Sunday, December 30, 2012

Run Zoabi, Run

In a very unsurprising move, the Supreme Court overruled the Central Elections Commission and determined that MK Hanin Zoabi of the Balad party can run in the upcoming elections.

Despite the Elections Commission being clearly right in saying she breached the requirements regarding who is not allowed to run, and the Supreme Court being clearly wrong in having overruled them, I probably have to support Zoabi’s right to run.

Zoabi, as you should recall, was an involved passenger on the Mavi Marmara blockade run attempt in 2010.

On the Mavi Marmara, a group of passengers, connected to the Turkish IHH (designated as a terror organization by Israel), attacked IDF naval troops, including with at least one gun, during their attempt to break the blockade of Hamas terror-controlled Gaza and provide aid to Israel’s enemy.

Zoabi set off a political storm in Israel with her participation on that particular boat.

So you must be asking yourself, why am I supporting her right to run in the Knesset, despite her association with known terrorists and attempting to aid the enemy?

After all, in Israel’s Elections Law it clearly states the following are the basis for individuals and parties not being allowed to run:
1. The rejection of Israel's right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state.  
2. Incitement of racism.  
3. Support of the armed struggle of enemy states or terrorist organizations against the state of Israel.  
4. A reasonable basis to conclude that the party will be used for illegal activities.

Zoabi seems to clearly be in violation of at least #1 and #3.

And the Balad party’s stated goal is the "struggle to transform the state of Israel into a democracy for all its citizens, irrespective of national or ethnic identity," is clearly in violation of #1.

And its not like there isn’t history here.

You might recall the famous case of MK Azmi Bishara, not coincidentally, also from the Balad party.

Bishara ran away before he could be arrested for actively aiding Hezbollah during the Second Lebanon War. And then the Knesset banned the Balad party, but once again the Supreme Court overruled them and let Balad run.

I have two reasons for this admittedly strange position.

The first is that it’s a badly written law.

It’s vague and it potentially chills free speech.

Parts of the law above are incredibly vague (such as #2), and there’s far too much wiggle room that allows it to be spuriously applied to any political enemy, such as the recent attempts to use it against Ben-Ari and Naftali Bennett, in an attempt to block them from running.

It’s a law crying out for selective abuse, just as it was selectively abused in the past against another rightwing party who was becoming very popular, and yet it was never used against any leftwing anti-Jewish parties (such as Shinui) or anti-Settler parties (such as Meretz), no matter how racist they might be considered, nor despite their attempts to remove the Jewish component from Israel’s definition as a Jewish and democratic state.

In short, the law is poorly written, it is selectively applied, and until the law is fixed, it’s problematic to have it applied to anyone, since it can be used against any political enemy.

The second and perhaps more important reason is that the Knesset dropped the ball.

IHH is designated a terrorist organization.

Zoabi was on the boat with a terrorist organization to break the Israeli government’s lawful blockade on a terrorist entity.


Why didn’t the Knesset do its equivalent of impeaching her?
Why did the government fail in its charges against her participation in the Mavi Marmara?
Simply because she claimed she was acting independent from the IHH!
For heaven's sake, why isn’t Zoabi sitting in jail?

But that’s only part of it.

The government dropped the ball, in another place. And perhaps not where you think.

The government also dropped the ball, because it still hasn’t fought the Supreme Court, and their self-assumed right to overrule any Knesset ruling they don’t like.

Until the Knesset decides to take a clear position that the Supreme Court is overstepping its bounds and taking on powers it doesn’t have, then the Knesset deserves every slap in the face it gets from the Supreme Court.

One of the most serious of problems that Israel faces is the unclear delineation and definition of powers, and that is specifically the Knesset’s job to define in law.

But they haven’t.

So instead, we have ridiculous situations like this, where we have a party and an individual who is in clear violation of the law, but because the Supreme Court doesn’t like that particular application of the law, it ignores it.

And we have a Knesset that is afraid or unable to stand up for its rights and say "We represent the democratic will of the people, and you, the Supreme Court, have overstepped your bounds of your mandate."

Just like the Knesset was afraid to go all the way and impeach Zoabi, and just like Bishara actually continued to receive money from the Knesset for quite a while after his escape. The Knesset is afraid to properly deal with issues.

Other examples of this failure are the Women at the Wall, and the Reform Movement, and the rights of Jews to buy and own properties in Hebron.

And that leaves outside interested parties the ability to appeal to the Supreme Court and override the will of the people.

So I say, yes, if the Knesset isn’t willing to properly deal with Zoabi and put her in jail where I think she belongs, and it isn’t willing to deal with a runaway Supreme Court, then it gets what it deserves, and it deserves to have Zoabi as a member.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Photo: Visualizing the Beit Hamikdash

Coming soon...

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Just Say No To Nittel Nacht

Back in Yeshiva elementary school I was introduced to the holiday of Nittel Nacht, which happened to coincidentally always fall on the eve of December 25th.

There was excitement in the class, a night that it is assur (forbidden) to learn Torah!

"What do we do instead?" a fellow classmate asked.

And we nearly all fell off our chairs when the answer from the Rabbi was, "Stay home and play cards," which was, of course, amazing, since we were taught, playing cards wasn't even allowed on Shabbat.

What a great holiday.

And the Rabbi explained to us why.

The night of Nittel Nacht is one of great impurity, where evil and dangerous spirits run around outside, so we aren't allowed to go outside, so they couldn't harm us.

And since we must be inside with nothing to do, we should normally be learning Torah. But since we don't want those evil spirits to get the Zechut (merit) for our Torah learning, since we can't go outside because of them, we do meaningless things instead.

But I always wondered about one contradiction.

Since we were also taught that the world continues to exist, only because there is always at least one person learning Torah at any time, if we're telling everyone not to learn at the same time, wouldn't the world be destroyed?

There are additonal customs associated with Nittel Nacht, such as eating garlic to ward off the demons (particularly you know whose), praying Aleinu out loud (since that is the prayer against idolatry), and not going to sleep all night. You can read about more Nittel Nacht customs on Hirhurim.

But now, lets step back a bit from the edge.

The custom obviously began in Jewish communities that lived among Christians.

On Christmas Eve (on whichever date they celebrated it on in that community), the Christians would get plastered (with spirits) and wander the streets beating up Jews and organizing pogroms, and killing more Jews.

So as a result, Jews learned that on Christmas, don't let the drunk goyim see you, and then they won't kill you. So Jews didn't go outside to the Beis Midrash or the Shul.

As to not learning, obviously people started coming up with additional explanations as to why we don't learn, though I think the most likely is that if the Christians saw a light on in your house (so you could read your book), they were likely to remember you were there and then try to burn the house down with you in it.  And the same thing for not going to sleep. How would you see the drunk Christians were approaching to burn down your house, if you weren't awake to see them coming, and run?

So, the voodoo explanations aside, historically there was very good reason for Jews to not go outside on Nittel Nacht.

