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History of Israel Articles

(articles are ordered chronologically)

Byzantine Era

New Jewish town discovered - 6th century town discovered next to Beersheba
U'netanneh Tokef - the hymn of Israel - Rosh Hashana Piyyut
What happened at midnight? - Passover Piyyut
The Jewish Town of Nazareth - Nazareth was a Jewish town up to the 7th century
Holiday Greetings from the Past - The Tiberias synagogue (6-11th centuries)
The Persian Promise - the Persian conquest and the return to Jerusalem

Early Muslim Era

What have the Muslims ever done for us? - the first century of Muslim rule, as reflected in the midrash
Eilat, City of Sin - the Jews of the South
UN, 9th Century CE - "The nations have nothing else to do but scheme against us"
You may ask, "How did this tradition get started?" - Israeli traditions we still keep today
Tu Bishvat: A holiday rooted in Israeli tradition
The Mount of Olives Declaration - Hoshana Raba on the Mount of Olives

Crusader and Ayyubid Era

Haifa's Last Stand - The Jews of Haifa battle the Crusaders
Return to the 1187 Lines - The Arabs always compare Jews to the Crusaders. Is that a bad thing?

Mamaluk and Turkish Era

These Candles: The Prayer that Went Viral - Ha-Nerot Hallalu and  Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg
The Rabbi who didn't give up Beit She'an - Rabbi Estori Ha-Parchi (14th century)
Why Don't We Celebrate Two Days of Purim in Jerusalem?
Rain, Wine and Why It's All Our Fault - Jews blamed for lack of rain
The Case of the Drunk Muslim - Jews blamed for Muslims killing each other
When the Wall Falls - why the Jews of Safed celebrated during the Spanish Expulsion
The Jewish mosque in the Jewish quarter - 15th century Jerusalem
The Splitting of the Med - the earthquake of 1546
The Rabbi Who Got Us To Sing - Rabbi Rabbi Isaiah Horovitz, the Shelah (1620-1630)
The house that can't be sold  - a story of a 17th century house
A Tiberias Purim: The story of a Sheik, a Pasha and a Rabbi - A Purim miracle (1742)
The Shabbat Jerusalem got snowed in (1787)

Modern Era

The first terror victim - R' Avraham Shlomo Zalman and the renewal of the Ashkenazi Jewish community in Jerusalem
Find the Historical Errors -  the Jews of Jerusalem in the 19th century 
The Pioneers of the Citrus Industry - The Fellman family citrus orchard
When is a Palestinian not a Palestinian?
Rare footage of the Temple Mount in 1967 

Hebrew History

Wanted: Dead, Alive or Hebrew - intro
Hebrew Firsts - First medical treatise, poem written by a woman, BDS manual, native speaker


Our Dark Ages - intro
Israeli Bingo - the people who made history
The Writing on the Wall -  The Jewish tradition of leaving names in holy places
A Historical Sampling -  Jewish presence beyond the Green Line
Ancient Palestinian coins - the Palestinians are still looking for their history
The Legend of Summer Snow - had it ever snowed in Israel in the summer?
The Earthquake that Wasn't - earthquakes that hit the coast
Temple Mount Activism Throughout the Centuries

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