Sunday, January 29, 2006

JIB JAB, Ad Nauseum.

It's downright sad.

Every single blog I've visited who is in the running for a JIB award over the past 2 weeks is shamelessly advertising itself; Vote for me! Vote for me!
Don't you people have any self respect whatsoever?

Except for a shockingly few blogs with a backbone, such as my good friends MC Aryeh and Jack's Shack, its pathetic to see big name bloggers pathetically pandering for votes. GodolHador and DovBear? How the mighty have fallen...

And Treppenwitz?! Et Tu?
The one big blog I thought I could look to as a moral compass?!

And using the "I don't want to be a frier" excuse?

How lame.

I for one, know full well that there's not a settler's chance in the muqata, that I will win a JIB in the category I was nominated for. The 3 heavyweights, "Little Green Footballs", "Fundamentally Freund" and "Jewlicious" will definitely take the top 3 awards.
Yet who are these people?

Freund is Arutz Sheva. While I like Arutz Sheva as much as the next radical settler, Freund has an entire organization behind him to get votes. A7 gets tens of thousands of hits a day, and its no big deal for him to promote himself through their mega-site.

Little Green Footballs? I honestly never browsed their site more than once or twice in my life. So, I just went there now. What did I see as their top post? This. I guess they shamelessly ripped off my posting about Zeev telling me how much he loved me. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I'm not flattered.

Jewlicious? I can't really have a gripe against them, even if they are a brand name. Personally, CK even wants to go out for coffee with me at some point, which I would be happy to do. Yet, I will not put gratuitous pictures on my website of models wearing t-shirts that say "I HEART The Muqata." No way. This is a family blog.

Is that what it takes to win a JIB this year? T-shirt models, pirate blog sites (heh, I never thought I'd be going after them with a cheap pirate comment ;-) or tiny green footballs?

Nosiree Bob. Not me.

The best I could hope for is 4rth place. You know something -- fourth place isn't that bad for a non-commercial, homegrown blog like my own. Yes, getting over a thousand visits a week are nice...and its really heartwarming when a posting gets more than 10 comments on it.

In reality; the most amazing part of Muqata blogging is the emails I get from people. Here are some of the emails I received last week:

Shalom, Jameel - I read the Muqata regularly, enjoy it very much. A recent change in my circumstances has made it a possibility for me to make aliyah now. That said, I'd like to talk it over a little with someone IN Israel...

Hi Jameel! I've been reading your site for a while now, and decided that maybe I really should start thinking about aliya as a serious option. How do I get started?

So, to conclude, kuddos to Jameel who's by the way spending his time @ the Muqata. You made me realize, once again, the importance of staying put where we are; right here in our homeland!

Truth be told; as I wrote a month back; the JIB award isn't that important. The continued hits, comments and emails are what make it all fun and meaningful. And if I can actually impart just a tiny bit of the importance of living here in Eretz Yisrael, then that's the best award I could hope for.

You want to vote for me for a JIB award? Don't bother.
Do something instead which can make a difference.

Put me on your blogroll. Tell DovBear or Treppenwitz to put me on their blogroll. Tell someone you thought my site was worth reading. Think about moving here. Send me an email.

I'd prefer one of those Israel's #1 totally volunteer, non-commercial, aliya advocating blogsite....masquerading with an Arab name.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Elder of Ziyon said...

You were already on my blogroll, dude.

Not that I'm directing much traffic your way!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

EoZ: Well, thank you very much! When checking with Technorati, I'm only on about 18 blogrolls throughout the entire blogosphere.

Maybe I need an even better name than "The Muqata" get the word out.

1. MC Muqata
2. Jameel's Shack at the Muqata
3. The Hip Hop Elder of the Muqata
4. OrthoJameel
5. JameelBear
6. Muqata Musings
7. Not my Muqata Blog
8. The Artist formerly Known as the Maroon Muqata
9. AskBernie
10. A Curious Moslem?

Shifra said...

Hey I thought I handled it well, I didn't even include a link!

I think it's because I know I don't deserve a JIB - but Trep does, so I don't mind is he plugs... a little.

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

my latest Jerusalem fantasy is out so come over and visit
and dont vote for me

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Shifra: Hmmm, that's true, you didn't include a link.

And you guest blogged here about the 18 minutes, which should have won a JIB for best post of the year.

And you don't mind Trep's plugs...since you're already on his blogroll ;-)

treppenwitz said...

