Monday, December 19, 2005

Amshinover's Shabbat at the Muqata

As many of you know, this past shabbat we were honored to host The Amshinover Blogger at the Muqata, and he good-naturedly waived his usual "Blogger in Residence" fee so our community could afford to meet him.

So far, countless people have emailed me asking for the "scoop" on his visit; Is he a real person? What color did he dye his hair? Is the tattoo real? Emails in Yiddish from Satmar & Brisker chassidim flooded my inbox asking for the Muqata to give him some extra special TLC.

My quandary is that I am not prolific enough a blogger to do justice to his visit. Mere words would do an injustice to this past shabbat, and will have to remain in the realm of "Torah She'Be'al Peh". It will remain a story passed down from generation to generation of a historic visit, one I doubt my children will ever forget.

Let's leave it at that - he's welcome back anytime.


Anonymous the Cat said...

Brisker Chassidim? I thought Briskers were a kind of Misnagdim.

Ayelet said...

Aw, c'mon. That's cheap. Give us juat a few tidbits - something, anything. What species is that guy? (btw, is your blogroll still under construction? Where can I get an application?)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Anonymous the cat: Obviously Brisker are misnagdim.

But lumping them together with Satmar is a jab at them for sending me mail about Amshi!

Ayelet: Applications by mail only.
(Life is always under construction)

Shifra said...

You are such a tease Jameel!
There must be one or two stories you could tell!

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