Monday, May 18, 2009

Who's Paving the Way on J-Street?

Bibi Netanyahu is visiting a new American, a changed America, an America where a fellow democracy can be sacrificed to foreign ideologies and interests.

True, this new vision of dictators being friends comes directly from Obama, but Obama alone couldn't have turned Israel into a Pariah state so quickly without some help.

That help of course came from the newly formed anti-Israel lobby named J-Street.

What does J-Street have to gain was a damaged and hurt Israel? What do they gain from weakening the Jewish State? Why would they be doing this, if supposedly they are a "Jewish" lobby?

All reasonable questions which leads to a quite remarkable answer.

One of the primary founders and backers of J-Street is George Soros.

I've discussed Soros in the past identifying him as someone who wants to hurt the State of Israel.

One of his more famous comments about us being, “There are strong voices arguing that Israel must never negotiate from a position of weakness. They are wrong.”

Soros's outright stated goal is to weaken the State of Israel and place us in a position where outside forces can dictate to us what Soros wants.

Hence his involvement in the creation of J-Street.

There is an eye-opening article in FrontPage Magazine that provides a litany of names of people involved in J-Street who are known for wanting to see Israel weakened and damaged (perhaps even dissolved), and their generally sick views on Israel (with of course former Israelis among them).

And there is a site called DiscovertheNetworks that links all these left-wing/liberal, anti-Israel, anti-American organizations together, by discovering who is funding their activities and assisting one another.

It is quite scary how interconnected and intertwined (and well-funded) these organizations are.

There's apparently always a lot of money when what you hate is Israel and the Jews.

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