Sunday, July 15, 2007

VIP Terrorists and The New Middle East President

Tonight, as we start the "9 days", the 9 days of mourning for the destruction of the Jewish Temples, the Batei HaMikdash -- those that mourn the destruction will not eat meat, drink wine, listen to music, go to parties, or buy new clothes.

Some will not be mourning tonight, but will be celebrating.

A gala party is scheduled to commemorate the reign of Israel's incoming President, Shimon Peres.

Two rabbis from the Military Rabbinate will sound shofars, and the Knesset speaker will call out: "Long live the president of the State of Israel" and the MK and the crowd will respond: "Long live, long live, long live".

The song "Chafetz Chaim" will then be performed by a junior choir, and will be followed by a speech by outgoing acting President Dalia Itzik and a song by Israeli singer Avihu Medina.

As Israel leading failed visionary of the "New Middle East" prepares to enter the Presidential Home, the garbage trail of Oslo continues to pile up in his wake.

Palestinian Terrorist Nayef Hawatmeh -- the secretary-general of the Democratic Front for the Liberation (DFLP) of Palestine , mastermind of the Maalot massacre and others atrocities is being given the VIP welcome to Ramalla, at Israel's acceptance.

Woe onto us.

This is the embodiment of the 9 days; no self esteem, inviting terrorists into our borders, and crowning the fool who made it all possible.

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tnspr569 said...

It's events like this that scare me and make me fear for our future.

I think I need a hug.

Michael said...

This is the embodiment of the 9 days; no self esteem, inviting terrorists into our borders, and crowning the fool who made it all possible.

Thanks for reminding us why we're mourning this year. I'm gonna go stick my head in the sand, now...

Anonymous said...

I don't remember -- did Katzav receive all this hoopla when he took office, with military shofarot, "Yechi, yechi," etc? Or did Weizman, or any of the other incoming Presidents?

Shimon the Non-KosherBird sure likes his hoopla, doesn't he? (Remember his 80th-birthday party? And at tax-payer expense, IIRC.)


Anonymous said...

truly a time to mourn, and to pray for better times to come....

Ari Kinsberg said...

i heard on the radio today about the shofarot and yechi business. like maoz, i was wondering if this standard inaugural protocol for israeli presidents.

the apple said...


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Ari; It's standard operating procedure for Presidents.

Doing this during the 3 weeks is depressing -- even more so that the IDF rabbinate has no problem being part of it.

Anonymous said...

"and crowning the fool who made it all possible."

You're talking about Yahweh, I presume?

Stop being so melodramatic. Israel was plopped in the middle of a hornet's nest of arabs. If you haven't noticed from the last 4 years, they blow themselves up all the time, too with suicide car bombings and the like.

Do you blame that on the 3 weeks or other silly, supernatural claims?

Time to grow up. Life is tough, israel has an uphill battle it will probably lose in time, and judaism is so boring and restrictive, you crave metaphysical underpinnings for everything just to make your lame life worth living.

Anonymous said...

"Doing this during the 3 weeks is depressing"

How about the fact that the Holocaust, which should totally overshadow the so-called "loss" of the crazy animal-sacrificing slaughterhouse/temple, is totally ignored because chazzal didn't decree it.

OJs can't legislate new fast days, even for events far more horrific than losing stupid temple that served no purpose except to waste a lot of meat incinerating it to create a pleasing aroma for Yahweh.

Anonymous said...

"Remember his 80th-birthday party? And at tax-payer expense, IIRC.)"

If you didn't like that, then definitely don't inquire into how much Ovadia Yosef pilfered from the israeli taxpayers over the years. What a con man in his chauffered BMW!

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