Monday, July 31, 2006

6 Av July 31

2:00 PM Quasi-cease fire in effect. Israel stopping general air raids over Lebanon, acting only in support of ground troops. Rockets fall in Kiryat Shmoneh. 3 soldiers injured when vehicle overturns in S. Lebanon. French Foriegn Minister - "Iran a stablizing force in the region". 2 suspects caught in Haifa, suspected to be their way to perform terrorist attack.

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Posted earlier...but

I posted a link to this site earlier, but it was in a list of other links worth looking at. We here, at the Muqata, have made an editorial decision to try and raise it's visability.

So, check this out. Be warned, there are some very graphic, disturbing images. But, they show the depravity of the enemy we are facing, and it's willingness to make use of civilians. Not only using them as shields, but using the accidental death of children as a propaganda tool.

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Not to be missed...

A great run down of the laws of war as regards to the place of civilians. Includes spectacular video of Hizbullah firing Katyusha rockets from Kfar Kana as well as video of launchers being hidden in civilian houses.
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Some excellent posts about Anti-Israel protests around the world.

Thanks to TigerHawk
Tim Blair

Some blog reactions to the Kfar Kana incident:

EU Referendum (warning...VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
Little Green Footballs
Charles Moore in the Daily Telegraph

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5 Av July 31

Early morning roundup

Fighting in Taiybeh leaves 6 soldiers wounded and at least 3 terrorists dead. Doubt begins to form over cause of deaths in Kfar Kana, IDF states that bombing raids occured at Midnight-1 AM, explosion causing civilian casualties around 8 am, possible that secondary explosion of stored arms was the cause. Kasam rocket fired over Negev at around 6 AM, no damage reported. IDF once more calls for non-combatants to move North of Litani. Air Force to reign in activities for next 48 hours. Ground based activities on the rise. In action in Kfar Adaisah soldiers from Nachal and Engineering corps as well as Tank corps captured large cache of armaments, intelligence material as well as IDF uniforms.

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A Weekend in Northern Israel

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Big Question

I have a question. It’s something that has been bothering me for a while. That something just does not compute. Totally lacking logic. Really, I don’t get it.

Liberals, Progressives, Lefties. Yeah, you. The folks who believe in the primacy of human rights, the right to a free press, the right to sexual freedom, reproductive rights, environmental rights, etc. etc. You know who I’m talking about. These are all the things you stand for. Oh yeah, minority rights, freedom of religion (or freedom from religion), am I missing anything? I’m sure you all can come up with a few more.

One would, if using straight logic, think that given a fight between two groups, one who embraces all of these things whole heartedly and one who found every last item on that list an anathema the logical choice would be to side with those one agreed with. Correct me if my thinking is off here.

Yet, it always seems, those enlightened elites, those bastions of liberal right thinking, all seem to support the most backwards primitive crowd in its genocidal war against a left wing liberal democracy. Of course I’m talking about the Arab-Israeli conflict, more specifically the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

On one side you have Israel. Where everything goes, the press is free and so is the love. Women have full rights; heck there’s even been a woman Prime Minister. Homosexuals don’t get stoned in the streets. Young girls aren’t beaten to death because they thought they might go have coffee with the boy down the street. You certainly aren’t strung up if you sell land to a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Buddhist or even a Jew.

On the otherside…well, you have Homosexuals stoned in the streets, young girls killed by their own brothers and fathers for falling in love with the wrong fellow, the death penalty for selling land to a Jew. No respect for the environment goes without saying. Corruption, torture, extortion. These are a way of life. Chance after chance, yields nothing but more.

It can’t be Israel’s human rights record. There isn’t an Arab country in the world with a better record then Israel. The only difference being, if you report something in Israel it makes the front page and people lose their job and go to jail. In the Arab world, you report something and you lose your job and go to jail.

And who do you support?

There’s a saying: Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean people aren’t after me. Should we see anti-Semitism under every rock? No, but you certainly make it hard not to.

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New commenting policy

Unfortunately there has been an outbreak of Neo-Nazi comments on this blog, most of them are hiding behind anonymous logins. No more. To comment on the blog you now need a Blogspot account, which requires some accountability. If you aren't willing to at least have a Blogspot account behind your comments, you're not welcome. Additionally I have no problem deleting those comments which do not add to the discussion at hand. Those include anti-Semetic statements and wild conspiracy theories.
You may consider this censorship, and you'd be wrong. Censorship is when the government stops you from saying things. This is a private blog, we aren't your soapbox for spewing nonsense. Start your own blog if you feel the need to be heard.

If you have reasoned arguments, feel free to voice them without the invective which shows that you aren't interested in a discussion.

Thank you for your support.

If you have a problem...feel free to email me at litvshe-at-yahoo-dot-com.
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Upcoming Post from Jameel

Hi All -

Shavua Tov - A good week to you all. I hope to post this evening (Sunday) about my
experiences this past Friday and Shabbat in Northern Israel.

I'm fine...but it was an experience that needs to be blogged and shared.


PS: To all the commenters who insist on name calling Jews and Israelis, your comments WILL be deleted, so don't bother anymore.

