Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011 - News from Israel

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Jameel and JoeSettler.

10:55 PM Reports of rocket threats against the Lachish Region...but I have my doubts if they are for the immediate timeframe.

10:54 PM Islamic Jihad tells Hamas: If you think you can reach a cease-fire, you are living on another planet.

10:28 PM Reports of IAF warplanes flying over Gaza.

10:20 PM Reposting map of rocket ranges and warning times -- radius from Gaza.

click map to enlarge
10:14 PM Terror threat alert in South East areas surrounding Jerusalem -- from Mizpeh Yericho to the Dead Sea.

10:11 PM
Islamic Jihad vows revenge against Israel for the death of 2 of its terrorists this evening, killed by IDF forces. "We will extend our rocket range so that instead of 1 million Israelis in bomb shelters there will be 4 million Israelis in bomb shelters," the organization stated tonight.

Rocket attacks tonight on Israel

9:58 PM Israel's National Security Council issues warning for Israelis visiting the Sinai to leave immediately due to elevated terror threat warnings.

9:55 PM In the rocket attack on Sederot at 9:36 PM, one rocket landed in a Ranch near Sederot.

9:47 PM Rockets launched at Sederot, land in open area. No injuries or damage

9:36 PM Color Red Alert Sirens in Sederot.

9:35 PM For the third time this evening, IDF Homefront command warns of Elevated Terror threat for rocket launches in the immediate time frame to areas of Southern Israel within a 40km radius of Gaza

8:32 PM Elevated terror threat for rockets to be launched in the immediate future to areas of Southern Israel within a 40 kilometer radius of Gaza.

8:17 PM Elevated terror threat for rockets to be launched in the immediate future to the Beer Sheva area.

8:14 PM
IDF striking at terrorists in Gaza, 2 Islamic Jihad terrorists killed while preparing rockets for launch.

8:12 PM No injuries in 8:04 PM rocket attack -- damage sustained to public building.

8:04 PM Rockets launched at Communities surrounding Gaza - Public building hit by Rocket attack. Emergency Forces responding.

7:58 PM Official Request by the Israeli Police. In the past hour, rockets have fallen near Ashkelon, Sederot and Ofakim. No damage or injuries reported. Residents of Southern Israel are requested to stay in close proximity to safe areas.

7:52 PM Commander of IDF Radio / Galei Tzhala requests that IDF radio no longer broadcast when color red alarms / sirens are going off in different regions.

7:48 PM Gazan Rockets land in areas adjacent to Sederot, Shaar HNegev, and the Eshkol Region. No known injuries or damage -- all rockets landed in open areas.

7:43 PM Multiple Rocket launches at Southern Israel; Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Negev areas.

7:02 PM
4 rockets just fired. 2 to Eshkol. 1 to Merchavim. 1 to Ashkelon. No injuries or damage. Gazans eating well.

5:35 PM Gazan rocket launched from South Gaza lands near Israeli community. No injuries or damage.

4:14 PM Palestinians hurl Ramadan Rocks of Peace (tm) at Israeli cars on Highway 60 between Hevron and Gush Etzion. No injuries reported. Multiple cars damaged.

3:52 PM IDF says they are prepared to deal with rocket launches from Gaza as the Ramadan fast ends this evening. Yesterday, Israel was hit by a barrage of rockets at the end of the Ramadan fast, and the IDF is preparing for this evening. A Merry Ramadan to all those faithful from the Religion of Peace.

2:21 PM Iv'e been getting many requests from people about the sources for the updates on the Muqata. One of them is the internet streaming radio channel, Radio Darom (Radio South), which breaks into their music programming with reports from the IDF Homefront command. You can hear which areas need to go to safe areas, when rockets are being targeted and launched. Its all in Hebrew...but you can leave it streaming in the background and hear the sirens when they go off. Link here. Don't thank me. I'm a giver :-)


1:50 PM Israel Radio / Channel B reports that minutes ago a rocket was fired from Gaza. It landed in an open area; no injuries or damage reported.

1:43 PM Color Red Alert / Sirens in Nachal Oz and Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

1:41 PM Immediate Terror threat of rockets from Gaza. Southern Israel residents urged to be near safe areas / listen for warnings sirens of incoming missiles.

12:44 PM Palestinians hurl rocks at Egged bus north of Jerusalem on the Hizma-Adam road, smashing windshield. No injuries reported.

12:41 PM Iron Dome -- anti rocket system in action.

12:38 PM
Damage to Gazan terrorist locations by IDF last night.

12:34 PM Updated Emergency Bulletin from IDF Homefront Command for Thursday, August 25th.

The following defensive measures apply to all communities within 40 kilometers of the Gaza strip: Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beer Sheva, Netivot, Sederot, Kiryat Melachi, Kiyrat Gat, Gedera, Hevel Yanveh, Gederot, Gan Yavneh, Yad Binyamin.

1. Upon hearing a siren or color red alert, or explosion, immediately go to a shelter, safe room or safe area.

2. No event may have more than 500 people present; not sporting, entertainment, cultural events or ceremonies.

3. One may have events with less than 500 people.

4. Studies/schools/camps should not take place in buildings that do not have concrete roofs.

5. All work places may continue as normal.

6. All shopping centers may continue as normal.

Safe locations are defined as follows:

Indoor Buildings: One should to to a bomb shelter or safe internal room, closing doors and windows.

Outside: Go to the nearest building with the time you have available, if there is no close building or if you are in an open area, lay down on the ground with your head protected by your hands and arms.

In a car: Stop you car, and go to the closest building. If you cannot, get to a building/shelter, exit the car, lay down on the ground with your head protected by your hands and arms.

