Monday, May 14, 2007

Almost made it to Kever Yosef last night.

This picture of Kever Yosef in Shechem, taken around the time of WWI by a British soldier is more interesting in what's missing, than what you see. Note the almost total absence of Arab homes.

This is the way I remember Kever Yosef...the last I time I saw it, 3 days before the IDF abandoned it under fire.

This is the way it looked after the IDF abandoned it, and an Arab mob burned everything (as they usually do to Jewish holy sites and Jewish cemeteries when they have the option)

Last night had all the ingredients for a perfect Muqata Blog Posting:

1. Late at night
2. Going to Kever Yosef
3. Unpredictable circumstances
4. Lots of craziness on the way

Unfortunately, after spending hours trying to get there, bypassing various IDF and police checkpoints, avoiding the Breslover nutcases trying to get on a bus, and driving through the peaceful Hamas village of Chawara just north of Shechem...I gave up and drove home.

We even made it to the famous IDF base, "Base 3"...but because of totally evil and pathetic Israeli policement, we missed the bus by a couple of minutes.

Had the police:

1. Let us through as they should have, since we had authorization (Dayeinu)
2. Not lied to us and led us on a wild goose chase. (Dayeinu)

We would have gotten to the bus with an hour to spare.

Rafi G gives his description of last night over here though he didn't make it in either.

Spoke to a friend this morning who DID make it there. He said the reasons I wasn't zocheh to get to Kever Yosef last night were:

1. Didn't go to the mikva first.
2. Didn't go with him at 2:00 AM.
3. I'm too square, and I should have ignored the policeman who had no reason to lie or prevent me from going on the road the way I planned to.

Don't worry, I haven't given up, and hope to try again soon. (And then the posting well definitely live up to your expectations!)

PS: Vote for the Muqata in the JIB awards! ( Only 30 more votes in each category would make the difference! You must know someone to ask...and officemate, roommate, someone...right? You may think that asking like this is silly, but when Arutz Sheva asks all their readers (40,000 daily readers, most of whom, have no clue what a blog is) to automatically vote for "their" bloggers...then it can't hurt to ask for some additional help...

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tnspr569 said...

You get credit for trying...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Sorry - only in horseshoes and hand-grenades.

tnspr569 said... lost me there.

At least a good showing was made, considering the circumstances. The parking lot at Tappuah Junction seemed pretty full.

Perhaps we'll meet there next time. I'm surprised we didn't see anyone there we knew.

Adventures in the Shomron; gotta love it.

~ Sarah ~ said...

u got my votes. unfortunately everyone else's computers here are on the same network so it comes up as 'already voted' on all the computers.

Ari Kinsberg said...

i was there in the good old days ('92). i just strolled in and then hitchhiked out from downtown shechem.

on a different matter, i just got a call from a telemarketer, who asked me to make a donation to mda (i have in the past). i don't generally respond to telephone solicitations, even for orgs i like. to verify she was not a con artist i asked her if she knew my friend jameel of the muqata, who volunteers with mda in the shomron. she was not sure how to repsond.

~ Sarah ~ said...

idea: maybe you could offer an incentive such as waffle breakfasts for those who vote for you. (or, if they live too far away, muqata points?)

Jack's Shack said...

Just remember to speak softly and carry a bag full of waffles. It is amazing how you can change a person's attitude with some of the fresh Muqata Waffles.

Rafi G said...

you don't get credit for trying with horseshoes and handgrenades. the saying goes, "Almost doesn't count, except in horseshoes and handgrenades..."

Ari Kinsberg said...

i posted my pictures from kever yosef at

Pragmatician said...

What a shame, it would be a unique experience although unique doesn't really apply since you had gone there before.

Moshe David Tokayer said...

My son went two days ago. He said it was heartbreaking. Even the tziyun is destroyed, just a small mound is left.

Sara with NO H said...

You have my vote. Anyone that loves scrabble as much as I do deserves it.

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