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4 Av - July 30th

5:49 PM 3 Katyushas hit Acco. No report of wounded. 4 Kasams in Ofakim, one woman hurt. 4 in Kiryat Bialik.

5:35 PM Where's the outrage! 3 Katyushas fell in Kfar Kana yesterday. Oh...yeah...that Kefar Kana is in Israel, near Nazareth.

5:30 PM 4 Kasam rockets fall on Mivtachim, no injuries, damage to storage area. More then 100 rockets fall in North so far today.

5:23 PM IDF states they have proof areas hit in Kfar Kana were being used by Hizbullah terrorists. Rumors surface that main explosions were from Katyusha stored in buildings.

5:22 PM Counter the propaganda - Australian Herald Sun publishes pictures smuggled out of Lebanon of Hizbullah emplacements in civilian population centers.

4:18 PM Magen David Adom reports 57 treated to day for injuries related to rocket attacks.

3:32 PM The terrorist cell responsible for the murder of of Dr. Yakobi from Yakir has been captured.

2:52 PM One seriously wounded when Katyusha hits house in Kiryat Shmoneh. Update: The wounded individual is a writer for the HaAretz newspaper.

2:32 PM Katyusha in Chatzor, one lightly wounded.

1:45 PM 3 wounded in rocket attack in Kiryat Shmoneh.

1:13 PM One moderately wounded when Kasam falls in factory in Sderot.

12:50 PM Interior Security Minister Yuval Diskin confident Gilad Shalit is alive and well in Gaza

11:43 AM 85 rockets so far today.

11:17 AM Rockets reported to have fallen in Ma'alot

11:15 AM Terrorist caught in Shchem area with explosive belt, warning level lowered.

11:07 AM 47 Rockets have fallen so far in the North, 10 lightly wounded. Air Force attack in Kfar Kana in Lebanon leaves upto 65 dead. Army spokesman state that area was used as launch site for rockets and ample warning was given for civilians to leave the area, therefore the blame rests upon Hizbullah for using them as human sheilds and the Lebanese Government for not preventing it.

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News from the Front

Just got off the phone with Jameel. He's back home safely, had a somewhat harrowing Shabbos, but I'm sure he will fill everyone one in with the details including pictures.
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This may be wishful thinking...

A very interesting take on the situation by Frank. Would be nice, I'm personally not as optimistic.
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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Shavua Tov - 5 Av August 29th

9:40 PM Condi claims there will be cease fire by Wednesday. I'd like to know with who? Yisael Beteinu head, Lieberman says any deal that leaves Hizbullah armed is a defeat for Israel.

9:07 PM News round up: More then 90 rockets fall over Shabbos in the North. Dan Chalutz, Army Cheif briefly hostpitalized. More then 60 targets struck in Lebanon. 26 terrorists killed in Bint Jabaeil during fighting Friday night, Israel pulls out of town. Rocket fired on Afula not Zilzal, rather Chiiver-1? (or maybe Fajr-5). In foriegn news, attack on Seattle Jewish Center leaves 1 dead, 6 wounded.

9:05 PM Shavua Tov

Gratuitious Trackback link

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Smelling the coffee

Not that I'm generally big on polls, public opinion is notoriously fickle, but I thought this was interesting.
Most telling is the overwhelmingly numbers that believe that the disengagement from Lebanon and Gaza led to the recent Hezzbolah attack. 64 % agree and 31% disagree that disengagement led to the attack.

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4 Av - July 28th Day 16

5:45 PM 1 seriously wounded, 9 lightly in rocket barrage over Tzfat. Rocket that hit Afula Iranian ZilZal 1 (IDF reports that launcher destroyed in counter strike). Hizbullah commander in charge of weapons smuggling killed by rocket attack on car he was travelling in, along with other terrorists.

5:20 PM 2 rockets hit hospital in Nahariya, massive damage. New type of rockets seen, fall near Afula.

5:06 PM Several Kasam rockets fell earlier in the day around S'derot. Actions in Saj'ayah seems to have finished. More the 25 armed terrorists killed, multiple armament storage and production sites hit.

4:47 PM Sorry for the lack of posting, been a busy day. 60+ rockets have fallen so far today, Tzfat, Chatzor, Carmiel, Kiryat Shmoneh, Yesod HaMaaleh, Nahariya, Shlomi, Upper Nazereth, Acco. Multiple wounded, doesn't seem to be any serious. Jameel reports from Tzfat of a Katyusha hit next to the Magen David Adom station in the city. Broken windows, fire in the area, ambulances covered in dirt thrown up by the blast.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Quick Update from Jameel

Hey People -

Just wanted to wish a very quick "hi" to you all, and publically thank Litvshe and General Arafat for the amazing work they've been doing on keeping the blog going.

Litvshe wrote: "Over the weekend he will be going up North to volunteer his mad paramedic skillz to those in need. His whereabouts are a closely guarded military secret. The bidding will begin at $50."

Well...I think he meant MDA (Magen David Adom) EMT and ambulance driving skills -- I'm not a paramedic...or even a mad paramedic...