In fact, I would say that today (for people in America and Modi'in), the visual and audio spiritual impurity issues are far more relevant reasons why one should not go outside on Nittel Nacht, as opposed to the more traditional dangers of Christian violence and pogroms.

But, my original question regarding Torah learning has never been answered to my satisfaction. Because if I was planning to be learning Torah anyway, there is no way the evil forces should see any merit from my actions, and if there isn't at least one person learning Torah, what would support the world?

So, tonight on Nittel Nacht, I won't be going outside, even though I'm in Eretz Yisrael and we don't really have that problem here, but I will be learning Torah, because why should we allow evil forces to cause Bittul Torah (a cancellation of Torah), and perhaps, with everyone else not learning Torah, perhaps I could get to be the one who supports the entire world!.

So I say, just say no to Nittel Nacht, or at least the part without Torah learning.

Update: The following has been added by Jameel, stolen from EP:

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Joke of the Day

Admittedly, the way they presented all the data in this Ha'aretz article is a joke, but their opening line, wins hands down:

 "Two-thirds of centrist voters - defined as Labor Party and Yesh Atid supporters..."
'Nuff said.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Restoring Deterrence

With one act, a young girl (woman for those that find that word offensive) managed to restore just a little bit of the deterrence that has been chipped away from us over these past few years.

I almost thought that the videos of our IDF soldiers running away(!) from Arab stone throwers was the nail in the coffin, but then the IDF released a statement that they did the right thing by running away, which just about pushed that coffin over the cliff.

That statement came after the strong denial the other week from the IDF, denying any role in the killing of the terrorists that attacked, injured, and nearly killed Israeli security personnel.

It seems that the IDF doesn't know what it's mission is anymore. Not since Gush Katif - its "most successful large scale operation ever".

The IDF is embarrassed to fight to win, the politicians are afraid to give them orders to fight. And the soldiers don't want to fight, because they don't want to go to jail or be punished.

After last night's heroic act, I was sure the IDF was going to release a clarification that the girl (woman) was a border policeman, and not to be confused with an IDF soldier.

They certainly aren't doing a great job defending her against the critics that are threatening her.

The IDF needs an overhaul, and I know someone who deserves to be involved in the retraining.

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

These Candles: The prayer that went viral

In honor of the Palestinians recently getting UN recognition, I dedicate my article to ancient Palestinian traditions.  :)

On Hanukkah, while lighting candles, we declare we're lighting the candles for Hanukkah, and that we're not allowed to benefit from their light.

This declaration, in Hebrew known as "Ha-Nerot Hallalu" (These Candles) appears in the  "Tractate of the Scribes" (Masechet Sofrim).  In this early Halachik work, written in Israel around the 8th century (the Gaonic Era), we have a description of the ceremony of lighting Hanukkah candles, as it was done in ancient Israel.

On the first day, the person lighting the candles blesses upon lighting them.  He then states the following  declaration (translation based on the Rabbi Birnbaum's siddur):
We light these candles on account of the triumphs and miracles and wonders which You performed for our fathers through Your holy priests.  Throughout these eight days of Hanukkah, these candles are sacred, and we are not permitted to make any use of them, but we should observe them in order to praise Your great name for Your wonders and Your miracles and Your triumphs.
The person lighting then adds two additional blessings: Shehecheyanu and the blessing over the Hanukkah miracle (Al Ha-Nissim).  The  participants repeat the last two blessings.

On the other days of the holiday, the person lighting the candles blesses upon lighting the candles and makes the aforementioned Declaration. The participants say  the blessing for the Hanukkah miracle.

This Israeli custom was generally forgotten and was not mentioned by any other Halachic books in  the centuries following .
That is, until the 13th century,  when the Israeli tradition was revived thanks to the custom of a German Rabbi.  Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg, also known as the Maharam of Rothenburg, loved the Israeli traditions.  He adopted the custom to say the "These Candles" declaration, based on the language of Masechet Sofrim.

His students reported this custom, and the prayer went viral.  The custom to say "Ha-Nerot Hallalu" was adopted all across the Jewish world by both Ashekanzi and Sephardi communities.

The Maharam of Rothenburg didn't just love Israel from afar.  In 1286 he led dozens of Jewish families towards Israel.  However, he didn't make it.  He was caught in Italy and accused of leading a mass escape from Germany, a crime at the time, as the Jews were by then property of the king.  He was imprisoned and died in a dingy pit, sacrificing his life for the right of return to Palestine!

An edict confiscating the property of the "escaping" Jews, documents that they came from various towns in Germany: Mainz, Worms, Speyer, Oppenheim and Wetterau.

I had often wondered, if Jews love Israel so much, why didn't they just get up and come here.  The Mahram's Aliyah attempt showed that Jews did.   They weren't always successful, many times they perished on the way or soon after they got here, but they continued trying.  Over and over again.

We now have the privilege of retuning to our homeland. We can now adhere to the original Israeli custom of lighting the candle by the door of our homes or the gate of our yard, without fear.  When we recite "Ha-Nerot Hallalu", we should remember its origin in that obscure period of Palestinian history, and the great leader who died in a dark pit but spread the light of hope and salvation around the Jewish world.

See here for an archive of articles about our history in Israel.  

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Football/FIFA is a Metaphor for the UN.

Football (soccer) enthusiasts around the world are familiar with the FIFA football federation (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), and their Mission Statement is: 
" improve the game of football constantly and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programmes"
So why is FIFA trying to rebuild (again) the destroyed Football stadium in Gaza?

It was most recently destroyed (again) by the IDF 2 weeks ago, after Hamas used the stadium to shoot Fajr-5 rockets at Greater Tel-Aviv and at Jerusalem.


YNET reports
(copying an AFP report):
FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke has pledged that soccer's world governing body will help rebuild the Palestine Stadium in Gaza City, after it was partially destroyed in Israeli air strikes.

"We see it our mandate to rebuild football infrastructure which has been destroyed," Valcke was quoted as saying on "We will also rebuild the stadium in Gaza, which has been destroyed.

"Soccer brings people together and we will support any re-construction necessary when football infrastructure is destroyed through disasters," added Valcke, who is in Brazil for the draw of the Confederations Cup.

Israeli fighter jets opened fire on the venue in the Gaza Strip earlier this month, severely damaging an indoor hall and a neighbouring building as well as leaving four large holes on the pitch.

Reports have estimated that the cost of the damage at the 10,000-seat stadium could run into millions of dollars.

The venue is one of three international stadiums used by the Palestine national soccer team, with a second the West Bank and a third in annexed east Jerusalem.
Football/Soccer only brings people together when stadiums aren't being used to launch rocket attacks against neighbors.

FIFA says above that the stadium was destroyed by a "disaster" which is why they are rebuilding it. The "disaster" is Hamas, and till Hamas is no longer active in Gaza, the FIFA stadiums will continue to be used to launch rocket attacks against Israel, and the IDF will be forced to destroy the stadium again.

