Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why Olmert is Scared of Hates Hamas.

As I've written previously, it wasn't a big deal to me that Hamas won a majority in the Palestinian election. In fact, I went so far (too far?) as claiming that I wasn't convinced it was a bad thing for the Palestinians themselves, and that Hamas could possibly be a better leadership alternative for the corrupt and immoral Fatah/Arafat/Abbas ruled PA.

The Israeli government has been publicly posturing that Hamas is BAD. Israel announced today that Israel will be suspending partial payments to a Hamas dominated Palestinian Authority, halting Palestinian traffic between Gaza and the West Bank, and a few other restrictions.

Olmert said:

"I am submitting a detailed resolution on taking steps against the Hamas-led Authority; Israel will not compromise with terror and will keep fighting it with full force"

"This morning I am submitting a detailed resolution on taking steps against the Hamas-led Authority. We have already declared a halt in fund transfers," Olmert said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting. He added that a new situation of a "terrorist authority" has been created, which Israel cannot accept.

In case you had any doubts, this is just Olmert/Quadima election posturing. Life continues on in Israel, with business as usual for Palestinian Laborers to come into Israel, despite any elevated terror threat.

So, what makes Olmert so mad at Hamas? Are they really so much worse for Israel? Is it that they are Religious Moslems? Their lack of tolerance towards Israel? (Not that Fatah is any more tolerant, they just play the game slightly better)

The Jerusalem Post has the real answer today:

Hamas is planning to prevent the casino in Jericho from ever opening again soon after it forms the new Palestinian Authority cabinet, sources close to the Islamic movement said over the weekend.

Owned by Casinos Austria, the casino was shut shortly after the beginning of the intifada in September 2000. For years it was regarded as one of the prominent symbols of corruption in the PA because some of the money went into the bank accounts of senior PA leaders.

"They can only dream of reopening this damned place," a source close to Hamas told The Jerusalem Post. "We'll never allow the casino to operate."

Another source said he did not rule out the possibility that the casino would be turned into a mosque. "I've heard from top Hamas officials that this will be one of the first things that they will do when they take over the Palestinian Authority," the source said. "I don't think many Palestinians will be unhappy to see the casino wiped off the face of the earth."

And here's a great last paragraph:

PA Attorney-General Ahmed Mughni revealed last week that an investigation was under way to determine the fate of $700 million that went missing from the PA budget. He said at least 25 top officials had been named as chief suspects.

Now, for those of you just joining politics in Israel, the following is required reading:
  1. The Jericho Casino: Why the IDF Chief of Staff was Fired.
    According to a source close to the Palestinian Authority, Ya'alon's fierce opposition to relinquishing IDF security control over Jericho at this time and Mofaz' and apparently Sharon's displeasure with Yaalon's warnings, may also lead directly to the doors of the Jericho Casino and back to some senior offices in Israel.
  2. Sharon's [and Olmert's] attorney under fire for 'running' Israel's foreign policy
    Weisglass has also become the leading adviser of acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Officials said Weisglass recruited support for Olmert from President George Bush and Ms. Rice. They said Olmert would be invited to the White House in February as part of the administration's support for Olmert's election as prime minister.
    Parliamentarians have pointed to Weisglass's continued professional involvement with projects in the Palestinian Authority, including the Austrian-owned casino in the West Bank town of Jericho.
  3. Cyril Kern, redux, Wednesday, January 04, 2006
    Last night's revelation by Channel Ten that the police have admitted to a court that they have reason to suspect Ariel Sharon and his sons accepted and kept some $3 million in bribes from Martin Schlaff and his brother, via Cyril Kern, reopened the Kern affair, but it is much too soon to determine if the renewed scandal involving the premier will have an impact on the elections.
    A temporary casino is promptly [to be] built by Dahlan in a highly secured area adjacent the former Gush Katif.

The Muqata adds: This casino company is the exact same company that owns and operates the Jericho casino, which Olmert is also allegedly connected to, also via his lawyer and confidante, Dov Weisglass.

In any normal Western democracy, it would be unheard of for the prime minister and his head of staff/chief attorney to be blatantly connected to a foreign owned and operated Casino -- when their own country's foreign policy is directly intertwined with the casino's profit and loss balance sheet...or even something as mundane as the disengagement from Gush Katif?

No wonder Olmert (and Qadima) hate Hamas.

It's pretty obvious when you add it all up.

Its just a shame you had to read it here at the Muqata, instead of anyone else daring to say it out loud.

Hattip: JoeSettler

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Joe Settler said...

Thanks for the Hattip

Joe Settler said...

Wait a minute Its just a shame you had to read it here at the Muqata, instead of anyone else daring to say it out loud., are you saying I should have posted it first?

Anonymous said...

This Omlette sounds as dirty as Sharon.

Tehilimzugger said...

Good, Debka style reporting, Jameel. But you're begging the question, you know: If Hamas is indeed a better alternative, is it too absurd for settlers now to follow the Menachem Fruman approach circ. 1987, and to seek out a common ground with the legitimately elected Palestinians?

Just wondering.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Tehillim Zugger: Oh well. Debka style? Chaval.

Just because Hamas is better for the Palestinians doesn't mean they are better or worse for us. Just different.

Maybe better in that we'll be done playing symantic games of who's better.

Joe Settler said...

The more you dig, the smellier it gets...

Tehilimzugger said...

The choice between living in galut among the amaratzim or galut Yishmael is compelling. My sense is, with the proper ass kissing, like we here in Galut Eisav are doing, the Jews of the Shomron and Yehuda could et to stay and even prosper. On the other hand, applying the same kissing to the Zionist behind will not change the trend toward the inevitable uprooting. As pre-messianic Jews it's not a question for us whether or not we kiss ass to stay alive, only which ass we choose to kiss.

I honestly think Hamas may be the last son'im we've got who hate us not because of what we are but what they think we do. It's Jer. 29:5 time still, folks, nothing has changed.

rockofgalilee said...

I think the mising link that nobody has thought to investigate is whether the big shots in the media have any financial interest in those casinos or any other Palestinian ventures.
Wouldn't it be interesting to find that the owner of Ynet had a stake?

Irina Tsukerman said...

This sounds an awful lot like a similar gambling-related situation in Russia... not a good sign!

Ezzie said...

:::ugh::: !!

Truth said...
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