Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sharon's Qadima party loses 17% public support in one week.

As the number of job-hungry Israeli politicians line up behind Sharon's Qadima party, a recent poll has the party hacks very worried.

Within the span of one week, the fledgling party has dropped 17% in the public opinion polls from 41 Knesset seats to 34. If the trend keeps up, this party will asymptotically disappear by after Chanuka.

בימים ההם, בזמן הזה

Hat-tip: Arutz Sheva.


A Simple Jew said...

Which party will you support, Jameel?

daaty said...


muse said...


Greg said...

simple Jew...if u're living here, I suggest, the E'hud Le'umi. I'm voting E'hud because I not only like the party platform, I was impressed with the party for being first to bolt Sharon's coalition prior to "disengagement."

Jameel: unfortunately both you and i know sharon will win. It hardly matters how many mandates he wins by; I'm just amazed(once more)by the fact that so many Israelis are willing to vote Sharon post-"disengagement" and the rest of his crimes.

Anonymous said...

Sharon is gonig to be the next Shimon Peres (Loser)

For my post election prediction check out my latest work at



I'll be posting about the elections soon in an upcoming posting.

Shavua Tov!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Wow...that was weird. Amshi was here for shabbat and my blogger was logged onto his account.

In any event -- shavua tov!

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