Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Return of the Worms to Gush Katif

First of all, if you thought for a second that I was calling Arabs in Gaza, "worms", then you're a racist. No, its no a Tequila party either.

When Israel destroyed Gush Katif this summer, many of the greenhouses were moved by the Jewish residents to pre-67 Israel. What was left, was purchased on behalf of the Palestinians by a wealthy Jewish American at the behest of Shimon Peres to jumpstart Gaza's devastated economy. The rest is history and on the day Israel evacuated, the Palestinians came back and destroyed a lot of what was left.

Now comes an interesting report. The Palestinians are still trying to restart the once-successful bug-free Jewish produce business from the greenhouses. While Gush Katif lettuce has successfully restarted a lot of their business, and once again their fabulous produce is back in the stores, the Palestinians are running into trouble.

Apparently, Palestinian businessman haven't been successful in growing bug-free lettuce or other vegetables. Worse, the Palestinians greenhouse workers are complaining that their current salaries from their new management is a lot lower than their previous Jewish managers and Gush Katif ownership.

Somehow I doubt the Gush Katif farmers will be willing to offer consultations, no matter how much money offered.

Hat-tip: NK.


Mike Miller said...

Hat Tip NK? You keep up with Neturei Karta? I thought they were only friendly with other muqata dwellers...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Mike: Which is why they're so concerned about the Bug Free Lettuce from Gaza...

Still Wonderin' said...

I blogged the same thing. I need to check your blog more often ;-)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

still wonderin':

We should collaborate more often. The Muqata has a long history with collaborators ;-)

Elchonon said...

yea my thoughts exactly, They would only buy the vegtables from arabs. whats the halacha of meiser ? y'know i was thinking that maybeeeeeee it was all the blood of the arab kids that kept the vegtables growing fat and juicy ? didn sarid bring that up yet ?

Hey jameel you see the shirts we made ? mitnaktim m'hamedina... mitchavrim l'torah.

on the back it has the NK hymn.
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