Monday, July 02, 2007

Where in The World Is Jameel

During the past couple of weeks many of you have written headquarters to ask what happened to Jameel. There have been all sorts of stories floating around about what he is doing or where he has been. I am pleased to announce that we can finally share some more about what is really going on.
Yes, it is true. Jameel has finally launched his own line of Muqata Waffle Carts. Now you no longer have to worry about what to eat while watching the new Israel Baseball League games. No reason to choke down a hot dog or popcorn, not when you can enjoy a fabulous Muqata Waffle Cart Waffle.

And thanks to the magic of Cafe Press and the Holy Hyrax you can also expect to be able to purchase your own Muqata Waffle Cart hat and t-shirt.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

Nothing makes me smile more than Jameel's Magic Waffle Breakfast

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