The United Nations today is poised to accept "Palestine" as an observer-status country -- Palestinians use their infrastructure and donations to fund terror against Israel and infuse their children with hate.

The naivete of FIFA in rebuilding Gaza's football stadium is the same foolishness of the United Nations in upgrading "Palestine" to an observer country.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Compare and Contrast -- The Songs Israeli and Palestinian Kids Sing

See how Israeli kids cope with rockets being shot at them around the clock...and the songs they sing.

Here are the songs and poems the Hamas and Palestinian Authority teach their children to sing...


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Israel's MSM vs. The Likud

Last night when the results of the Likud internal elections were finalized the mainstream media started their field day:

Fascist....Radical...Ultra-nationalist....these words were used over and over again by Channels 1, 2, and 10 TV.  Channel 10 repeated as a mantra last night that the new Likud list is fascist and illegitimate.

Labor's Yachimovich says Likud now 'radical rightist party' (yet Peace Now crony Yariv Oppenheimer running in the Labor primary is the epitome of moderation?)

Despite what the media and left would have you believe, the Likud list is not full of blood-sucking zombies and vampires.

This morning, a Maagar Mochot poll for Nana and Channel 10 TV shows that despite the best efforts of the media, Israelis are happy with their options.

The center-right wing is strengthened to 70 seats, while the center-left drops to 50 seats.

Likud / Yisrael Beitenu joint list: 37

Shas: 14
Bayit Yehudi: 9
Yahadut HaTorah 6
Amsalem 4

Labor: 20
Tzippi Livni: 9
Yair Lapid's party continues to crash and burn, hitting 5
Meretz: 3
Kadima: 2
Arab parties: 11

Israel: Don't be brainwashed by the media.  We don't need more left wing parties disguised as "center" such as Livni and Mofaz.  The Likud has a responsible and energetic list of MKs who will continue to help lead Israel through the challenging times ahead.  Irresponsible fiscal policy from Labor would be the worst thing for Israel, which under the Likud government has managed to maintain a steady course as world markets experience serious turbulence over the past 4 years. 

Congratulations to the Likud -- you have an excellent list, and we need to all work together for a better future for Israel.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Likud Primary Final Results

11:14 PM Final Results of Likud Primaries:

1. Benjamin Netanyahu
2. Gidon Saar
3. Gilad Erdan
4. Silvan Shalom
5. Yisrael Katz
6. Danny Danon
7. Ruby Rivlin
8. Moshe "Bogey" Yaalon
9. Zev Elkin
10. Yariv Levin
11. Yuli Edelstein
12. Chaim Katz
13. Tzippi Hotovelli
14. Miri Regev
15. Moshe Feiglin
16. Yuval Steinitz
17. Tzachi HaNegbi
18. Limor Livnat
19. Ophir Akunis
20. Gila Gamliel
21. Carmel Shama 
22. Benny Begin

11:07 PM Preliminary results in order of number of votes (not final)

1 Gidon Sar
2 Gilad Erdan
3 Silvan Shalom
4 Danny Danon
5 Ruby Rivlin
6 Moshe Yaalon
7 Zev Elkin
8 Yariv Levin
9 Yuli Edelstein
10 Yisrael Katz
11 Tzippi Hotovelli
12 Miri Regev
13 Moshe Feiglin
14 Yuval Steinitz
 15 Tzachi HaNegbi
16 Limor Livnat
17 Ophir Akunis
18 Gila Gamliel
19 Carmel Shama 
20 Benny Begin

Off the list, Dan Meridor and Avi Dichter....

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Israeli History: The Earthquake That Wasn't

This past week's Olam Katan Parsha page featured a commentary article by Rabbi Avraham Wasserman about the TAMA 38, Israel's plan to limit damage from future earthquakes.

In this article Rabbi Wasserman wrote (my translation):
".. the construction [based on TAMA 38] is focused in the Gush Dan region, a place where there were no fatal earthquakes in recorded history.  In 1837 an earthquake destroyed Safed and Tiberias and caused hundreds of fatalities..."

Most earthquakes in Israel originate in the Dead See Rift (ie, the Jordan Valley).  The valley and nearby mountain regions are most at-risk for earthquakes and so places like Tiberias, Safed and Jerusalem have suffered many devastating earthquakes.  Beit She'an practically disappeared from history after it was hit by an earthquake in the 8th century.  But it's of course incorrect to say that other places in the country haven't been affected as well.

The reason Gush Dan hasn't been affected much is because until Tel Aviv was built, it's been relatively empty.  In fact, for most of the past millenium the entire population of Israel was less than half a million (and possibly even a quarter of a million).     

However, we do know that the big city in the area - Ramla - was hit by earthquakes several times.    The big one, in 1068, destroyed the city and left tens of thousands dead.  It never regained its status as regional capital.  The city was again destroyed by the earthquake of 1546, suffering casualties once again.  It took years for the city to recover.

It all depends on where along the rift the earthquake centers, and how forceful it is.

On a related note, the Gush Dan region faces another threat - earthquakes elsewhere in the Mediterranean or along the Mediterranean coast can cause tsunamis.  There have been several such recorded incidents.

Today about half the country's population - more than 3 million people - lives in the Gush Dan area.  We should learn from history: A big enough earthquake could be disastrous.

See here for an archive of articles about our history in Israel

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Monday in Israel

7:21 PM Gaza launches rocket at Israel - Red Alert Sirens in Ashkelon and Eshkol region. Rocket lands in injuries or damage to Israel (except for its waning deterrence) 
5:04 PM Amit Segal / Channel 2 News says that if his sources are correct, the results of the Likud primaries will be devastating to current Likud MKs, specifically Ministers.  My guesstimates are as follows:

Not making the cut:

Limor Livnat, Leah Ness, Gilad Erdan, Benny Begin, Dan Meridor, Gila Gamliel, Yuval Steinetz

Making the cut:

Zeev Elkin, Tzippi Hotovelli, Danny Danon, Gidon Saar, Moshe Yaalon, Ruby Rivlin, Moshe Feiglin.

11:59 AM Likud Primary elections continue today....for those of you who are Likud members and didnt vote yet -- this video is for you. "Elkin Style" 

11:07 AM In a  self-announced "dramatic" announcement at a press conference, Defense Minister Ehud Barak is leaving Israeli politics -- and will not run in the upcoming elections.   He will remain as Defense Minister till after the elections and a new government is sworn in.

Breaking News:  10:20 AM Breaking News...Defense Minister Barak has called for a "dramatic" press conference at 11:00 AM Israel time (40 minutes away) and sent pager messages to all political and military correspondents. Barak has cancelled all his IDF related meetings today...

What could this dramatic incident be? Options can include:

1. Resigning as Defense Minister
2. Joining another party to run for the upcoming elections (though both Labor and Livni deny any connection to it).
3. Something big from a security perspective...