Milluim was exhausting, but I took some pictures I hope to post next week. I'll bring up my camera as well for the weekend -- maybe I'll have what to take pictures of on Friday. Hopefully it will be a boring weekend, but the way things look now, I'm not so sure.

Gotta run now.

Bye Everyone - catch you Sunday afternoon, B'ezrat Hashem.

Shabbat Shalom,


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3 Av - July 27th Evening

9:45 PM Anti-Tank rounds fired at soldiers active in Gaza district.

9:15 PM Round up of last 3 hours: Multiple rocket attacks in North. Kiryat Shmoneh 10, Haifa 2, more in Wester Galilee. Serveral people lightly wounded. Two border policemen wounded, one seriously when Palestinian terrorist opens fire on them in Jabal Mukhaber neighborhood of Jerusalem, terrorist killed. 3 divisions of reservists to be called up to help with the fighting in the North.
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Jameel update

Just got off the phone with Jameel. He's back on his rapid response team training. Over the weekend he will be going up North to volunteer his mad paramedic skillz to those in need. His whereabouts are a closely guarded military secret. The bidding will begin at $50.


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2 Av - July 27 The next day

Good morning. Here's hoping today will bring better news then yesterday.

5:50 PM Total of 84 rockets

5:40 PM 16 people treated for shock in Carmiel.

5:37 PM Ismail Haniya, the Palestinian PM has called for a cease fire. They will stop Kasam attacks and hand over Gilad Shalit, if Israel stops all actions in Gaza and frees Hamas captives including cabinet ministers.

5:15 PM More rockets over Tiverya, total of 75 rockets so far today.

5:02 Israel warns Palestinians by phone to get out before houses are attacked...with direct phone calls and SMS, PA trying to stop this.

4:36 PM Total of 16 Katyushas in Western Galilee

4:30 PM 4 lighty wounded in Majdel Karom and Carmiel

4:29 PM Cabinet has decided to call up more reserve units.

4:26 PM Sorry for the lack of posting, busy day. One wounded in rocket barrage in Western Galilee. Rockets fall in Carmiel. Katyushas in Naharia, 3 buildings destroyed. Property damage in Kiryat Shmoneh.

2:49 PM 2 Katyushas hit Nahariya, 1 in Rosh HaNikra. RPG shot at troops in Gaza.

1:53 PM More fighting reported in the Saj'iyah section of Gaza. At least to groups of terrorists killed, one carrying anti-tank weapons.

1:50 PM Sirens in the North. Haifa, Kiryot, Acco.

1:09 PM Palestinian sources reporting 15 wounded in Gaza City from Israeli fire.

1:05 PM Massive bombing runs in Southern Lebanon by IAF

1:00 2 Katyushas fall near Ma'alot, no injuries reported

12:19 PM Last night Hizbullah representative in the Lebanese Parliment spoke on their TV statation (Al-Manur) asking for a cease fire in Southern Lebanon. -+Litvshe comments+- In other words, their running out of ammo and need time to rearm.

11:56 AM Army still advancing in mission to take over Bint Jabaeil.

11:53 AM 24 Katyushas have fallen so far in the Galil. 1 wounded lightly.

11:27 AM Pictures of families from the North being hosted by the Jewish community in Chevron.

11:24 AM 3 more soldiers wounded in Bint Jabaeil

11:01 AM Katyushas fallen around Har Chatzor, Tzfat. Sirens in Haifa.

11:00 AM I've spoken with Jameel and he will not be around until next week. He apologizes.

9:52 AM Australia pulling all it's UN related forces out of Southern Lebanon, stating International Peacekeeping Force - Suicide Mission.

9:25 AM Overnight update II: Israeli actions in Lebanon and Gaza. 3 trucks carrying armaments on the Damascus-Beirut highway attacked. 40 buildings and command centers used as cover for Hizbullah terrorists as well as armament storage struck by air raids. 3 rocket launchers taken out. Additional roads and bridges used to transport rockets and ammunition also struck. 23 Palestinians killed in fighting in Gaza.

9:15 AM Overnight update: 9 Israeli soldiers killed in fighting yesterday. 8 in Bint Jabaeil, Corporal Ohad Kleisner, 20, of Bet Horon, Lt. Alex Shwartzman, 24, of Acre (Akko), Corporal Shimon Edga, 21, of Kiryat Gat, Sgt. Shimon Dahan, 20, of Ashdod, Corporal Asaf Namar, 27, of Kiryat Yam, Major Royie Klein, 31, of the Samarian community of Eli, Lt. Amichai Merchavia, 24, of Eli and Sgt. Edan Cohen, 21, of Jaffa. Lt. Yiftah Shrier, 21, of Haifa was killed in a seperate fight in Maroun A Ra'as. May there memories be a blessing and may Hashem exact his revenge on the spilling of their blood.
Katusha rockets have fallen in Tzfat, Ma'alot and Shlomi in the last hour, as well as Kasamim in Sderot and the Western Negev. No reports of injuries.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Breaking news 10:45 PM July 26

This just in...
10:45 PM
Reports of a new terror threat in the Shomron. Rapid Response teams have been mobilized in many settlements. Jameel will not be getting any sleep tonight. Bone-Crusher is riding shotgun, keeping the Muqata safe.
God speed, Jameel.

