Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arab Spring Update: Egpytian Terrorists Blow Up Gas Pipeline to Israel (again)

For the fourth time since the "Arab Spring" started flourishing in Egypt, (when an 18-day uprising toppled President Hosni Mubarak's regime on Feb. 11,) Egpytians have sabotaged the Gas Pipeline between Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

Masked gunmen blew up a terminal of the Egyptian natural gas pipeline to Israel and Jordan in a predawn attack Tuesday, security officials said.

The officials said the attack was carried out by at least four assailants. The terminal is located in the city of El-Arish in the northern part of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) west of the Israeli border.

The attackers ordered the guards on duty to leave and then blew up the terminal, starting a huge fire that sent flames shooting into the air that lit up the night sky, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media. YNETnews
With an Arab Spring like this, it makes hay-fever seem like child's play.
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