Sunday, June 17, 2007

Emuna Threat #237

(Holy "He-Man-Emuna" Hyrax and Friend)

As my good friend, the Holy Hyrax constantly reminds me: "I don't come to your blog to have my emuna challenged. If I want that, I go over to the Godol Hador blog..."

I recall a plane trip a few years back to Israel and I offered the guy sitting next to me, a children's magazine. He recoiled in horror when he saw there were pictures of dinosaurs in it, and told me he would never give it to his kids, because dinosaurs never existed, and they would be a threat to their emuna.

Today, I found something even more chilling than dinosaurs. Check out the following "Iron Age" bronze brooch which was found in an archaeological dig in Uppåkra, Sweden.

Courtesy of the Discovery Channel.

What the heck is Mickey Mouse doing in Sweden in 900 CE? That's over 1000 years before Walt Disney ever dreamed up this cartoon character!

See Holy Hyrax? You don't need to go to XGH's to challenge your "he-man" emuna...the Muqata's got it all.


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JoeSettler said...

Looks like an evil Mickey Mouse too, the version Hamas was using.

Jack Steiner said...

Just accept that you come from monkeys. Life is much easier.

Anonymous said...


Snake Oil Baron said...

Yes, this is definitely Farfur, the hate-filled Hamas rat. This is why he has been raised from the grave at this time - his image has been discovered and when he holds this amulet he will become unstoppable!

Jack's Shack: Just because evolution is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt does not mean we can not believe in all kinds of other bizarre things that have no evidence like the prophesies of Farfur.

All Praise Lord Farfur!

Anonymous said...

I object to your depiction of me. I certainly do NOT wear a black hat!

Annie said...

Sort of related, when my Mom first started learning Hebrew I was fairly young. Her teacher used the name "Shira" in a conversation, at which point my mother piped in "Ah, princess of power, didn't know she was an Israeli."

Can't take my family anywhere.

Holy Hyrax said...


That looks some sort of idol for an ancient shafan. I guess you might call that the original "Holy Hyrax."

And thats not really an emunah threat. Everyone knows giant rabbits roamed the earth centuries ago.
My problem is, why did you make me wearing a pink kippa?

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