This may sound like a cop-out, but the one common thread that all of the site's on my blogroll share is a clear dissimilarity to mine. No, your site is not mine, nor the other way around. But we share so much in terms of daily experiences and outlook that I gain less perspective from reading you than I would, say, Shifra. I read for contrast, not confirmation. But I do read you, so try not to call me a vote whore too often, mmkay? :-)

Ezzie said...

Wait - "masquerading"!? You mean your name ISN'T Jameel!? (throws something in disgust, walks away)

You didn't need to rake out the big blogs on this one - you should read the posts about the JIBs in my roundup from last night. And Trep makes a good point: I don't get as much out of reading blogs that are similar to me, either.

Meanwhile, I've had you blogrolled for a bit. May have even sent you some traffic! :) You don't need links from big blogs, those don't do it. Just keep writing, and people will keep coming.

TM (Jewlicious) said...

Hey dude, I don't even know you and I linked to your fine blog in my previous shabbat post. Where's all the anger coming from? Heh, if you can find him, you probably should go out for coffee with ck.

daat y said...

I thought I found an arab who actually understands.
Didn't your mom ever say -its the quality -not the quantity.
and furthermore 'hamatzil nefesh achat...'-that is important.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

TM/Jewlicious: Of the big 3 - you guys rate #1 in my book, so I've got no problem with you. I guess it was latent annoyance that was also referred to by Orthomom's post (which I only read after my posting). Maybe if I would have had my coffee this AM, I wouldn't have been so antsy...then again, maybe I'll go out with CK for a beer.

Daaty/Ezzie: Obviously my name is Bernie and not Jameel; didn't you read MC Aryeh's posting?

ifyouwillit said...

It's about the promotion rather than the winning, and I think we'd all agree that recieving emails like that is much more rewarding than a pixelated badge. Good Job.

Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Well, I've learned that awards mean jack. I mean, there was that dead terrorist (Arafat) who won this little award called the Nobel Peace Prize.

I lost all faith in awards that day. I assume that if I ever win an award on a grand scale, then I am screwed, and I must have said/done something wrong.

Greg said...

Jameel, I've had only pleasure reading your daily postings so I don't think u should take this contest so seriously(kind of like every other blogger has been saying in praise of you).

You've been an inspiration more than once to me personally and I will keep reading your posts for a long time to come.

As for the previous comment, right on, Tovya.

BTW: I didn't see one post about the (I believe he was Norwegian) guy who was on the Nobel committee and resigned after Arafat won the (prestigious?) award. He died recently. Does anybody know/has heard anything about this?

Be'tikva, Eitan.

Jack's Shack said...

Well, I've learned that awards mean jack

I was wondering about that.

tafka PP said...

Ooh, your list of new names is a posting in itself. I like #8 the best.

Joe Settler said...

Little Green Sour Grapes?

Even though, not enough people have voted for me, at , you don't see me complaining, or saying the JIBs are suddenly irrelevant (Don't forget to vote here for JoeSettler: )

Though I'm not sure what my blog (JoeSettler) is doing in the Life in Israel category as opposed to Israel Advocacy or Best Politics...


ck said...

Beer, coffee, whatever. It's all good. Use the contact form on Jewlicious an lets make it happen. Soon too because I gotta head to California for our Jewlicious conference in Long Beach. And likening us to vote shnorrers? Not cool MC Muqata!

Didja see the shnorring on that Fundamentally Freud dude's Web site? The end of every post contains a solicitation for a vote. That's the worst shnorring I have ever seen. And I've seen some shnorring.

I think the JIBs are good in that they seek to increase the visibility of JBlogs. But man, some people are just sooo totally undignified. In conclusion, vote for whoever you like but try to make it an informed vote.

Ezzie said...

Jameel - of COURSE I read MCA's post. And I thought you were really both Bernie AND Jameel! :) (grumbles)

Mirty said...

You've been in my Kinja and Blogline readers, but I had not updated my Blogroll recently.

I've added you now, so chalk up another link!! :)

I've already thrown in the towel JIB-wise. We'll have a JIB Losers Party with all the REALLY COOL blogs.

rockofgalilee said...

you sound very bitter

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Mirty: Now that sounds like a fun idea, thanks! All we need is a fun graphic and we're set.

Rock: bitter? It was just a rant....everyone's entitled at some point, no?

Ezzie: Dr. Jameel and Mr. Bernie.

Mirty said...

Maybe Rock thought I sounded bitter. I weep, I sob, I mourn... No, not really. I think the JIBs have performed a valuable service.

MC Aryeh said...

Jameel, you've got a great blog, with or without a JIB Award. I think your traffic will increase because of the high quality of your posts rather than through being linked by the bigger blogs....I say within 3 months you are consistently breaking 300 hits a day every day...

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