Thursday, May 03, 2007

PSA for Lag BaOmer

Every year, dozens of kids in Israel get hurt from Lag BaOmer-bonfire related injuries.

Parents! Please remind your kids of the following important points:

Every Bonfire should have a bucket of water close-by.

* Distance burn victims from fires -- if an area is on fire, smother it with a blanket.
* Keep the airway of a burn victim open.
* Wash the burned area on a victim with lots of lukewarm water, the more the better.
* Try to calm the burn victim
* CALL Magen David Adom: 101
* Give as much information to the ambulance crew when they arrive
* DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUT ANY CREAMS/OINTMENTS ON THE BURN. Running water on the burn is the best treatment you can provide.

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Anonymous said...

Time to cease and desist from doing such things which are not according to Ashkenazic minhog, esp. since they are dangerous and cause problems.

No Meron (Rav Elyashiv was never there and stated that he feels closer to Rashbi learning him in the gemara), no upsherin, no bonfires, no celebrations.

Lion of Zion said...

"Please remind your kids of the following important points . . ."

call me a parrty-pooper and an american wuss, but the only thing parents should be telling there is not to play with fire altogether.

i don't know much about lag ba-omer, but certainly there must be other ways to make it fun for kids

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