Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why I'm not going to Chomesh today.

Chomesh Water Tower (pic from NY Times)

Today, atop the ruins of Chomesh, a "Disengagement" destroyed settlement -- thousands will commemorate Israel's victory in 1967.

If you think it's a strange way to commemorate Israel's victory in 1967, by congregating at the ruins of a settlement then you aren't alone.

Not only is the situation itself bizarre, but so is the timing. With less than 2 weeks before school is out, now is the worst time to "ask" for teenagers to leave school to attend. Couldn't the organizers have waited two more weeks?

This isn't at all like the previous marches, in which thousands of people hiked through fields and roads to arrive at Chomesh and braved the bitter winter cold to stay overnight.

This "commemoration" is "easy".

Just drive your car to Shavei Shomron, and a bus will drive you straight to Chomesh. In fact, it's all coordinated with the police, IDF and government! You'll only see smiling policemen today; none of the brutal black uniformed Yassam shock troops.

Worried over losing their following, the YESHA Council (Moetzet Yesha) has been searching for ways to regain the "Orange" camp's trust, having adopted an ultra pacifist mentality during the Disengagement. Realizing that past successful marches to Chomesh (organized by the "Chomesh First" group) brought huge crowds...Moetzet Yesha decided to make it "easy."

By coordinating everything with the government in advance, there will be only smiles today at Chomesh.

If you wonder WHY the government wants to bother helping Moetzet Yesha in the first place, the answer was provided last night on IDF radio at 9:00 PM. The government announced that it was supporting the rally to STRENGTHEN Moetzet Yesha against the "radical right wing". The government wants to marginalize the "Chomesh First" group, since they have the best chances of actually resettling Chomesh.

The government wants no such thing and neither does Moetzet Yesha.

After the rally today, Moetzet Yesha organizers will probably even help the police identify potential "troublemakers" who have any seditious ideas of wanting to actually...remain and rebuild.

Moetzet Yesha is an organization that has long outlived it's usefulness. While they may be great at fundraising for an elite group of settlements, they are far from a unified voice that represents the settlers. Backdoor politics and the "old boys club" are its reality, and while they created a facade of "a new, elected Moetzet Yesha" -- in reality, only some were elected, while many remain to ensure that it's business as usual.

Many of the newcomers have already resigned or distanced themselves, disgusted at Motzet Yesha's behaviour of unilaterally deciding on questionable actions.

I'm not going to Chomesh today, since I don't think Moetzet Yesha deserves my support, and they definitely don't represent me.

While I totally support the rebuilding of Chomesh, today is just a sham and will do nothing to further Chomesh's rebirth.

Actually, I'm afraid it will accomplish more of the opposite.

Reference Material for those of you who are interested:

YNET: Hundreds of rightists arrive at evacuated West Bank settlement
Link in Hebrew, including radio broadcast that confirms what I wrote above.

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Rafi G. said...

ignore and/or oppose anything supported by Moetzet PESHA

Unknown said...

amen Brother!

(but not the reference to Moetzet Pesha)

Anonymous said...

Jameel and rafi g :

Roger that!


Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

DH and two kids were there. Youngest daughter was aggravated that Abba spent most of his time signing people up to the Likud. Oldest son wants to go back for Shabbat. I told him, "after the bar mitzvah". :)

Son mentioned that on the watertower someone had painted, "lo nishkah, lo nislach Shomron v'Gush Katif". Someone else painted out "Shomron v'Gush Katif" and wrote: "Mo'etzet Pesha".

Anonymous said...

Yasher koach Jameel. Its posts like this one that helps those of us in ch"l understand life Israel--our future home.

Chaim Vidal (really)

Anonymous said...

Most that went were there or the "free ride" litteraly.. alot of americans went.. those that were too scared / lazy to hike up.

Yes the rally is danguress, next time we go without the yesha traiters they scream "extremist punks!" etc.. etc.. and call on us to be arrested for breaking the law.

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