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July 26 - Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av

May we all merit to see the Beis HaMikdash rebuilt speedily in our days.
Note: I've removed reports about soldiers being killed. The reports are unconfirmed and due to requests from the IDF the sites where I've gotten my information have removed some of the posts. I will only post confirmed stories on the matter.

6:36 PM I will be take a break for a couple hours, the Shav Shmaitsa awaits.

6:35 PM Another ground battle has started in Southern Lebanon

5:55 PM Official report from IDF: Wounded - 3 serious, 4 moderate, 15 lightly.

5:34 PM 3 Kasamim North Western Negev region.

5:27 PM 2 more Katyushas fall on Kiryat Shmonah.

5:25 PM Heavy damage to electrical grid in North.

5:08 PM 55 people treated by Magen David Adom due to rocket attacks.

5:00 PM Jameel's training exercises have been cancelled because of terror warnings, no more training, their in action because of terror warnigns in the area.

4:58 PM Arutz 10 reporting 28 wounded. 22 arrived at Rambam in Haifa, 2 in serious condition.

4:55 PM All wounded have been evacuated from Bint Jabaeil.

4:48 PM Foreign news sources are (Reuters, AP) are quoting Al-Jazeera and other Arab news services are reporting 9-12 soldiers killed. Hizbullah fighting from inside a Mosque.

4:17 PM Breaking news from Jameel. Extremely high terror alerts in Sharon region. Roads closed across the area. Be careful out there.

4:15 PM 98 Katyushas fired today into N. Israel. 18 wounded, 1 seriously.

4:08 PM 17 treated for smoke inhalation in K. Shmoneh

3:53 PM Rockets in Kiryat Shmoneh, no injuries.

3:24 PM 2 more terrorists killed in Gaza

3:15 PM More then 70 rockets shot into North today.

2:44 PM 3 more kasam rockets shot over Netiv HaAsarah. The news out of Bint Jabaeil sounds bad.

2:20 PM At least 30 confirmed wounded in battle for Bint Jabaeil. 17 brought into Rambam hostpital in Haifa. UPDATE: Channel 10 news reporting of 17 brought in, 3 with medium wounds, currently in operating rooms. 14 wounded lightly.

1:41 PM House hit by katyusha in Chatzor HaGlilit.

1:33 PM Katyusha falls in area of Yesod HaMa'aleh. Possible wounded, Magen David Adom checking the area.

1:27 PM Rocket attack on Kiryat Shmoneh, number of wounded unknown.

1:26 PM Mubarek of Egypt: We won't start up with Israel for Lebanon's sake.

1:25 PM 200 Hizbullah terrorists holed up in Bint Jabaeil.

12:58 PM In action on the Southern front: Land forces in Gaza in Sajiyah have killed upwards of 15 terrorists and wounded an additional 40. Both Armored and Infantry groups are taking part.

12:36 PM IDF estimates 50 Hizbullah terrorists killed in fighting in Bint Jabaeil

12:06 PM One lightly wounded from rocket attack in Tzfat that scored a direct hit on house.

11:52 AM UNCONFIRMED (but from seperate sources) 8-10 soldiers critically wounded.

11:50 Kasam falls in area of Netiv HaAserah

11:45 AM Jameel has been sighted running around in the sun with flak jacked with ceramic inserts. And shooting. He sends regards.

11:39 AM UNCONFIRMED! Heavy fighting around Bit Jbaeil - 25 wounded unable to be evacuated. Possible deaths. Will update when more information is known.

11:38 AM Rockets in Amukah and Gush Chalav. 3 lightly wounded.

10:59 AM 16 wounded in the Kiryot

10:29 AM Katyushas also fall in Carmiel

10:25 AM Rocket hits car in Haifa, at least one injured seriously.

10:22 AM More rockets fired at Ashkelon no injuries or damage reported.

10:20 AM Heavy fighting around Bint Jbeil, at least 10 wounded

10:15 AM Explosions heard around Kiryat Bialik near Haifa.

10:04 AM It's becoming clear that Hizbullah was not expecting such a strong reaction from Israel.
A senior Hezbollah official said Tuesday the guerrilla group did not expect
Israel to react so strongly to its capture of two Israeli soldiers.

Mahmoud Komati, deputy chief of Hezbollah's political arm, also told The Associated Press in an interview that his group will not lay down arms.
"The truth is — let me say this clearly — we didn't even expect (this) response.... that (Israel) would exploit this operation for this big war against us," said Komati.
He said Hezbollah had expected "the usual, limited response" from Israel to the July 12 cross-border raid, in which three Israelis were killed.

09:58 AM Army Radio is reporting that Nasrallah is hiding out in a bunker under the Iranian Embassy. UPDATE: Iranian Foriegn Ministry has denied this.

09:45 AM Some great pictures from the front lines.

