Saturday, August 20, 2011

Will Israel need to reoccupy the Sinai?

While Israel agreed to it for seemingly practical reasons, the introduction of 1000 Egyptian troops and armor into the Sinai, and near the Israeli border is a breach of the Israel-Egyptian Peace Accords and a bad precedent.

Worse yet, the introduction of those Egyptian troops has done little to actually help Egypt secure the Sinai.

And now Egypt is officially angry at Ehud Barak for saying that Egypt is losing its grip on the Sinai, as well as for some Egpytian security men somehow getting killed during the Eilat Terror attack. But Barak's statement remains true none the less.

It would appear to me that with so many Egyptians clambering to abrogate the treaty completely, and with the Egyptian army (for whatever reason) unable to secure the Sinai, neither for their own best interest, or for Israel’s, that Israel will need to seriously weigh the consideration that it will have to carve out its own security strip in the Sinai to better defend Israel.

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Neshama said...

This seems a forerunner to increased attacks from all sides as we come closer to September 20.

I second the motion to take back the Sinai, and annex Judea and Samaria ... Back to '67! Our version of '67.

Anonymous said...

How about we start off by carving out a security strip in Gaza. Hamas is more hostile than Egypt.

Anonymous said...

Go on Joe, your unit can march on the front lines...

JoeSettler said...

I do know that yours won't

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