Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - News from Israel

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11:39 PM
As you read this, there are currently close to a million Israelis in Southern Israel who are in bomb shelters tonight.

11:26 PM Conflicting reports over the age of the young child wounded by the Gazan rocket attack; his age is put at 9 months or 2 years.

11:24 PM
In the rocket attack on Ashkelon before (10:44 PM), there are numerous suffering from shell shock who are being treated by emergency medical services.

11:03 PM Three Gazan mortars fired at Kissufim IDF base.

11:02 PM
Reports that 3 wounded by shrapnel in Gazan rocket attack on Kibbutz; 2 adults and a 2 year old wounded in his arm.

10:59 PM Reports that an infant has been wounded by the rocket attack.

10:55 PM Gazan Rocket hits house in a kibbutz -- there are reported wounded.

10:52 PM No reports of wounded in Beer Sheva rocket attack. Forces responding to direct hit in on Israeli community near Gaza.

10:50 PM Direct Hit on Community near Gaza. Security and Emergency Medical forces responding.

10:49 PM
Grad rockets launched at Ashkelon - Iron Dome is activated.

10:47 PM
3 Grad rockets shot down by Iron Dome in Beer Sheva, 2 rockets landed in the city. MDA ambulances responding -- possible wounded.

10:44 PM Color Red Rocket Alarm Sirens in Ashkelon

10:36 PM Reports of IAF attack helicopters flying over Gaza, shooting at Terrorist targets.

10:29 PM
Emergency Message from the US Consulate in Jerusalem: US Consular staff are forbidden from taking new Jerusalem Light Rail public train system - cites "security concerns"
The U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem advises U.S. citizens that the light rail system in Jerusalem has now started operations in the city. This new form of transportation is part of the public transportation network. Official U.S. Government personnel are currently prohibited from utilizing public transportation facilities, including municipal buses and the light rail network. The Consulate General will monitor the performance and security climate of the new light rail system as it begins operations. (US Consulate in Jerusalem)

10:26 PM Rocket Attack on Beer Sheva - Iron dome shoots down one Grad rocket.

8:35 PM Rocket attacks on Eshkol region. 2 rockets land in open areas. No injuries or damage.

7:52 PM
Palestinian sources report that IDF tanks are firing at Gazan rocket launchers in the area of Beit Lehiya (Gaza Strip)

7:40 PM
Apparently the Grad rocket aimed at Beer Sheva landed outside the city.

All residents of Southern Israel communities within rocket range are requested to stay in bomb shelters at this time.

7:38 PM
Reports of rocket strikes in Ofakim. No information yet about possible injuries or damage.

7:36 PM
Israel Radio reports that Grad rockets launched at Beer Sheva and Netivot. Civilians report they heard an explosion in BeerSheva (could be Iron Dome, or a grad)

7:35 PM
Sirens in Beer Sheva - explosion heard in city...

7:32 PM
Sirens in Eshkol region.

7:31 PM
Sirens in Lachish Region...Grad rockets launched at Israel.

7:30 PM
Sirens in the Zikim/South Ashkelon area.

7:20 PM
IDF Homefront Command has cancelled the "Breeze Festival" scheduled for this evening in Ashkelon. Confirmation that a rocket landed in the Southern Ashkelon area...

7:15 PM
IDF Homefront Command: All residents in the areas surrounding Gaza should be in the vicinity of bomb shelters/safe rooms due to the elevated threat levels that rockets may be launched in the immediate future from Gaza.

7:12 PM
Reports that a rocket landed in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Ashkelon. No Damage or Injuries.

7:06 PM Gazan rocket lands in open area near South Ashkelon. No reports of injuries or damage.

7:05 PM
Sirens continue throughout Southern Ashkelon.

7:03 PM Color Red Rocket Warning System and Sirens in Southern Asheklon.
Homefront Command requests that Sederot Residents stay in secure areas for the time being.

6:59 PM IDF Intelligence: Immediate threat of rocket launches to Southern Communities.

4:49 PM
IDF Homefront command lowers threat levels for Southern Israel communities.

4:03 PM
IDF Homefront command instructs the Ashdod municipality to close all yeshiva and camp programs today, sending everyone home due to possible rocket strikes (IDF intellegence has warnings of increased terrorists activity in Gaza)

3:17 PM
As a reward for Gazan Palestinian terrorists shooting 130 rockets at Southern Israel, the following convoy of "humanitarian" aid was allowed to cross into Gaza via the Kerem Shalom checkpoint today.

1:41 PM Despite rumors racing around on Facebook and twitter, there are no terrorists running around Ashdod. Israeli police have stated there is no known terrorist threat within Ashdod.

1:23 PM
Earlier today, due to terror threats, the IDF homefront command ordered the immediate closure of the Sami Shimon College of Engineering in Ashdod and BeerSheva -- no tests or classes will be given today. (viewable on the SCE website at the top).

1:18 PM
and there are now "hot" alerts for rocket launches against Southern Israel. The open-air market in Kiryat Gat has been ordered closed, as well as in Ashdod.

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