10:00 AM Likud primaries continue today due to severe computer issues yesterday.  What an embarrassment -- The High-Tech "Start-Up" Nation can't even get its act together for a simple voting application?  I'm ashamed.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday...Likud's Internal Elections...

Hi All -

If you thought I would be able to continue the frantic pace of blogging/facebooking/twittering after 8 days straight, you are mistaken :-)

I will continue to update on a daily - semi daily basis....on life in Israel...however, today is a very important day -- the Likud internal "primaries" election.

You get to choose 12 people and then a 13th regional candidate.

The Muqata's endorsements are as follows: (in no particular order)

-Zeev Elkin
-Tzippi Hotovelli
-Yariv Levin
-Danny Danon
-Yuli Edelstein
-Moshe Feiglin
-Keti Shitrit
-Dr. Gabi Avital
The above are all proven defenders of the State of Israel and have pushed for a proud, Zionist agenda.

As you can count, the above is only 8 people.  The following list are options to chose for the following 4...who in my opinion have shown rather good judgement though aren't on the list above.  This list is a mix from "Matot Arim" and personal observations.

Gidon Saar
Ophir Okunis
Gilad Erdan
Yisrael Katz
Ayoub Kara
Emmanuel Navon
Moshe "Bogey" Yaalon
Reuven Ruby Rivlin
Leah Ness
Ophir Okunis
Daniel Tauber

For your 13rth vote -- the  regional candidates -- the following list is from Matot Arim, and I agree with it.

Jerusalem – Moshe Ifargan, 
Galilee – Davidi Harmelin,
Negev – Itzik (Yizhak) Danino;
Mishor haChof - Zadok Cohen,
Moatzot - David Grosberg,
Gush Dan - Yosi Fuchs,
Tel-Aviv - Lior Ben-Ezra.
YESHA, - Yehuda Glick

More updates later....Go out and VOTE!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday, Open Thread 23-Nov-2012

Good Morning World from the Hills of the Shomron...this will be the open thread for Friday, the 23rd of Novemeber, 2012.

11:50 AM (Friday) report that the IDF killed 2 Gazans and wounded a dozen more near the Gazan border

12;32 AM Channel 10 reports this evening:

59% of Israelis are against the cease fire and wanted the IDF operation to continue
33% of Israelis are in favor of the cease fire with Gaza.

Who won? Israelis think...

34% Hamas won
28% Israel won
26% Both sides won equally.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Open Thread Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving to all our U.S. readers. Just realized that all of today's updates were being put in yesterday's thread. Sorry about that...Join us at the top of the blog for Friday's updates.

11:55 PM Help fight the Media War --- expose on Fake Gaza Photos (video is 2.5 minutes long)

11:43 PM The night the IDF's Gaza operation started, 3 Israeli Arabs attacked R' Yechiel Danino (age 56) the Rosh Yeshiva of "Ohr Yosef" in the city of Akko.  The pulled his beard, yelled and laughed at him, and stole his kippa and hat.   (reported in many places and on YNET)

However....tonight, the Imam (religious Islamic leader) of Akko and many of the respected Muslim families in Akko went to the Ohr Yosef yeshiva and apologized profusely to the Rosh Yeshiva and presented him with a huge flower arrangement. 

Nice to see when people do the right thing. Kudos.

11:30 PM And now the news you've been waiting for. Cleared for publication -- the person who smuggled the bomb through a checkpoint which exploded on a Tel Aviv bus yesterday was..........

YNET Reports:

The terrorist was apprehended in a joint operation conducted by the Shin Bet, Israel Police and the IDF. Twenty-nine people were injured in the attack.

The Shin Bet said Thursday that the terrorist, an Israeli citizen who previously lived in the West Bank and was allowed to settle in Tayibe under the family reunification law, was recruited by a terror cell from the village of Beit Liqya, near Ramallah.

The terror cell members used a car belonging to the suspect's employer to transport the explosive device into Tel Aviv. The employer, an east Jerusalem resident, had no knowledge of the plan.

According to the Shin Bet, the suspect placed the bomb on the bus and then called the terror cell's commander in Beit Liqya, who then activated it via mobile phone. More arrests are expected.

7:52 PM  The Success behind the Iron Dome...a brilliant high-tech team, and rocket parts that come from Toys-R-Us.  

There is a long, fascinating article in Hebrew about the "Secret to Iron Dome's Success" -- I will translate just a few paragraphs for you which I found fascinating:
"At the beginning of our journey [to create the Iron Dome], it simple almost impossible.  We believed we would succeed, but the challenge was unprecedented.  In retrospect, its clear that the [time and financial] limitations imposed on the project which seemed insurmountable are what led to extremely creative and successful ideas.  The simplicity is not only in design, but in the manufacturing process.  The manufacturers have told us this is the simplest rocket that have ever produced.

As scientists, its true we dream of sitting in offices with unlimited time and budgets to create perfect products.  Yet the reality and limitations forced us to "break our heads."  There are rocket components that are FORTY TIMES CHEAPER than those we normally wound purchase.  I can even give you a scoop -- this is the only rocket in the world which includes parts from toys from "Toys R Us".

One day, I brought my son's toy car to work.  We passed it from one to another and saw that it has components that would be useful for us. More than that, I cannot tell you... (Source).

4:54 PM PM Knesset TV Channel - Post-Cease Fire Announcement Elections Polls:

Likud, 33
Labor, 24
Bayit Yehudi, 13
Yesh Atid 11
Shas, 10
Yahadut HaTorah, 6
Meretz, 6
Otzma LYisrael, 4
Am Shalem, 3
Balad, 3

Atzmaut (Ehud Barak), and Kadima (Shaul Mofaz) don't pass the minimum level of votes to get any seats.

Likud has dropped since before the Gaza operation, when they were between 40-43 seats.

4:37 PM Baruch Dayan HaEmet -- IDF Lieutenant Boris Yarmolnik, 28, who was seriously wounded yesterday by a Hamas mortar attack in the Eshkol Region, died of his wounds a little while ago in Saroka Hospital in Beer Sheva. Hashem Yikom Damo.
4:21 PM Galei Zahal (IDF Radio) - Hamas says that the current rain storms in Israel are "proof" that they won the war, since these are "Victory Rains".

3:51 PM NY Times Quotes the Muqata!
"From the opposite end of the Israeli spectrum, the bloggers at The Muqata were critical of Mr. Netanyahu, observingon Facebook: “Only in Israel will you find a prime minister that Talks like Churchill but acts like Chamberlain.” They also drew attention to the findings of a poll by Israel’s Channel 2, which found clear opposition to a cease-fire." NYT

hat-tip: JH 

Over 20 rockets fired at Israel since the cease fire went into affect, and life is not yet back to normal in the south, check back regularly throughout the day for updates.

10:13 AM That was quick. Rocket(s) - Ashkelon Beach. Does Israel now get to report the ceasefire violation to Egypt?

9:33 AM Over 60 Palestinians rounded up in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) as IDF tries to quash growing Initifada, as dozens of serious attacks against Israelis have occurred over the past week.

