Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Suicidal Left

I don’t think the main problem with the Left is that they are suicidal. The main problem is that they want to take the rest of us with them.

Leftwing Israel Prize winner and Tel Aviv University film professor Yehuda “Judd” Ne'eman has called for a civil war in an interview with an Army Radio journalist. While a Technion physics professor, Oded Regev, said that he would volunteer in a civil war against the "extreme Right".

Yehuda “Judd” Ne'eman said:
“Let there be a civil war between the Right and the Left, and we’ll see who wins. That's what we need here, war between the settlers and the Leftists. The settlers will win, of course, because they have most of the Israeli public and the government’s support. Then there will be a fascist state here and everything will be fine. I really mean it. I think that civil war is the way to solve the problem we're facing. We have tried everything else and nothing has worked.”

Now we’re all used to these professors inciting violence against those they disagree with (the non-Left). There’s nothing new there. There’s also nothing new in that they won’t be investigated by the police or Shai Nitzan for their open incitement to murder and civil war.

What’s interesting here is the line in the middle, and that really says it all about the mindset of the Left.

Judd says, “The settlers will win, of course”

This Leftist professor calls for a civil war. But it is a war he completely believes he will lose.

It's like the Leftwing Israeli professors calling for international boycotts of Israeli academia (meaning their own jobs and universities).

Can you imagine the self-hatred and warped ideology that is driving this man and his fellow leftists? They are demanding suicide for themselves (and for those around them) and asking other people to hurt them.

Since Oslo, their Leftwing ideologies have repeatedly proven to be suicidal and dangerous to the country, and since they can’t seem to get those implemented fast and far enough, they call instead for a civil war that will at least wipe themselves out, and get plenty of other people killed in the process.

These people don't need to be investigated by the police, they need to be committed into an asylum.

But I do have to ask, would it be incitement on my part if I agreed with certain parts of his statement?

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Anonymous said...

It's a typical response of disconnected intellectuals, who care more about having their ideas proven right ("if the settlers win, Israel will become fascist and everyone will realize how evil they were all along!") than about the effect of actual policies on actual people.

mindRider said...

Since the left wing in both the USA and Israel has been steadily radicalizing over the last decade the call for a civil war by them might not be that weird. Beyond reason and with the visible inclination to wreck freedom and the western way of life in both societies and introduce a global socialist/Marxist rule in the one and Palestinian take-over in the other violence by civil war might be the only way to stop them from achieving their aim.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what they said. Your last line is incitement, pure and simple, and on the basis of your being an extreme right-winger you deserve to be investigated for writing anything at all.

NormanF said...

Taking away free speech rights of extreme anti-Israel leftists, is indeed "incitement," according to Shai Nitzan and his gang and serve as sufficient grounds to take away YOUR free speech rights!

Writing a rabbinical treatise advocating violence or agreeing with it is enough to get you arrested and jailed in Israel! Never mind there are all kinds of other books advocating violence for which no one is investigated or arrested in Israel.

Israel extreme leftists and Arabs who call for Israel's destruction, that dear grasshopper, is free speech. Calling for the killing of seditious leftists and Arab terrorists always is "incitement."

Its never the deed Nitzan and his gang seek to punish, its the forbidden thought. And if you are suspectd of even harboring one they don't like, they will go after you! Only in Israel is free speech dependent on the arbitrary review of a government official as to whether it meets his test of what's "safe to be said."

That test means there is NO First Amendment is Israel for non-leftists!

yeshaya said...

I agree that right-wingers, even extreme ones, should have complete free speech rights, just as the left does. I am one of them, since I'm against the two-state solution and in favor of settlements.

But I have a question about the extreme right-wingers. I mean the people who praise Baruch Goldstein and such. Do most people on the dati leumi right condemn that sort of extremism, or do they tolerate and/or support it? I saw that Katzele wanted to make a speech about Kahane in the Knesset but was prevented. I understand that Beit HaYehudi may be more moderate, but are there people within Ichud LeUmi and the right-wing settlers who criticize those who support Kahane, Goldstein, etc?

Anonymous said...

Haaretz has recently gone off the deep end when it comes to their leftist, anti-Zionist bias and self hatred. I was shocked to read this piece from Yossi Melman in yesterday's on-line edition:
...something I would have expected to read perhaps in Stormfront or Jew watch, but not in a Jewish owned publication. But even more shocking was reading feedback from commenter #2, Gerd Schnepel, who claims he was romantically involved with Brigitte Kuhlmann, one of the German terrorists who participated in the hijacking. He goes on to say that she was "just following orders" and everyone would have lived if Israel and other governments has just given in. Truly sickening.

SDavidRam said...

I wouldn't worry too much about this rhetoric. the left that "wants" a civil war is about 80 people and the right wing that would reciprocate is about 114. so it would be more like a gang war than a civil war. upsetting and bloody, but not shaking the national fabric. The vast majority of the Jewish citizens are somewhere in the middle in ideology.

JoeSettler said...

Slingshot: I might double the numbers, but I like that answer.

Anonymous said...

Joe- if you like that answer, then maybe stop wasting all that energy on hating just 80 people? Or even 160 people. They don't care about you or your blog, so maybe find something better to do with your time and energy, like learn Torah?

JoeSettler said...

Unfortunately those "80" people are doing their best to get the rest of us hurt and killed in their hunger for suicide (and some of them obviously do visit this blog), and it only takes one of them to pull a trigger. So as much as they deserve to be ignored, only a Leftist would stick his head in the sand and ignore the obvious dangers they present to the rest of us.

Robertcw72 said...

That professor should move to San Fransisco. He sounds like he would fit right in there.

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