Thursday, June 21, 2007

RWAC...Cause and Effect?

RWAC's totally cool new blog banner

One of our favorite Rabbi Bloggers is the "RWAC" -- "Rabbi without a cause." (In fact, we like him so much, we hope he'll be guest blogging here soon) But is the "lack of a cause" really true? Does he really NOT have a cause? Note the following where he writes about Chabad...
Confession Time (and please don’t tell Rabbi Dr. David Berger): I don’t care about the meshichists. I don’t care that there are Lubavitchers running around who think the Rebbe never died, or is going to be resurrected as Mashiach.

Why don’t I care? Because despite all of the vitriol and propaganda, they aren’t going to grow and influence the masses. They will remain a weird fringe, and will ultimately disappear. The circumstances that allow for the birth of a new religion just don’t exist in the Jewish world today.

On the other hand, the Rebbe fascinates me.

I met the Rebbe once, briefly, on a Dollar line on Erev Rosh HaShanah some twenty-five years ago. He fascinated me then, and he does to this day. The man accomplished so much, saw with such sweeping vision and yet paid attention to such minute details, changed so many lives for the better…
OK, did you read what he wrote?

I didn't. When I read the above on his blog, my eyes were glued to the messianic Google ad-sense advertisement on the right-hand side of his blog. (See actual screen-snapshot below)

An ad for WHAT?!

I therefore issue the following important warning to bloggers: If you use Google ad-sense on your blog, you may end up with weird ads on your the unkindest of contexts.

Though I have a feeling that Rabbi Dr. David Berger might say their ad targeting software isn't that far off.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Rafi G. said...

I was getting those ads too, on non-chabad posts. I filtered them out and no longer get them. Anybody who uses adsense, should go into the adsense settings and put these ads into the filter....

Annie said...

Those crazy Jews for Jesus, what will they think of next?

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