9:30 AM Ma'an News agency reports that Arab on Arab violence continues as 1 Gazan was killed and 3 more injured due to celebratory gunfire.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 8 of the Gaza War 21-Nov-2012

Day 7 of the Gaza War 21-Nov-2012

Refresh your browser often to see latest updates from the IDF "Pillar of Defense" operation against Gaza's Palestinian terror.Now you can receive all the updates and more by giving a LIKE to the Muqata and subscribing on Facebook

Hear every single air raid during the war -- at IDF Public Radio, Gal-Galatz 91.8 FM in Israel or here on the web: 

See the top of the blog -- for Thursday's Open thread updates.

1:39 AM (Thursday) Prime Minister Netanyahu's Cease Fire speech

12:12 AM (Thursday) As rockets continue to fall on Israel, the official IDF blog announces the end of Operation Pillars of Defense.

11:18 PM 20 rockets against Israel since cease fire began
11:08 PM 11 year old child hurt in first round of Gazan cease fire missiles
11:01 PM Hamas and Islamic Jihad declare the cease fire to be an Israeli failure.
10:58 PM Nachal Oz, Alumim, Sdot Hanegev, Shaar Hanegev
10:45 PM Iron Dome shoots down post-Cease Fire Rocket
10:36 PM Gan Yavneh, Be’er Tuvia, Gaderot, Chevel Yavneh, Gan Yavneh, Ashdod (post cease fire)
10:05 PM: Dozens of residents of Ashkelon protesting ceasefire
9:59 PM : Red Alert siren in Ashdod, Kiryat Malachi, Be’er Tuvia, Chevel Yavneh, Hof Ashkelon, Yoav
9:58 PM: Red Alert siren in Be’er Tuvia
9:40 PM: Red Alert in Hof Ashkelon and Shaar HaNegev
9:27 PM: Red alerts in Eshkol Region, Chevel Shalom
9:19 PM: Red Alert siren in Sderot
9:18 PM: Red Alert siren in Shaar HaNegev

9:00 PM This picture says it all.  "Cease Fire Starts....Air Raid Sirens in Beer Sheva"

8:59 PM With one minute to go till the ceasefire...see on facebook in Hebrew: Only in Israel will you find a Prime Minister that Talks like Churchill but acts like Chamberlain.

8:59 PM Air Raid Sirens in Beer Sheva....

8:53 PM Eshkol Region Mayor says he will not open schools tomorrow despite "cease fire".

8:47 PM Channel 2 TV Poll about cease fire:

70% against
24% in favor
6% undecided

8:45 PM Air Raid Sirens in Lachish, Ashdod, Ashkelon and Gan Yavneh, Kiryat Melachi.

8:33 PM Ynet reports that a rocket was shot at Israel from Sinai and landed near a community near the border of Israel/Sinai.

8:31 PM Air Raid Sirens in Eshkol region.

8:27 PM Lachish and Ashkelon - Air Raid Sirens.

8:26 PM Drive-by shooting attack at Bus in Gush Etzion near Migdal Oz - no injuries

8:19 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ashdod, Netivot, Beer Sheva.

8:12 PM President Barack Obama spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and commended him for agreeing to the Egyptian ceasefire proposal, the White House said.

8:08 PM No injuries in mortar attack on Metullah.

8:06 PM IDF Homefront command orders everyone in Eshkol region into bomb shelters immediately till further notice.

8:06 PM Mortar shell fired at Israel from Lebanon lands in Metullah.

8:03 PM In the previous rocket attack on Beer Sheva minutes ago, a rocket scored a direct hit on a house in Beer Sheva. No Injuries.

8:01 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ashkelon

7:53 PM Air Raid Siren in Tifrach area.

7:52 PM Air Raid Siren in Beer Sheva!

7:43 PM There will be a joint press conference at 8:30 PM by PM Netanyahu, DM Barak and FM Leiberman.

7:28 PM US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- Cease Fire announcement starting now in Cairo.

7:00 PM I'm going grocery shopping people...and will not be updating the blog for at least 2.5 hours.  Should resume by 10 PM at the latest...unless something big happens.  Remember -- if there IS going to be a cease fire, the coming hour is the most dangerous.

6:59 PM Five Israeli vehicles damaged by Palestinian rock throwers on Highway 55 near Azzun. No injuries.

6:57 PM Channel 1's Amnon Abramovitz: Tonight at 8 PM, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce the cease fire.

6:12 PM Reports from moments ago that a terrorist was captured in the Modiin area.

6:09 PM Ongoing hunt for terrorists in the Modiin area. Traffic jams throughout Central Israel as police roadblocks are set up everywhere.

5:44 PM From the Elder of Ziyon Blog - How did baby Omar Mishrawi die?

5:38 PM Air Raid Sirens in Shaar HaNegev area.

5:27 PM Roni Daniel - Channel 1 TV Military Correspondent: The Hamas is desperate for a cease fire. Now is the time to hit them harder!

5:08 PM US Embassy to personnel: STAY AT HOME!  I think they have gone a bit overboard.

Security Message for U.S. Citizens
United States Embassy Tel Aviv
November 21, 2012 @ 14:40

Due to the ongoing police hunt for a suspect in the bombing of a Tel Aviv bus, the Embassy has advised its personnel to remain at home until the INP (Israeli National Police) gives an all clear.  American citizens should monitor local news reports for the latest information. (US Embassy Website)

5:05 PM Reports of 3 wounded in rocket attack in the community area near air raid siren sounded prior to the rocket strike.

4:51 PM 5 Minutes ago a rocket landed in the Eshkol region. No damage or injuries reported.

4:50 PM IDF using heavy artillery against targets in Beit Lahiyeh and Nusrayat in the Northern Gaza strip.

4:37 PM Over the past hour, the IDF destroyed another 2 long range rocket launchers in Gaza (Nir Dvori, Channel 2 TV)4:37 PM Over the past hour, the IDF destroyed another 2 long range rocket launchers in Gaza (Nir Dvori, Channel 2 TV)

4:08 PM Israel says to the world: The attack in Tel Aviv this morning will complicate a cease fire.

4:04 PM IDF continues artillery shelling of Gaza according to Palestinian reports.  Israelis in areas adjacent to the Gaza strip are also hearing the explosions coming from Gaza....

3:24 PM Air Raid sirens in Ashkelon

3:14 PM Air Raid Siren in Eshkol region

3:00 PM Arutz Sheva reports of s slight improvement for the woman seriously wounded yesterday in Gush Etzion on the Hussan bypass road near Beitar Illit.

2:55 PM Jubilation in Gaza over the attack in Tel-Aviv today. Music and Koran blaring from mosques and residents are firing in the air in joy.

2:12 PM IDF: Our forces just attacked 3 Hamas terrorists as they tried to launch rockets towards the State of Israel.  This attack is part of the over 100 targeted attacks by the IDF since this morning.

