Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Poker Game: Obama vs. Netanyahu

Today, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is off to meet with US President Obama.

As Uri Elitzur wrote in the Hebrew Weekly, Makor Rishon, this meeting isn't about personal chemistry.

Charm and wit will have little to do with this meeting, as Obama has already defined his agenda and policy towards Israel.

Obama has already threatened Israel not to bomb Iran's nuclear program. He has informed Israel that a "2 state" solution is the only acceptable solution for the Palestinians and Israel.

State Department officials casually mention that they expect Israel to now sign the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty", which changes 40 years of US policy not to publicly acknowledge Israel's nuclear program.

The deck is stacked against Israel -- and Netanyahu's only cards are the will of the people of Israel who elected Netanyahu running on a platform against a "2 state" solution, and the promise of security for Israel -- that there will never be a nuclear Iran.

Unfortunately, Obama's political ideology completely distorts his perception of Middle East reality.

Good Luck Prime Minister Netanyahu -- we're hoping Obama isn't all smiles when you finish the poker game.

Cartoons by the outstanding cartoonist, Shai Charka

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NormanF said...

Jameel, we can only hope and pray Bibi is a good poker player... or Israel is liable to find herself holding the short end of the stick with nothing to show for it. If he cannot defend his country's interests before Obama, both G-d and history will judge him as having failed Israel. Its going to be an interesting day tomorrow!

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