Thursday, May 07, 2009

Panoramic Photo from Birkat HaChama at the Kotel

This is totally cool -- same panoramic photo technology as the ultra wide zoom from Obama's inauguration at the Capitol.

Zoom in on people for super high resolution so you recognize your friends :-)

Credit: BHOL

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Mikeage said...

Nice... I wish I could do that.

The best I got were these: [and not from the Kotel]

Soccer Dad said...

There is a program available for (free) download called Autostitch that allows you take a number of pictures and "stitch" them togehter into a panoramic shot.

ahuva said...

But where is Waldo?

yaak said...

Zooming in really close and scrolling left/right gives you the feeling of endless religious Jews at the Kotel doing a Mitzvah.
I agree - it's totally cool.

Lakewood Falling Down said...

Totally Cool!

Mikeage said...

A nice alternative to autostitch is hugin

Chutznik said...

There is something wrong with this photo. Men and women seem mixed. I bet multiple photos have been spliced together.

Ben said...

Lol, I found myself.

Chutznik, multipile pics were spliced together but there was a mixure closer to the womens section. That's just what happens whn so many get crammed into the Kotel plaza

Jewel said...

I can't believe that many people could stand together without trampling anyone to death. Amazing photo.

panorama virtual tour said...

So cool!!!!!!!!

panoramic stitching

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