1:58 PM Regarding the earlier update about the 9 Cabinet Ministers meeting -- the meeting will be at 2;30 PM at the Kiriya in Tel Aviv, and was planned before the attack today in Tel Aviv.  Therefore, the original intention was probably to discuss the cease fire...though now it will center more on the Tel Aviv attack.

1:53 PM Rock throwing attack on Modiin - Jerusalem highway 443 near Beit Horon.  Major traffic jam...

1:51 PM Air Raid Sirens in Eshkol region

1:50 PM Air Raid Sirens in Beer Sheva / Negev region

1:46 PM Hamas reports that the Fatah (Abu Mazen/Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian President) faction was responsible for today's attack in Tel Aviv (Channel 2 TV)

1:40 PM Over the past hour, Air Raid sirens continue to be heard in Southern Israel.

1:27 PM The Israel Senior Government Cabinet (9 Ministers) are meeting now.  It is unclear if the purpose of the meeting is to give the green light for a ground incursion, or to accept/negotiate the cease fire.

1:22 PM Trying to make some order in the news.

- In the attack on a bus at 12:02 PM today, 21 people were wounded. 2 are in moderate to serious condition, and the rest are in light condition.

- A suspect was apprehended near the TASE buidling in Ramat Gan. [update: no connection to today's terror attack]

- Police suspect a female terrorist is still at large. [update: 2 suspects are in custody.]

- Reports of additional explosions around Tel Aviv, no no reports of injuries. [updated: no additional explosions took place]

1:06 PM Extremely conflicting reports going on now.  Breaking News: Israeli police are closing the Azrielli Towers.  Reports that a female terrorist has been apprehended.  It will take some time for the picture to become clearer...Reports on Channel Bet Radio of an additional explosion in Tel  Aviv which has not been confirmed.

12:25 PM Initial reports: Terrorist left the bomb on the bus and then left. 

12:18 PM Channel 22 reports 10 lightly wounded on the scene. Reports of additional wounded have already made their way to local hospitals.

12:16 PM All forces moving away from the area, putting on bullet proof vests and helmets due to a serious threat of a secondary explosive device on the bus.

12:14 PM Apparently the bus was empty, or had very few passengers on it.  Only a small number of wounded being treated.


12:12 PM Concerns of a secondary device in the area of Tel Aviv -- Emergency Medics taking cover, helping wounded quickly evacuate the area.

12:02 PM Report of Bus Explosion in Tel Aviv, King Shaul Street. Mass Casualty Incident Declared by Magen David Adom.

12:32 AM OK people - time for me to go to sleep. Blogging will resume in the morning....see you then.  Wishing a quiet night to Israel, and a prayer for our soldiers.

12:29 AM IDF reports of 25 successful airstrikes on quality targets in the past 30 minutes.

12:05 AM Roundup from Day 7: 181 rockets fired at Israel

12:04 AM Updates coming momentarily....setting up today's blog post.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 7 of the Gaza War 20-Nov-2012

Day 7 of the Gaza War 20-Nov-2012

Refresh your browser often to see latest updates from the IDF "Pillar of Defense" operation against Gaza's Palestinian terror.Now you can receive all the updates and more by giving a LIKE to the Muqata and subscribing on Facebook

Hear every single air raid during the war -- at IDF Public Radio, Gal-Galatz 91.8 FM in Israel or here on the web: 

12:02 AM Residents of Beit Shemesh and Tel Aviv report hearing loud explosions a few minutes ago.  No rocket intercepts or Air Raid sirens reported.

11:48 PM IDF Airstrikes on Gaza - Ashdod residents clearly hearsthe massive attack now.

11:27 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ofakim and surrounding areas.

11:18 PM YNET reports from people on the web that Hamas interrupted Channel 2 and 10 Israeli satellite broadcasts this evening and replaced the signal with Hamas propaganda films. YNET

YNET also notes that these transmissions interruptions only occurred on personal home dishes.

11:06 PM IDF artillery and IAF airstrikes pounding the South Gaza strip.

10:53 PM Demonstrations throughout the South of Israel -- Ashdod, Sederot, Ashkelon, Kiryat Melachi -- YES TO GROUND INCURSION - STOP THE ROCKETS - BRING QUIET TO THE SOUTH.

10:29 PM Ehud Yaari (channel 2) TV: Israel has bombed Rafiah (South Gaza) and it is going up in flames. The damage to Rafiach's gas terminal is in the tens of millions of dollars -- this has shocked the Hamas to its core.

Yaari says that the Palestinian Parliament building which was built for 10 millions dollars has been totally bombed and destroyed less than an hour ago -- a strong and humiliating blow for Hamas.

10:02 PM Furious residents of Ashdod demonstrating against possible cease fire. Residents call on government to start ground incursion and destroy the Hamas.

9:55 PM Israelis demonstrate outside minister avi dichter's home: Destroy the Hamas. Let the IDF go into Gaza and permanently stop the rockets!!!

9:20 PM 20 terror sites in Gaza hit in the last hour. Reports that Abu Ahmir Darmush killed. (Army of Islam, who kidnapped and held BBC reporter Alan Johnston in 2007)

9:05 PM At this point 56,000 reserve soldiers have been called up to military duty.

8:25 PM A female driver was shot near the Husan bypass near Beitar Ilit in a drive-by shooting. Medical forces are treating her on site, but she is in serious condition. UPDATE: Injuries caused by rock attack, not shooting.

8:00 PM Permitted for release: Reserve soldier killed by mortar fire in Eshkol region.

7:51 PM Netivot and S'de Negev now under rocket fire.

7:45PM A total of 8 rockets were fired at Be'er Sheva. 3 were shot down by the Iron Dome system.

7:33 PM  Four rockets fall in Be'er Sheva. Sirens in Be'er Tuvia, Ashkelon, Kiryat Melachi. One rocket falls in built up area, no injuries.

7:32 PM Senior Israeli sources deny that there is any agreement on a cease fire.
7:09 PM Photo of building hit by Gazan Fajr5 rocket in Rishon LeZion.

7:05 PM Warnings that the next few hours might see additional rocket attacks towards Central Israel and/or Jerusalem as sides discuss cease fire...

6:05 PM Sirens in Rishon, Gan Raveh, Palnachim. Reports of one wounded seriously in earlier rocket attack on Ashkelon. UPDATE: woman lightly injured from attack on building in Rishon.

5:11 PM Channel 10 TV reports: There will be a press conference at 7 PM Israel time, -- with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Egypt

5:08 PM Air Raid sirens in Eshkol region.

5:08 PM Gazans say they shot 5 rockets at IDF Navy Warship.  The rockets missed. No injuries, no damage.

4:57 PM IDF attacks Gaza terrorists -- Palestinianss report 1 dead, 16 wounded.

4:55 PM Despite promises from the Hamas that everything will "be ok", Gazans swarm out of Northern Gaza, fleeing to Central Gaza in accordance with IDF flyer's request.

