Friday, July 01, 2011

"We do not deal with a holocaust denier"

If only our own politicians and journalists had the courage of conviction to make such statements:

PA President for Life Mahmoud Abbas is right now visiting Holland and the Dutch parliament.

Here are some remarks by Dutch politicians in response to the visit.

PVV and SGP (orthodox Christian party) boycotted the meeting with Abbas in the parliament.
PVV spokesman: "We do not deal with a holocaust denier".

Christian Union leader Joel Voordewind did attend the meeting but tweeted afterwards 'Abbas is schizofrenic...on one hand Abbas wants a two state solution but on the other hand is working towards the destruction of Israel".

PM Rutte :" Independent Palestian State can only be established by means of negotiations with Israel".

FM Rosenthal said Abbas should return to the negotiation table, he also said that Gilad Shalit should be released immediately. Abbas did not comment on Gilad Shalit.

However, Abbas did comment on the call for negotiations, he said that he was willing to negotiate but also said that if negotiations do not come into being going to the UN is inevitable. To which Rosenthal responded that in that case the Netherlands will not support the statehood bid.

In related new: Dutch journalists have unanimously pulled out of participating in covering the Flotilla from on board - even those who support the Palestinian narrative. They did so when they uncovered that the Flotilla has strong ties to Hamas and the Flotilla organizers were trying to censor/control their reporting and their investigative journalism.

A few days ago, a Dutch MP and investigative panel called upon the Dutch government to stop funding NGOs in Israel who work against the state of Israel.

The Dutch may (or may not) have blown it with the Shechitah controversy that spun out of their intended control, but many of them are certainly getting it right here.

h/t Anne

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Anonymous said...

''If only our politicians.....''
That's a joke, right?
Our politicians are low-life scumbags, just party hacks & opportunists, often worse. Backbone? Please, don't rub it in.
What we have is low quality schlock politicians, my G-d, just look at this collection of dreck.

ADDeRabbi said...

You realize, of course, that the treatment of Abbas and the shechita ban both come from exactly the same place - which has nothing to do with love or hatred of Jews - right?

JoeSettler said...

We're just in the crossfire of their cross-cultural war.

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