09:34 AM Hizbullah counterfitting operation destroyed. Best of the Web reports what looks like uncut sheets of counterfiet $100 bills in the ruins of Sidon financial district.

09:11 AM Confirmation of soldier killed in action in S. Lebanon. 6 injured in katuysha attack on Tzfat.

09:00 AM Kol Yisrael reports 16 Palestinians wounded in fighting in Gaza. Palestinian sources claiming 30 wounded, 7 killed. UPDATE: Confirmed 9 terrorists killed.

08:24 AM Nasrallah threating to attack Central Israel.

08:22 AM 3 Kasams fired over the Negeg

08:21 AM Reports that Monday's helicopter crash was result of friendly fire mishap

07:58 AM Unconfirmed report of one soldier killed and five wounded in fight with Hizbullah.

06:25 AM - Ma'ariv reports Katyushot over Teveriya. No injuries.

04:00 AM - Building of Palestinian Security Aparatus bombed in Gaza

01:34 AM - Shots fired at army emplacement near Beit El

01:02 AM - Air Force has hit two groups of Terrorists operating in Northern Gaza

01:00 AM - U.N. claims IDF bomb killed 4 UNFIL soldiers

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Milluim. Off to the IDF Reserves

Well, it's getting late and I should really get to sleep earlier tonight, since I'll be running around all day tomorrow in the hot sun. The milluim I have scheduled tomorrow is not part of the current war, and was scheduled a few months ago, as part of keeping our CTU in shape.

I'd like to thank my 2 friends who volunteered to help with keeping the news reports going till I get back.

I hope to blog a bit Wednesday evening when I get home, and then on Thursday evening as well. Friday...well, I'll know for sure tomorrow where I'll be on Friday, and I'll post it )and bring my camera).

Let's hope the coming days are quieter for Israel, we get our soldiers back quickly and in good shape, and that our enemies quake in fear from us -- so they won't think of ever trying anything like this again.



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Ongoing situation - July 25

10:48 PM (Jameel is still blogging 2 posts down below)...

10:40 PM Regional Commander of Hizbullah killed along with 5 other terrorists in Maron-A-Ras

10:38 PM Rockets have fallen on Ma'alot Ariel
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Standing in for Jameel

Jameel will be off in a few short hours to do his bit to protect the lives of the rest of us in Israel. He's asked me to help keep the home fires burning here at the Muqata. I'll try not to burn it down and make a valiant attempt to keep up with his hectic pace of live blogging.


Wherever I am, my blog should be discussing minutae of Talmudic logic, rather then paying attention to the news.

News. From Israel. Tuesday, July 25

11:05 Good News from the Front!

On Israel TV, Channel 2 News, Reporter Roni Daniel reported this evening: Over 200 Hizbolla terrorists killed so far, many wounded and in custody of IDF.

Rumors in Lebanon show Hizbolla ordering their terrorists not to fight direct confrontations with the IDF, in light of their massive losses.

And as I reported below...they were not expecting such a forceful retaliation by Israel in response to the kidnapping. (Which also goes to show you that till now, Israel had been doing this ALL WRONG)

11:00 PM Another video...youve got to stand for something.

10:55 PM IDF's Only female warrior in Lebanon

In Russia she served in the Red Army. In Israel, Dr. Marina, the only female soldier in Lebanon, takes care of injured under fire.

One of the doctors who evacuated wounded IDF soldiers from Bint Jbeil on Monday is also the first female soldier to serve in Lebanon: Lt. Dr. Marina of the 52nd armored battalion. Read it all here on YNETNEWS.

10:50 PM IDF apprehends two rock throwing Palestinians by the Northern Efrat intersection on Road 60.

10:44 PM Hizbolla starting to break....("We didn't realizw Israel would react like this...")

10:43 PM Solidarity Trip to Israel Planned:

NYS Assemblyman Is hosting a Solidarity trip to Israel arriving in LOD B'ezrat Hashem Sunday Evening the group will consist of about 20 people including NYC Government officials Community leaders, business people, etc. The plans are to stay the first night in Haifa, touring the next day and stay the night in Tzfat continuing Tuesday touring and staying the night in Teverya. If there is anything you can suggest please E-mail me

Wolf Sender
District Manager
Community Board #12
5910 Thirteenth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
TEL. 718-851-0800

10:36 PM Pollution in Haifa down!

Exclusive information from the Muqata's own Weather Scientist, Faiga.

Pollution is down about 50% since rockets started to hit Haifa -- due to chemical industry disruption and less traffic. The graph shows Nitrogen Oxide concentrations (a pollutant resulting from road traffic and energy production) in Haifa before and during the war.

All rights reserved to Faiga @ the Muqata. (c) 2006

10:12 PM YNET reports that over 104 rockets were fired today at Israel.

10:00 PM Three IDF soldiers wounded in Lebanon -- being airlifted to Rambam hospital in Haifa.

6:12 PM Steg the blogger describes his Shabbat experience at the Muqata.

Going home back soon.

6:07 PM Upcoming Pro-Israel Rally in Germany!

Berlin (28. July 2006 at 17:00).

