Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is the Shasmobile for sale on ebay!

Move over Batman.

Why settle for anything less than the official Shasmobile, the BMW owned by Shas spiritual leader and previous Chief Rabbi, R' Ovadya Yosef?

Is this 2005 BMW 7-Series 735 on ebay that of R' Ovadya Yosef?

In the revision history of the vehicle it says:

Item Specifics: - Cars & Trucks
Changed Sub Title from BMW Formerly Owned by Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef to BMW Formerly Owned by Chief Rabbi.

You just gotta love those American flags on the windows...

Spudiktip to Amshi the Amshinover

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Daniel said...

why does he drive a nazi car?

Anonymous said...


I and countless others in Israel choose to drive German cars for the simple reason that Germany is a fully democratic Westernized country, the staunchest supporter of Israel in the EU, and that proceeds from the sales of VW's, Audis, and BMW's do not go to support defunct political parties, but to the coffers of those companies. Because of Israel's anachronized (but very profitable!) car purchase tax, many cars in Israel are stripped down of safety components like ABS, ESP, and 6 airbags; these come standard on almost all German cars sold here.

I think you should read this very telling article from 1969:,9171,900775,00.html

Chana said...

So odd.

But if you really want a mitzvah car, you ought to get a Mitzvah Tank! I love watching the Lubavitch Mitzvah Tanks roll by. They're such fun

Or an ice-cream truck. That'd be fun to drive. :-)

daat y said...

Well done.What is 2005 too old?

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