Sunday, July 08, 2007

Iranian Newspaper Mistakes MK Avigdor Liberman for an Arab

Member of Knesset from the Yisrael Bayteinu party, Avigdor Liberman

Let's hope the Iranians are as good with their nuclear weapons program as their newspaper editors are in picking muslims for their newspaper pictures.
Is Avigdor Lieberman a "good Muslim"? An Iranian newspaper apparently thought so when they accidentally used a picture of the Israeli minister of strategic affairs to illustrate an article about Iranians being mistreated in the United States.

The article accused the US of discriminating against Iranians living in its territory, citing the example of an Iranian man who was fired from his American job due to his religious beliefs, according to the website Assar-Iran.

Lieberman's trim beard is what apparently made an impression on the editors of Iranian weekly Ya-Lasrat when they decided to use his photograph in the article "Religious beliefs behind unjust dismissal of another Iranian in the US".

The editors had no idea the picture they selected was none other than Israel's vice prime minister, minister of strategic affairs, and head of the Israel Our Home party.

(Source: YNET)
Speaking of relaxing topics like Iran's atomic agenda, this YNET headline falls into the same category:

Lebanon 'to erupt in 1 week'

Syria has called on its citizens to leave Lebanon ahead of an expected "eruption" in that country, Arab and Iranian press reports have said.

The media reports were translated and made available by MEMRI in a special dispatch on Sunday.

"In the past few days, Arab and Iranian media reports have pointed to the possibility that Lebanon's current political crisis may become a violent conflict after July 15, 2007," the MEMRI dispatch said.

If only Jack were here now, I'd go have a relaxing waffle breakfast with him.

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amechad said...

Well, Lieberman and the Iranians are both extremist fundamentalists who support ethnic cleansing. Lieberman of Arabs, the Iranians of Jews and other infidels(OK, and the Iranians are far more violent about it and I'm more worried about them)

Chana said...

I find this deeply amusing.

Hope you find someone to have those waffles with! I prefer chocolate-chip pancakes. :-)

tnspr569 said...

And to think we didn't have waffles on Lag B'Omer morning!

We'll just have to make some next time.

I can make hummus now; perhaps I'll make some for you instead!

Anonymous said...

1. really funny. 2. scary!

Anonymous said...

Hey there big boy, why not share some waffles with someone who is really sweet.

Jack's Shack said...

Don't I wish. I could use some relaxation.

bec said...

avigdor lieberman is NOT muslim????


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