Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sabrina the Lion rescued by Hamas

Armed Hamas "forces" raided a hideout of a notorious drug ring, and stumbled upon Sabrina the lion who was stolen at riflepoint two years ago from Gaza Zoo. Malnourished, missing four teeth, claws and part of her tail, Sabrina returns to the zoo...

Photo by AP
Photo by Reuters

Haaretz reports that the lioness Sabrina has been returned. I wonder what their angle is; they hate Hamas (even though they are Palestinian), so why would they publish a story which makes Hamas look good?
GAZA - Malnourished, declawed and missing some of her teeth and the tip of her tail, Sabrina the lion was returned to the Gaza Zoo yesterday after Hamas fighters rescued her from thieves who stole her two years ago.

Zoo officials said the animal's captors had been using Sabrina as a prop, charging people five shekels to be photographed with her.

"The [thieves] had cut off the end of her tail, the black hair that is considered to be the symbol of pride of African lions. I am very sad for her. She must have felt very humiliated," said zoo veterinarian Saoud al-Shawa.

Sabrina was stolen from the facility soon after she and her brother Sakher were brought to Gaza from Egypt as cubs.

She was found during a Hamas raid on the compound of a Gaza clan, said officials of the Islamist group that seized the territory in a brief civil war last month.

Zoo officials said Sakher had roared inconsolably when his sister was stolen. Reunited, he nuzzled her neck and the two siblings began to play
I hope Gilad Shalit is treated better by Hamas than this lion was treated...though Hamas has more benevolence towards this animal than they have towards Jews.

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Eitan Ha'ahzari said...

I, too, wonder what the Ha'aretz angle on this is and why it is what it is. I mean, they make Hamas look so darn good here. And yeah, wonder if they're treating Gilad as good as they're treating Sabrina...well, actually I don't even wanna think 'bout that.

How's it going, Jameel?

Lirun said...

news is news no?

Fern said...

That "zoo" gives me the creeps. Is that how the animals are really kept? Maybe Ha'aretz should do a story on the inhumane conditions the animals are subjected to in Palestinian zoos.

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