilians and there were no weapons. I had the feeling that I might not get off the boat alive.” (JPost)
Lies Exposed: And now for the video...where we see baton wielding terrorists and Zuabi walking among then. Later, she "negotiates" with the IDF soldiers, where she insists the wounded not be taken to Israeli hospitals (I assume she wanted more casualties to make Israel look even worse)

courtesy: IDF Radio.

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NormanF said...

And nothing will happen to her.Jameel is more likely to be indicted by Israel's leftist prosecution for "racism" long before it ever gets around into looking at Haneen Zoabi's siding with the country's enemies and doing something to stop it.

Mark said...

Only Israel would tolerate such a thing. Too bad she wasn't IN the line of fire.

jonathan becker said...

look, i'm on your side. but i have eyes, too. we do NOT see the traitorous mk walking among baton-weilding terrorists. please don't get me wrong- i think she's a traitor just for being on that ship- but lets be honest. since this is being challenged right now in the msm, where's the muqata's honesty? where's the addendum? where's the follow up?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...


1. She explicitly claimed she was in the bowels of the ship the whole time with everyone and saw no one armed with batons or rods or weapons of any type.

In the video: She is identified in a red circle walking among the ISM terrorists as they are brandishing batons and rods -- the very weapons she claimed she didn't see it. Do you need the screen shots and a timeline?

2. Zuabi claimed that the IDF refused to give medical support to the wounded ISM terrorists.

In the video: We see an IDF doctor demanding to take the ISM wounded to a hospital because they were in unstable (bilti yatziv) condition, which is life threatening -- and Zuabi saying, "No, you will not take them to hospitals in Israel." The doctor says, "they will die without immediate medical treatment, do you want them to die?"

Zuabi clearly DID want them to die, and cause even worse PR for Israel.

As with the entire flotilla farce, human rights are at the bottom of the agenda. NOT even for the "activists" who were wounded and killed and NOT for the people of Gaza (who didn't need any of the "aid" which was sent, because most of it was worthless, and they get more on a daily basis via Israel's border with Gaza).

She outright lied about her participation, knowledge, and involvement, while slandering the IDF in the process for the whole world to see (while the video shows the IDF trying to administer first aid and bring the wounded to hospitals, and Zuabi REFUSING).

jonathan becker said...

"Do you need the screen shots and a timeline?"-jameel

ok, hotshot, i call. let's see it. i don't see anything there that would hold up in any court as being unequivically a club or baton, much less a knife or gun. the one thing that MIGHT be (and there's only one) might indeed resemble one in a screen shot, but with modern "motion enabled" video technology (you should check it out, it's the coming thing) it appears to be, as the post claims, a swinging strap, perhaps part of a lifevest.

all i was talking about was the video, the centerpiece of your post. everything else you say i agree with. except your harping on how zuabi's negotiations with the idf medics were HER words, when she was obviously translating the wishes of her depraved colleagues. your hostile conjecture against her is pointless and hurts our cause. her guilt in the matter, and her lies, are perfectly clear without your exaggerated aspersions.

again- even if your speculations prove to be right they are premature and unecessary. it's clear where her loyalties lie, and must lie. her whole performance on and off the ship was a political act and you are falling right into her trap and, brother, wasting ammunition.


jonathan becker said...

post=jerusalem post, not your post,of course.

Jewish Odysseus said...

Come on, Jameel, where is the untruth in this statement: 'There was not a single passenger who raised a baton.'

Any old Benny Hill fan recognizes this technique:
Mom to Brother #1, defending Brother #2: "I won't hear this criticism against him, he's a wonderful boy, there's 47 bars in this town, and he's never been in one of them!"
Brother #1: "Yes, and which one is that?!"

There was NOT "a single passenger who raised a baton," there were "dozens"!!

[and how do we define a "baton," anyway, one of those silvery little sticks twirled by high school girls? See how you need to play this game? I learned by watching Bill Klinton]

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