Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lynch Mob Beats Arab Thief. Mob goes free, police detain thief

Saturday Night Fever Hits the Galil.

Last night, a 29 year old Arab was caught red-handed trying to rob a home. The home's occupants returned from a wedding, caught the thief, and beat him up till he required hospitalization. The police arrived and arrested the thief; apparently this particular suspect was also involved in many robberies in Northern Israel.

What makes this story newsworthy, is that I left out an important detail.

The mob which beat up the thief were let to go on their merry way.

Perhaps that's because this took place in Israeli Arab village of Abu-Sna'an, and the lynch mob was Arab and not Jewish?

Source in Hebrew: NRG

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Annie said...

Completely absurd that vigilantism is still alive and well in Israel.

Although to be fair, a similar thing happened recently in Brooklyn, and the vigilantes were given just a slap on the wrist.

Batya said...

oh, yes
Only Arabs are allowed to defend themselves and their property.

What else do you expect from a country with a "vice minister?"

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