Sunday, July 29, 2007

The After-Eight MEME

Having been tagged by so many people with the "MEME of 8" (or eight things you didn't know about a particular blogger), I finally got around to this today, and present, the "After Eight" MEME... Or, 8 Things you didn't know about Jameel.

1. I like spaghetti. Plain. Even with no tomato sauce. Even though it's a "plain" food, I'd even order it in restaurants (and you thought it was only waffles...)

2. In third grade, I had the chicken pox on my birthday. I was randomly chosen as classmate of the week, and wasn't even in class for 3 weeks to bask in the limelight.

3. I often sleep with my hands behind my head. What does this mean? I didn't even know I routinely slept like that...maybe once in a while.

I had no clue how routine it was till yesterday afternoon, when someone noticed one of the kids sprawled out sleeping on chair, and the discussion came up about how we sleep...and my wife said that I sleep like that. Who knew. My wife mentioned an article which said it had something to do with confidence...but I'm not convinced.

4. Favorite Colors: Purple and Green. My favorite shirt though, was a polo shirt with black and purple stripes (horizontal). Over the past few years, orange has crept into our lives...and while it wasn't my favorite color by far, it has been absorbed...

5. I have not read any Harry Potter book in completion, though we own most of them. I saw parts of some of the movies.

6. I once ran away from my summer day camp to spend the whole day reading science fiction books in a local book store.

7. I believe my black hat flew out of the car window in Washington Heights in 1989...and has never been seen from, since.

8. I'm not that interesting...what do you want know anyway? Shoe size? (12).

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RaggedyMom said...

#6 - Did someone from the camp come to find you, or did you just go back on your own when you were done reading?

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

#8: Waaaaaaaay bigger than mine. I'm only an 8.5 I know, I know...this is a family blog so...

#1: Wow, cool! I LOVE spaghetti!

#4: About those colors, well, I just don't know about purple...a little bit too fruity for my taste...but orange definitely! It's the new thing and I'm sticking with it!

#2: Sorry to hear you had chickenpox just when you were elected classmate of the week. BTW: who did the electing?

#5: me neither( haven't read any of the Potters and don't have any plans to)

#3: (Now I'm going in the wrong order but who cares, this is Israel, we do everything upside down or right to left)

Anyhow, I think your wife has a point. I'd ponder it thoroughly if I were you;)

Jack's Shack said...

Who cares about shoe size? What size hat do you wear? It just so happens that I once stumbled onto a nice Borsalino that was fluttering around the street.

~ Sarah ~ said...

mmm... after eights.... mmmm

Ari Kinsberg said...

in yiddish and not hebrew?
happy tu be-av

tafka PP said...

Purple's your fave colour?!

Rob Fisher said...

I can definitely relate to #6 : very sensible of you. I can easily spend all day in book shops, and I still love sci-fi.

Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

jack: well women do, silly;)

tnspr569 said...

The real question is how long before 1989 did Jameel stop wearing his hat? Or perhaps, how frequently did he wear it until then?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

RaggedyMom: I missed the pick-up carpool by about 1 minute.

I was grounded for a month...

TafkaPP: Whats wrong with purple?

Jack: I forgot my hat size...maybe you did find mine.

miriamp said...

Well, I had chicken pox for Purim the year of my 12th birthday. I had a splitting headache and stayed home from the Megillah reading that night, broke out in my first chicken pox the next morning. My English birthday was that week, my actual Hebrew birthday was less than 3 weeks later. I had to cancel my birthday party, but I was never so glad to belong to a conservative synagogue that did bat mitzvah at 13, so I didn't have to cancel that! (Or worse, be covered in scabbed-over pox for it!)

Eitan Ha'ahzari, my feet are bigger than yours... and I'm a girl! (11W, roughly equivalent to a men's 9.5, I think.) But as a girl, my foot size has no bearing on anything else anyway.

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