4:48 PM Islamic Jihad says the cease fire will start in 3 hours.  (Channel 2 TV)

4:19 PM PyschOps?  Al-Jazeera and Channel 10 TV reporting that IDF is dropping fliers into Gaza, warning of the upcoming IDF ground incursion....

4:13 PM Palestinians rioting in village near Gush Etzion where Hamas rocket landed.  Reports of an IDF soldier lightly wounded.

4:11 PM Gaza: Reports that 6 people killed in targeted IDF strike - on 2 cars.

4:09 PM Direct hit on a Makolet (small grocery a Bodega in Washington Heights) in Ashdod, 3-4 people lightly wounded.

3:56 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ashdod, Ashkelon and Sederot...

3:51 PM Israel Radio reports that there was another shooting incident from Syria at an IDF jeep in the Golan Heights, and that the tire of the jeep was damaged. No injuries.  Israel has submitted a complaint to the UN which I'm sure resolve the issue.

3:48 PM Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman had to hang up on the Japanese Foreign Minister because of the rocket attack and Air Raid sirens in Jerusalem.

3:48 PM Air Raid sirens in Sederot.

3:45 PM Hasbara campaign: Would you be willing to live like this for one day?

3:43 PM IDF hits Gazan anti-tank team near Gaza's border with Israel.

3:29 PM 5 people lightly wounded and 10 treated for shock -- rocket landing in a community very close to Gaza.

3:28 PM Rockets - Air Raid Siren in Ashdod

3:27 PM Air Raid Sirens in Lachish area.

3:26 PM Photo of people at the Kotel running for cover during the Air Raid siren at 2:13 PM today.

3:17 PM Reports that the IDF just terminated 3 Hamas terrorists, 2 of them in Zeitun which were involved in the rocket attack on Jerusalem, and 1 in Dahaniyeh. (Both locations in Gaza strip)

3:13 PM Hamas threatens: If there is an IDF ground incursion, we will kidnap soldiers.

3:05 PM Air Raid Sirens in Beer Sheva...and other areas.

3:01 PM The Knesset Foreign Relations and Security Committee unanimously approves call-up of additional 10,000 IDF reserves soldiers -- making a total of 70,000 soldiers called up via emergency Tzav-8 call up orders.

 2:45 PM Reports of massive IDF artillery attack with combined airstrikes on Gaza at this time.

2:43 PM When the Air Raid siren went off, it also went off in Maaleh Adumim (for the benifit of our Maaleh Adumim readers).  The boom was heard throughout Jerusalem...and Modiin, Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh and other places as well.

2:35 PM One person very seriously wounded in Eshkol rocket attack minutes ago, one wounded lightly.  IDF censor preventing release of additional information at this time.

2:32 PM Serious rocket strike in Eshkol region.  Reports of wounded. Medical teams on the scene.

2:30 PM Reports that the Gazan fired rocket at Jerusalem landed in an Arab village -- will not specify location. No injuries reported.

 2:13 PM Sirens in Jerusalem....had to run to a shelter. Didn't hear any booms...updates coming soon.

2:12 PM An Israeli mother shields her child during a Palestinian rocket attack in Ofakim.

2:05 PM Mohammed Deif, the Palestinian commander of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades spoke an hour ago.  His main talking points:

The Israel enemy has comitted a fatal and strategic mistake by killing Ahmed Jabri
The Israeli Ground war will result in a major blow to the families of IDF soldiers.
The enemy will pay dearly for the great, disgusting act commited against Jabri the leader, and the Palestinian people of Gaza.

2:00 PM Beer Sheva Region - rocket barrage on its way. Air Raid Sirens..

1:57 PM IDF strikes a terrorist cell that was launching rockets in Gaza City.

1:48 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ofakim.

1:29 PM Direct hit on a house in Netivot, no injuries (Radio Kol Hai)

1:27 PM Reports that the Knesset Foreign Relations and Security Committee meeting now to discuss authorization for another 10,000 IDF reserve troops to be called up.

1:25 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ofakim / Negev Region

1:08 PM Channel 2 TV: Israel totally rejects idea of removing blockade around Gaza.

1:07 PM Ongoing Palestinian Riot in Hevron; Rocks being thrown at IDF soldiers, burning tires being rolled at IDF soldiers....IDF using crowd control tear gas.

12:54 PM Channel 2 Israel TV reports that the Palestinians in Gaza have rejected Israel's terms for a cease fire.

12:53 PM Air Raid Sirens in Negev Region

12:50 PM Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of being a terrorist state. He also said that Israel is transgressing international law and performing ethnic cleansing in Palestinian territories. (AFP/YNET)

12:44 PM Air Raid Sirens in Sederot.  Hundreds of Palestinians rioting in Hevron, waving Hamas and Fatah flags. Throwing rocks at IDF soldiers.

12:40 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ashkelon

12:39 PM Five Palestinian terrorists killed today in Gaza by IDF (as of 12:30 PM)

12:31 PM Israeli-Druze MK Ayoub Kra: I think we must start the IDF ground incursion to finally bring quiet to the South. We can not capitulate. There is no places for weakness in the Middle East.

12:22 PM IDF attacking in Dir Al-Balach.

12:15 PM More details, the solider is a 40 year old Reserves Tank Officer, wounded by shrapnel to his chest, and was transported by helicopter to Saroka Hospital in Beer Sheva.

12:12 PM IDF Spokesman allows us to publicize: The person wounded this morning in the Eshkol region is an IDF soldier, listed by the IDF as being in "moderate" condition.

12:08 PM Air Raid Sirens in Sederot and Shaar HaNegev Region

11:56 AM Air Raid Sirens in Kiryat Melachi....

11:48 AM Israeli Government Ministers taking turns with soundbites: Yaalon; Quiet will be met with quiet.  Shteinitz; We have exacted a stiff price from Hamas and they will think twice before shooting at us again.

Sounds like the cease fire is almost here...(till the next rocket fired at Israel.)

11:42 AM From the JPost: The Iron Dome system intercepted a total of 18 rockets fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip Tuesday morning, police said.

11:40 AM IDF Radio reporting the US Embassy attack was "criminal" not "nationalistic"

11:27 AM Reports that the attacker of the US Embassy may be an Israeli.  Insane.

11:23 AM US Embassy Attack Update: After the Arab attacker lunged at an embassy guard with an axe, the attacker was shot in the leg by security guards.  Why they didn't kill him is a mystery.

11:20 AM Reports that the person injured in rocket attack in Eshkol region this morning -- is in serious condition.

11:19 AM Update on attack near US Embassy in Tel Aviv: Arab attacked guard at US Embassy with an axe.  The guard was lightly wounded in the leg.   The attacker was arrested...Details later when they are available.

11:15 AM INCORRECT reports in news media of a shooting attack near the US Embassy in Tel-Aviv.  There was NO shooting attack.

