Friday, December 09, 2005

RCI - Israel's Emergency Homeopathic Medical Services. (and other stories)

While the J-Blogosphere has written about the total boosha of Magen David Adom changing its logo (Zion report, Israel Perspectives, Treppenwitz, PreOccupied Territory, Israelly Cool, Smooth Stone and many others)to kowtow to the non-religious symbols of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, I haven't seen any op/ed pieces in any of Israel's printed or online newspapers that express the same outrage. Is it only us? Is it only the j-blogosphere that sees how pathetic the MDA is acting? Actually - I haven't even seen one j-blogger comment that its a good thing...and there's a wide spectrum of opinions out here.

I guess Israel's new emergency medical services will be homeopathic crystal based. I'll have to trade in my MDA jacket for one with a Red Crystal on it, and when G-d forbid I'm on the scene at an accident or terror attack - we'll have to use the new medical protocol:

Victim: moaning.

Jameel: Shalom Mr. Victim, I'll Jameel from Red Crystal of Israel's emergency response unit.

Victim: moans again.

Jameel; Don't worry - everything will be just fine. I've got my emergency homeopathic red crystal with me. If I wave it over you 3 times, I'll be able to restore your sacral energy to your body, and your body will heal itself.

Victim; still moaning.

Jameel: that's just sing John Lennon's "imagine" song to yourself, and everything will be fine. Have a nice day!

I guess this just comes in step with Iran's call to Europe to move the State of the Jews back to where in belongs; in Europe. I assume the RCI shouldn't have a problem with that either; they'll get even more international recognition, and more funding.

Final News Roundup, since this blog will probably only return on Monday:

You can be Orange or Blue when it comes to the disengagement. This IAF pilot had his own problem, and blamed the disengagement for his need to look into the women's showers on his base. He gets an "A" for creativity.

This is scary: YNET reports that the CIA visited the bomb site of the terror attack this week as the Sharon shopping mall in Netanya. The CIA wanted to "to draw lessons that could prove helpful for American troops in Iraq." Again, regardless of your political viewpoint on the US war on Iraq, everyone agrees that the US army will leave Iraq at some point. Does this mean that Israel will eventually leave Netanya as well?

For a country who's mainstream media is obsessed with secularism, its very odd that almost every Israeli newspaper wrote about Rav Quaduri's recent hospitalization for "weakness". When it comes to Kabbala, even the Israeli secularists will hedge their bets and believe in Rav Quaddri...after all, it can't hurt? Refuah Shelayma.

That's it. Leaving for home motzei shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom from the Southern California Muqata in Exile.


Unknown said...

Wow. As much as I keep up on the news I didn't hear about this. A sad day indeed. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Tanisha: we aim to enlighten. please drop by more often!

Anonymous said...

WRT to your homeopathic red crystal -- it's probably less of a problem hashkafically than a homeopathic red cross...

Avi said...

MDA didn't have a choice. Basically, the US Red Cross has been withholding their dues for the past 5 years and if they did it any longer, they would have been permantely kicked out of the ICRC, per their bylaws, and so the ICRC knew it had to act.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to wave a red crystal or 34 over the clearly deranged President of Iran.

Safe Journey home.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

amechad: So why did Israel's MDA have to capitulate to changing their symbol? Islam and Christianity rule, while the Jews are dhimmi?

The real me said...

I think they are a bunch of spinless people who just want the goyim to accept them.

And about Nitanya, I think the americans wanted to learn how it could be avoided, not how we should leave nitanya.

Batya said...

This whole business makes me see red!

Tovya @ Zion Report said...

yes, sad times indeed... no longer are we just hated, but we have dropped to the level of self-hatred and shame.

Anonymous said...

Red Crystal..Crystal Meth - move over NY, the party is in Tel Aviv.

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