For more details, click here

Hat-tip: Eric.

6:05 PM Confirmed IAF attacks on Beirut and Lebanon

5:50 PM Barrage of Rockets strike Haifa. MDA responding.

5:45 PM Air Raid Sirens in Haifa...all over the North...Yizrael valley...

5:37 PM Appears a Hizbolla Weapons/Ammunition bunker in Beirut has exploded. Unsure if caused by IAF.

Image courtesy of Rotter.Net

5:23 PM Dreaking News: Massive Explosions Reported in Beirut. More info to come.

4:57 PM: Anne Frank 2006: War Diaries Online. DovBear has the story and video link of Galya Daube, a 15-year-old from Haifa, Israel, who uploaded a jittery, first-person video clip last week, made as she ran through her home, rushed down whitewashed staircases and blurred her way from room to room toward the family’s bomb shelter.

4:52 PM Israel Police stopping traffic all along the Jerusalem/Tel-Aviv highway to allow for a secure cartrip for US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, (thanks isaac for the correction) to get from Jerusalem to the Ben-Gurion airport. Take my advice - use road 443 (Jerusalem -Modiin)

4:49 PM Direct hit of Katyusha in Nahariya on Factory

4:35 PM Direct Katyusha hit on house in Shlomi...MDA responding.

4:32 PM Air Raid Sirens in Shlomi and Nahariya.

4:30 PM Sorry people...laptop problems. Seem to have been resolved. Good news - I have some volunteers to help over the next few days when I'm on milluim.

4:29 PM Name released for publication. 15 year old girl killed by Hizbolla Katyusha: Da'ah Abbas from the Marar village near Tevriya.

3:01 PM The war in pictures - see them all at Baleboosteh's Worth visiting! The Muqata now has it's own Wikipedia entry. Thanks to Stillruleall! :)

2:57 PM Multiple Rocket Strikes in Nahariya...reports of injuries.

2:52 PM Air Raid Sirens in Haifa and surrounding areas. Katyusha strikes in Kiryat Shmuel, Kiryat Yam...smoke rising from edge of Kiryat Motzkin. No reports of injuries (let's hope it stays that way)

2:41 PM 15 year old killed in Hizbolla rocket attack in Marar village near Tevriya.

2:19 PM Olmert still stands behind realignment plan

In Olmert's words -- Israel is "fighting for its right to live." -- and that's why there is now 95% support for war effort on 3 fronts in Israel. However, in a slap in the face to the country which is giving him wall to wall support, Olmert decided it's time to continue pushing his "realignment plan", and for that, I cannot remain silent. Olmert cannot expect the country to shut up, remain unified, and blindly follow every action of the Prime Minister when he starts throwing around his "realignment plan" -- and saying he will evacuate even more settlements in the West Bank. If he doesn't keep quiet, he will seriously damage the important unity that we have now.

Yesterday, he said to Gush Katif people:

"Your difficulties are clear to me and we will solve the problems," Olmert told representatives of the evacuees living in temporary housing in Nitzan.

"We will yet evacuate communities and it is important to me to complete this chapter as soon as possible so that we will be able to continue as a strong and united nation for the challenges that await us."

Olmert also told the Nitzan residents that he was "convinced that we made the right decision to carry out the disengagement plan, and it is better for Israel that you are not living in the Gaza Strip at this time."

"I know that you are angry," he said. "I know that you think that you need to be in Gush Katif. We think differently. The government will invest so that each evacuee feels that the State cares about him and so that your children love the country like your grandfathers did. It is important to me that you know that we are acting out of the same love for Israel that you have."

While uneployment for Gush Katif people is over 50%, teenage suicide rates are up specifically among Gush Katif teenagers -- and these people refused to run away from the Qassam rockets that hit them for 5 years...for Olmert to say that the State cares about them is a smack in the face.

Olmert would be well advised to focus on the war effort instead of trying to push his realignment plan.

2:17 PM Air Raid siren a few minutes ago in rocket impacts reported.

2:02 PM Hizbolla Katyusha rocket lands next to a mosque in Kfar Marar (near Teverya). One wounded seriously, 2 children wounded lightly, 2 in shell shock.

2:00 PM Forgive Me! A Letter From Haifa To Gush Katif (hat-tip: A Simple Jew)

Excerpt from an e-mail that I received from Dror Vanunu of Friends of Gush Katif:

Friends and family members are being injured and killed
Some of us are without a roof on our heads.
I closed my business since the beginning of the battle and I don't know what will happen.
We are wandering between family and good people.
Our family life has been impaired.
I never thought that I, a Haifa resident for 30 years, would be a refugee in my own land.
Every thing sound so familiar from the close past.

During 5 years you coped with bombs – and I didn't care
You buried family and friends - and I was indifferent
You found yourselves without a home, like that and you never had someone that listened to you.
Even when you came to visit me to my house, to explain, to convince, to share your feelings with me – I refused to listen to you.
It has already been a week. I am out of my house, without my regular routine, it is very hard to me – but the empathy, the support, and people identifying with our plight helped me go on.
You , don't even have that.
You – In guest houses, hotels and even in tents- It's not easy to say: "Who cares?!"

