Monday, August 22, 2011

Gaza's war on Israel: Monday August 22, 2011

Latest on Gaza's attack on Israel

11:47 PM And more rockets at Ashkelon.

10:04 PM Rockets. Again. Israel's response. The same.

9:06 PM
#israelconsulate tweets: "Even with rockets raining down on our cities, #Israel continued to allow goods and aid into Gaza by the tons "

Tell me. Is this stupidity really something they should be bragging about?

8:00 PM Five rockets fell in the past 15 minutes in the Ashkelon region. No reported injuries.

7:35 PM Sirens in the south; Zikim, Ashkelon, Nachal Oz - rockets land in Ashkelon area, causing a fire by one of the kibbutzim.

12:25 PM Rocket lands in Eshkol region. No warnings sirens heard in advance. No injuries, no damage.

10:56 AM
This is turning out to be one of the quickest wars we never fought. Netanyahu said today that he has no intention of a full-scale attack on Gaza. He said Hamas wants to drag us into a war to weaken our position internationally.

9:50 AM As of now, a total of 15 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza, after the self imposed 9 PM "cease fire" last night.

9:28 AM Good morning. There were a few rocket attacks at various hours through the night - after the "cease fire" went into place. A mortar hit Kerem Shalom an hour ago - no injuries reported. But perhaps that's still within the terms of the cease fire because Kerem Shalom was a regular target beforehand too.

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NormanF said...

Hamas' rocket attacks are like the weather. Its not even harming Israel but its hurt the terrorist leadership because Israel is refusing to take the bait.

What good is jihad if it has no effect on Israel? Count on the terrorist groups to quietly reinstate the ceasefire.

Confounded said...

Why aren't you talking about the tent youth who are illegally breaking into other people's buildings and squatting there like a bunch of stereotyped settlers - except that settlers aren't breaking into other people's property - only the Tel Aviv tent youth are.

Trolly said...

Settlers are living illegally on other people's land. No matter how you frame it, you can't get away with it.

972Mag got said...

Slaughter the Jooz and the world will be a better place.

pjwbur said...

These attacks are not on settlements. They fall on non-disputed land. Areas that the international community regard as sovereign Israeli territory. So, any "settlement" justification for these attacks is spurious at best, dishonest and misleading at worst.

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