Sunday, October 18, 2009

Uh-Oh - No evidence of Israeli War Crimes

PA Justice Minister Ali Al-Khashan said Saturday that anyone expecting quick action by the court on the alleged Israeli war crimes needed to "have patience," because "we do not have any documentation for the Israeli crimes."

Source: Arutz-7

I can't imagine why not!

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NormanF said...

You mean in addition to NOT reading Goldstone, the Palestinians now admit they don't know for a fact Israel committed war crimes at all?

Oy vey!

JoeSettler said...

Well they "know" it. There's just zero collaborating evidence for their fantasy.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

But the anonymous commenters from the previous thread were 100% positive that the IDF committed war crimes.

How is that possible?!

Frothing at the mouth hatred for Israel, and knee jerk antisemitism?


NormanF said...

You'd think Goldstone gave them a club to wield against Israel. Until they discovered there is nothing in it that would hold up in any real court of law in the civilized world.

After the fact, I might add.


Lady-Light said...

As I am reading your post, I am hitting my head over and over again with a croquet mallet. To see why, read my post. I also tagged you with the SuperPower Meme.

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