11:13 AM Air Raid Sirens in Eshol Region

10:41 AM IDF firing at terror cells in Nusayrat, Eastern Gaza strip.

10:33 AM Minister of Homeland Defense, MK Avi Dichter says the chances of a cease fire vs. escalation/ground incursions are equal.

10:32 AM Ashkelon and Ashdod - Air Raid Sirens...

10:28 AM Reports that 2 rockets landed in Beer Sheva in the previous attack. MDA forces responding. No known injuries as of this time.

10:22 AM Reports of a rocket landing in Beer Sheva....IDF and MDA forces responding.

10:20 AM Channel 2 TV reports that the IDF successfully executed a targeted killing in Gaza.  No reports yet as to the identity of the terrorist.

10:18 AM 5 Explosions heard in Beer Sheva region; 2 rockets intercepted by Iron Dome

10:15 AM Air Raid Sirens in Ofakim and BeerSheva

10:08 AM IDF Radio changes the wounded person's status to moderate.

10:06 AM An Israeli has been seriously hurt from a rocket shrapnel in the Eshkol region, and is being evacuated by helicopter to hospital. (Channel 2)

6:00 AM - 10:00 AM Dozens and dozens of rockets are fired at Southern Israel.  Many of them intercepted by Iron Dome.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 6 of the Gaza War 19-Nov-2012

Refresh your browser often to see latest updates from the IDF "Pillar of Defense" operation against Gaza's Palestinian terror.Now you can LIKE the Muqata on

Hear every single air raid during the war -- at IDF Public Radio, Gal-Galatz 91.8 FM in Israel or here on the web: 
plays current Israeli music, and every single rocket launch and location is announced.

9:12 PM IDF soldier kills Arab in Southern Mt. Hebron area.
An Arab near Halhul attacked a soldier,in a kidnapping attempt. The soldier shot the terrorist. Simultaneous to the attack, Palestinian websites reported that an IDF soldier was kidnapped. It appears the site jumped the gun. All traffic in the are was stopped as soldiers searched to make sure no soldier was missing.

7:50 PM Prime Minister Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Liberman and Defense Minister Barak discussing terms of the cease-fire with Hamas at 9 PM tonight.
The main points are: 
1) a 15 year Hudna
2) Hamas will not smuggle or import any weapons
3) Hamas will not attack Israel, or Israeli soldiers along the border
4) Israel reserves the right to attack Gaza if there is an imminent threat
5) President Morsi will be personally responsible, and sign as 3rd party guarantor.

 6:57 PM Prime Minister Netanyahu today to Hasbara activists:  We are in 4 different fronts, Homefront, Military, Diplomatic and Hasbara.  Your work in disputing the lie industry is a significant addition to the State of Israel.  There will be many great efforts needed in the coming days.

6:45 PM Reports of another successful targeted killing -- 2-3 senior terrorists killed in Al-Buriej, Gaza, from the Popular Resistance terror group.

6:27 PM Air Raid sirens in Ashkelon

6:01 PM Arab rioters in Hevron throwing rocks at Beit Hadassah. Earlier today, IDF troops shot dead an Arab rioter who threw a firebomb at IDF troops.

5:55 PM Islamic Jihad Spox: Our retaliation against Israel [for killing 4 of our senior commanders] will be difficult, swift and painful. Ouch.

 Sorry for the font issues....working on it.

6:05 PM Reports of light weapon fire over Israeli forces from Syria.

6:00 PM  Sirens going off in Ashkelon, Iron Dome knock down rockets over the city.

5:40 PM Lebanese forces defuse 2 GRAD missiles aimed at Israel from its territory. 

5:37 PM IDF Spokesman releasing names of Islamic Jihad terrorist leaders targeted in strike on communications building in Gaza. Keep in mind that the building is the HQ of the foreign press in Gaza.

1. Baha Abu al-Ata, commndr. of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Gaza City Brigade, involved in planning attacks against Israel, arms manufacturing, long-range rockets
2. Tissir Mahmoud Mahmed Jabari, senior PIJ operative, responsible for training within org & approving terrorist attacks against Israel
3. Halil Batini, PIJ senior operative, a key figure in org's long-range rocket launching operations, responsible for internal security
4. Ramaz Harab, responsible for propaganda in PIJ Gaza City Brigade, aide to Tissir Jabari, former head of Sheikh Rajuan Division

4:46 PM Air raid siren sounding in Netivot.

4:42 PM Reports of SA-7 Grail Surface-to-Air missile at unmanned drone east of Gaza.

7 rockets fall in Eshkol region. No injuries.

4:30 PM
More air raid sirens in Sha'ar HaNegev. IDF destroys Hamas communications building in Gaza UPDATE: Palestinian sources reporting that Ramaz Harab,  one of the commanders of Islamic Jihad's military wing killed in attack. Well done!

4:04 PM
Egyptian sources: Armed group blowing up IEDs on Sinai border.

3:18 PM Eshkol - Rocket volley

2:48 PM
 Palestinian violence near Rachel's Tomb (Kever Rachel). Palestinians fighting with police. 

Bonus Video: After foreign activists and protesters block the main road, one driver decides not to let their "non-violent" violence get in his or her way. 

2:03 PM
 Iron Dome intercepts rockets at Be'er Sheva

1:56 PM
 Beer Sheva, Negev. DON'T GO OUTSIDE! Large barrage on its way!

12:50 PM
 Sderot, Sha'ar HaNegev

11:51 AM 
Sderot, Shaar Hanegev

11:29 AM
 Be'er Sheva

11:16 AM Bnei Shimon

11:13 AM Gan Yavne, Gederot, Ashkelon Beach, Kiryat Melachi

11:02 AM Eshkol

10:49 AM Biurim and Patish

10:48 AM Ofakim

10:43 AM Grad hits Ashkelom School. School was empty, thank God.

10:34 AM Be'er Tuvia

10:33 AM  IDFSPOX:
A 40% decline in rocket launches from Gaza into Israel.
Israel destroyed 40 tunnels between Rafiach and Sinai.
In the past 12 hours, IDF has hit 6 rocket teams.
Israel will continue to issue warnings by breaking into the Gazan radio channels warning them away from areas to be attacked and away from Hamas and Islamic Jihad soldiers so they won't be injured.

 10:17 AM 60,000 reserve orders sent out so far.

10:09 AM Siren: Kissufim

10:07 AM Siren: Eshkol

9:58 AM Sha'ar HaNegev

9:29 AM Eshkol

7:21 AM   Overnight actions:

IDF attacked 80 terror sites, 1,350 since the beginning of the operation.
Underground rocket launching sites that shot at Kiryat Melachi were destroyed.
Building belonging to senior terror officials were targeted that were used as command centers, or as weapon storage facilities.
A number of rocket crews were killed.

6:56 AM No school today within a 40 KM radius from Gaza.

Loud explosions were heard in Ashdod at 6:43 AM, but not clear from what.

6:54 AM Good morning Israel. Muqata reporting will begin soon.

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