If you cannot leave your car, stop at the side of the road, and wait for 10 minutes.
If no other warning is given, all residents may leave shelters after 10 minutes.

Remember: these directives save lives! There is a regional Homefront Command radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day:

BeerSheva 97FM
Ashkelon 101.5 FM
Ashdod 95.8 FM

It is forbidden to go to sites where rockets have landed or touch the remains of rockets due to the chance of secondary explosions or additional rockets that may hit the same location.

Have a nice day!

12:04 PM
How many rockets can you buy for 115 million Euro?
RAMALLAH (Ma'an) -- The European Commission has announced additional financial support to the Palestinians for state-building, water-management and sanitation, state media reported Tuesday.

A €115-million package will offer education and health services for refugees and assistance to West Bank businesses, the Palestinian Authority's official news agency WAFA reported.

UNRWA is to receive €40 million of the funding, according to the report. (Maan)
Obviously, none of this money will be used to buy rockets or fund terror. Because the PA has never done that it in the past, or supported terror.

Please ignore the 5% of the PA budget which goes to terrorists in Israeli prisons...or money to their families....and those that go to Hamas.

12:01 PM Once again (as yesterday) due to terror threats, the IDF homefront command ordered the immediate closure of the Sami Shimon College of Engineering in Ashdod and BeerSheva -- no tests or classes will be given today. (viewable on the SCE website at the top).

10:37 AM Snake killed by Grad Rocket attack on Israel.


10:02 AM While a million Israelis are living under the threat of rocket attacks from Gaza, JPost columnist Larry Derfner writes on his personal blog that the Eilat terror attack last week, and Palestinian terrorism -- which kills Israelis, is justified.

Truly sickening. Read more about this, here.

If you think the JPost should dump this terrorist advocate, you can email the JPost editor in chief, Steve Linde at

Let Derfner himself know what you think -- his email address:
Yaakov Neeman, Israeli Minister of Justice (if you think Derfner should be tried for incitement):
Fax 972-2- 6285438

10:00 AM Reports of that IDF fire killed 6-7 Gazans and 30 wounded.

9:20 AM Good Morning....News Roundup from last follows:

5:10 AM Color Red Siren heard in Ashkelon...loud explosion heard. Reports unclear if it landed in an open area or was shot down by the Iron Dome. No injuries or damage reported.

3:45 AM Rocket launched at Ashkelon. Reports unclear if it landed in an open area or was shot down by the Iron Dome.

3:12 AM 2 Rockets launched at Sderot. They landed in open areas, no injuries or damage.

1:50 AM Sirens in Beer Sheva, Rahat and Meitar. Explosion heard. Reports unclear if it landed in an open area or was shot down by the Iron Dome.

12:14 AM Rocket attack at Beer Sheva - Iron Dome knocks out a Grad missile.

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Dave said...

It is simply unconsciable for a government to allow a million of its citizens to have to live like this. We have the military force to stop this craziness - let's use it!

Anonymous said...

16:03 Jpost

Netanyahu to convene security cabinet on Gaza rocket fire

Anonymous said...

Didn't really know where to post this, but I heard there are several camping stores that will give away a free tent if you tell them you're going to join the protests on Rechov Rothchild. Anyone know which stores are participating and who is bankrolling them ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing the updates! It mean a lot to us (foreigners staying in the south) who don't know Hebrew, and can't rely much on jpost. Thank god I found this website!

Barak said...

How long can this go on without a response from the IDF ?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Barak: The IDF is responding minimally because the government doesn't want a full scale escalation for September -- when the UN will vote on a Palestinian State.

Anonymous (foreigners in the south): Our pleasure! Please tell your friends and family to visit our website as well.

Camping store question...don't know offhand. Will look around and post a reply either in this comment thread or on tomorrow's post.

Avraham said...

Thanks for your dedicated reporting.

Quasimodo said...

Thanks for the updates. On this side of the world we MIGHT get brief notices in the media about "a continuing escalation of violence" or some such. These reports bring the reality of the situation home. (and, I share them with others)

NormanF said...

The day Hamas targets the Israeli branja, everything will change.

Right now, it still hasn't attacked Tel Aviv. That may or may not change soon.

SkidMarksInTheSunflowerSeeds said...

While I am almost glued to your website (except Shabbat), it is with a huge dose of horror. I also urge everyone on my email lists and on their lists to link to your site and/or send reports based on your excellent work. Thanks for the horror show, the excellent research and clear and simple demonstrations of the matsav, and all your other entertaining bits.

aliyah06 said...

Busy week, but I did finally get off my letter to the JPost telling them they could cancel Derfner or I would cancel my subscription....there comes a point where I draw the line at subsidizing a shill for Pali terror attacks. I'll miss the WSJ that comes with it, but maybe I can subscribe online...

Yael said...

Keeping you and your family in prayer. Thank you for all that you do. No other country in the world would tolerate this... have a lovely and safe Shabbat.

LI Reader said...

Please do definitely keep these reports coming. They're extremely helpful, especially for those of us who live outside of Israel.

But one question. Reader NormanF wrote (above): "The day Hamas targets the Israeli branja, everything will change." Who or what is branja? Thanks.

Gee a Moron said...

I did a Goole search on branja. The literal definition from is derived from the word branch as in "tree branch" meaning "group of friends".
has a more relevant definition:
Branja, a Yiddish term meaning the "experts" or the "guild." The members of the Branja include Israel's self-appointed intellectual and cultural elites, North Tel Aviv's high society and business stars and (in the words of Yoram Hazony on Page 4 of The Jewish State), "the Yuppy politicos with whom they socialize."

LI Reader said...

Thanks, "Gee A Moron"!

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