People from Gush Katif and the Shomron!
Forgive me!
Forgive us for letting you on your own.
Forgive us for not understanding you.
I am not a religious man, and not a mystic person.
But we cannot ignore the deep relation
Between my attitude towards you
And the price that I am paying now for my understanding.

1:49 PM About 20 minutes ago, another barrage of rockets landed in Tzefat and Kiryat Shmona. No injuries.

1:46 PM IAF destroys the rocket launchers responsible for this morning's attack on Haifa. IAF Black Hawk helicopter lands at Hadassa hospital in Jerusalem with wounded.

1:06 PM Picked up some visitors from the Airport...on to the updates:

This morning over 16 missiles (not katyushas) hit Haifa -- 1 serious, 1 moderate, 21 lightly wounded. 5 Katysushas hit Maalot; 2 wounded. 5 Katyushas hit Nahariya, 7 rockets fall near Meiron. Numerous fires burning around the Galil resulting from Katyusha strikes.

10:01 AM Rockets feel earlier this morning (about 15 minutes ago) in the proximity of Nahariya and Akko. A few minutes ago there were Air Raid sirens in Carmiel. No identified rocket landings in Carmiel.

10:00 AM Good morning...blogging live from Ben Gurion for a few minutes...

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael

Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday in Israel. July 24rth.

12:12 AM A picture, and a goodnight.

I took this picture on Friday morning in Petach Tikva. It says in the middle:

Government of Israel and Security Forces:

Chazak veEmatz (Be Strong and Be Brave)

On the right hand side it says,

"Am Yisrael Chai" -- The Jewish People [continue to] Live.
On the left hand side, "We Will Win"

Sorry updates were a bit sparse this evening - blogger was having a bad night as took an hour just to upload this picture (perhaps Hizbolla has hijacked Blogger?).

The IDF is now investigating the possibility that friendly fire may have taken down the IDF helicopter. Five of the wounded IDF soldiers were from an IAF drone's friendly fire as well.

We need a better day tomorrow.

Good night from Israel.


11:10 PM Some Personal News and thoughts...

A senior level officer, who was interviewed on YNET yesterday, "Magad" Oded Bisyok, was injured today while fighting in South Lebanon, losing his hand. I read the article yesterday, where he said "Nothing will stop us from continuing", and he praised his soldiers, "After the kidnapping, my soldiers immediately ran in after their friends [in their tank, into South Lebanon]...they are heroes."

On my way home this evening, I stopped at a hardware store, where I found a soldier firmly talking on the phone to his wife/girlfriend, "Listen, I'm buying batteries for my flashlight now, I have to be up north in Lebanon in a few hours..." It was very surrealistic.

On Wednesday and Thursday I won't be blogging at all during Israel daylight time, as I have IDF reserve duty. I'm trying to find a replacement to keep things going on the blog.

All around Israel, there are posters and billboards with patriotic messages. I asked my friend Steg to take a picture of one, and here it is...

"Chazak ve'Ematz" -- Be Strong, and Be Brave -- a message to the Israeli people on a bus shelter.

More updates soon.

10:48 PM Blogger is now working better, and Im home, and back from shiur. Updates and pictures coming very soon.

10:45 PM Katyusha lands in Central Galilee, Katyusha lnads in Kibbutz Dovev.

10:34 PM Breaking News: Released for Publication by IDF Censor...

1. IDF officer and Soldier killed in battle this morning in Bint Jebail, South Lebanon and 16 wounded (2 serious, 5 moderate, 9 light). Mostly by friendly-fire.

2. The 2 pilots in the Apache Helicoper that crashed near Tzefat today, died.

5:54 PM Blogger Technical Issues causing infrequent updates.

1. Two seriously Wounded Near Maalot from Katyusha strikes
2. Air Raid Sirens sounding in Meiron, Tzefat, and Chatzor.

5:29 PM Pictures from Pro-Israel rally yesterday in San Francisco. (Hat-tip: Jeff D.)

What's a rally in SF without an anti-Israel rally? (someone should tell these people they have the flag upside-down)

5:38 PM 17 wounded in past hour's rocket attacks up North. 11 are shell-shocked, 2 serious, the rest moderate-light.

4:38 PM Direct hit on home in Nahariya. No reports of wounded. Rockets now falling in Maalot as well.

4:19 PM Rockets land in Nahariya. MDA responding. Air Raid siren in Teverya...

4:13 PM Over 30 rockets land in Kiryat Shmona, Rockets land in Carmiel. No wounded reported in Kiryat Bialik (Haifa area) which was hit by rockets a few minutes ago.

3:55 PM Air Raid Sirens in Carmiel.

3:54 PM Air Raid Sirens throughout the Haifa area. All Northern residents MUST be in bomb shelters, including the Golan Heights.

3:43 PM At least ten rockets fell in Naharia at 3:00 PM. No reported injuries.

3:39 PM MDA reports one lightly wounded in the village of Shlomi (by rocket shrapnel). Additional rocket strikes in Akko.

