Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, May 20th. On the brink?

Friend of the Muqata, Robert Avrech has coined a name of the upcoming (or already happening) war in and around Gaza..."The Inbetween War"

While there are those such as JoeSettler who think we are not at the brink of war -- and bring as proof that the Israeli government is mulling over the stationing of international troops in Gaza to protect Israel...if you ask any kid in Sederot if there's a war going on or not, they will say absolutely.

Just because Israel refuses to take serious action against Gaza, and tycoon-billionarie Arkaday Gaydamak is doing more for the people of Sederot than the Israeli government, does not mean we are not at war.

This past summer, the government refused to declare 'war', yet everyone knew we were at war -- They kept referring to it as "fighting in the North."

So, why is this war? If it looks like war, smells like war...then we're on the brink.
Let's see some of the roundup for today...

Special HomeFront situation declared

Defense Minister Amir Peretz on Sunday declared a "special Home Front situation" as

Qassam rockets continued to fall in southern Israel and in light of the estimation that the situation would continue for many days.

At least 125 Qassam rockets have landed in the western Negev in the past five days, the IDF reported.

Five rockets land in wetsern Negev on Sunday morning; one hits empty house, seven people suffer from shock. On Saturday night, IAF attacks Qassam launching cell, car carrying Hamas members and rocket-manufacturing facility.

Female suicide bombers 'eagerly await' IDF soldiers

Islamic Jihad warns Israel of 'surprises' should IDF invade Gaza Strip; dozens of female suicide bombers eager to blow themselves up, take soldiers with them

Today's question: Who's really running Israel?

Ehud Olmert
IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi
Arkady Gaydamek

The correct answer is, "The Winograd Report"

Israel's politicians are scared into paralysis of any serious military action -- and are afraid of getting blamed by a future Winograd Report.

So while children in Sederot continue to sleep in bomb shelters, Israel's government sticks its head in the sand and hopes this problem will go away.

Muqata Prediction: Israel will be dragged into this war kicking and screaming...and it's only a matter of days.

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JoeSettler said...

Sorry Jameel, but I am staying out on my limb here.

I think the government is too afraid of the (next) Winnograd report, and as nothing besides Gabi Ashkenazi has changed on top, and they are still as psychologically unprepared for this war as before, and they will dig in their heals and do anything they can to stay out of a real war.

Furthermore, as I asked on my blog, do they have a reasonable goal for the war (minimizing rocket strikes at best) that can be achieved without perceived undesired results(having to liberate Gaza)?

I say no and as a result they will continue with minimalist air strikes and a tank operation or two, but no real ground force intervention with the goal of liberating Gaza from the terrorists.

They are certainly hoping to force UN PeaceKeeper intervention which is bad for Israel in the long-term (but good for Olmert & Peretz in the short term).

Sorry again, but one side freely hitting us while the other side mostly turns the other cheek is not a war, you can call it neuvo-Cristianity or passively attempted Genocide, but a "war" actually requires that we begin to actively fight back - at a minimum at a proportional level to how hard we are being hit.

Rafi G. said...

Jameel - sorry but I have to disagree on 2 points.
1. the war. I think we are in a skirmish not a war. I do not think it will escalate that much yet.
2. the Winograd report. As I wrote a few days ago, the claim that the Winograd report is scaring olmert from making any moves is a lie. He did not do anything before winograd, so to claim it is now winograd's fault is passing the buck. Olmert never did anythign to protect sderot, and the fact that he is not now is not winograds fault.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...


1. Skirmish? That's a big word for little kids in Sederot. War is a much easier war to understand when a Qassam hits your house.

2. It may not be scaring Olmert, but it's affect is ALSO on Peretz and Gabi Ashkenzai (who also publically says ground troups are not the solution now). BTW - I'm not blaming the Winograd report, Im just saying that the government's inaction has to do with the report.

JoeSettler: Are you like those people who kept calling Oslo a "peace" process, as the buses kept blowing up day after day?

JoeSettler said...

You can call it what you want, but until we fight back it ain't a war, just another attempt at genocide.

Schvach said...

An international force to protect Israel? I've got a good name for it -
the UN. Common, you've/they've got to be kidding, and you know it, of course. The Keeper of Israel isn't
an international consortium of Israel

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H At first I agreed with you and disagreed w/Joe. But, now I'm guessing that this may simply be a debate over semantics, especially with Joe's last comment, in which he makes a good point about reciprocity. On the other hand, regarding the kids in Sderoth, I suppose that to them if it looks like a war, sounds like a war, smells like a war, and tastes like a war (dust, etc.), then it must be a war.

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