3:34 PM At least 12 IDF soldiers wounded in South Lebanon fighting since this morning. One soldier notified his parents via a cellphone SMS message that he was wounded. (YNET in hebrew)

Evacuation of wounded soliders -- YNET.

3:30 PM All Northern Residents, including the Golan Heights ordered into secure bomb shelters.

3:14 PM Rockets land in Haifa and surrounding areas. No reports of injuries

2:50 PM Katyusha rockets land in Nahariya and other Northern cities.

2:41 PM Pictures of IDF Soldiers putting on Tefillin before going into South Lebanon through Avivim. (courtesy of Chabad)

2:40 PM Historic Day for the Muqata Blog.

I'm now linked on the BBC arabic website (they grouped me with all the Lebanese bloggers). I guess they didn't read much of the content....

2:30 PM Electrical blackouts in Tzfat and surrounding areas -- result of Helicopter crash.

2:15 PM Reports of Katyusha Rockets landing in area of downed Helicopter.

2:05 PM Reports that two soldiers were seriously wounded in the Apache Helicopter crash near Tzefat. (UPDATED)

1:56 PM Helicopter crash result likely result of hitting high tension power line/technical issue...Not anti aircraft fire or Katyusha rocket.

1:42 PM IDF declares Metulla, "Closed Military Zone" and orders residents to leave in light of intelligence information.

1:38 PM Qassam Rocket lands near strategic location in Ashkelon. No reported injuries.

1:21 PM Reports of crashed IAF helicopter near Tzfat, 2 wounded, (one of them seriously) MDA, IAF Rescue forces at the scene. Unconfirmed reports of overturned IDF tank in South Lebanon near Bint Jbeil.

1:12 PM Unconfirmed Report of IAF helicopter crash in Northern Israel (South Lebanon?)

12:57 PM WarTime Bumper Stickers...(satire of current Israeli ads)

Deliveries...(incoming)...right to your home.

(courtesy of Reuveini-Pridan IPG advertisers).

12:33 PM Unprecedented: Channel 2 Israel TV reports that IDF is ordering recommending residents to leave the Israeli village of Metula. (confirmed on YNET. Community workers going from house to house to update residents)

12:06 PM Dan Halutz, IDF Chief of Staff says that IDF has photographic proof of Hizbolla rockets that can hit Tel Aviv and central Israel.

12:00 PM Rafi G. in JBlogger "face off with a Lebanese blogger, Mustafa.

10:56 AM Air Raid Sirens a few minutes ago in Kiryat rockets reported landing.

10:52 AM After 12 days of fighting, Israel has 37 casualties. 19 soldiers, 18 civilians.

10:30 AM Heavy fighting in Bint Jibeil

Nine soldiers were injured in heavy exchanges of fire that took place Monday morning between IDF ground forces and Hizbullah operatives in the area between the village of Maroun al-Ras and the town of Bint Jebeil in southern Lebanon. (YNET)

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Boker Tov Israel - Sunday July 23

10:30 PM I'm exhausted. Here are a few of the significant news stories breaking now:

1. (Finally) The Israeli government announces that Haifa and the Northern communities are in a "matzav cheirum" (emergency war situation). This allows for much needed financial benefits for workers and companies.

2. Ariel Sharon's medical condition takes a turn for the worse, as reported by the Tel HaShomer medical center this evening. His kidneys are not functioning as well as they should, and their is fluid building up in his body. Family members dismissed the pessimistic reports from the hospital and said there is no change that they are aware of.

3. Olmert Informs the French Foreign Minister: There are over 1 millions Israelis in bomb shelters now.

4. Over 5000 Duman of forest near Kiryat Shmona were burned and destroyed as a result of Katyusha induced fires.

That's it -- Im off to bed.



6:20 PM Air Raid Sirens in Haifa, Krayot and Western Gailil.

Muqata going off line for a few hours now. Be back soon.

6:07 PM Shin Ben Director Yuval Diskin: Expect that Gaza will become just like Lebanon. In today's cabinet meeting, Diskin said that if Israel doesn't significantly change the facts on the ground in Gaza (entirely shutting off Gaza from Egypt, preventing the Hamas from improving their abilities and finding an alternative Palestinian leadership), the Israel will find itself facing a Hamas infrastructure similar to Hizbolla. (Ynet in Hebrew)

6:02 PM Four more rockets land in Sderot -- no injuries, no damage. 10 Qassam rockets have been fired at Southern Israel today from Gaza.

Over 2000 insurance claims have been filed by Northern Israel residents with the government to repair property damage from Katyusha rockets. The majority of the claims are from Tzefat and Haifa. (IDF radio)

5:30 PM Northern Israel under major barrage of rockets.
Rockets landing Haifa, Carmiel and Akko. Direct hit on house in Haifa. gas fire erupts by now under control by Haifa firefighters. Two lightly wounded reported.

4:52 PM Picture from Jerusalem.

I took this picture with my cellphone camera on my way home this past Thursday. It's a huge home-made banner at the exit of Jerusalem that says as follows (translated from the Hebrew)

Thank you for protecting us!
May you come home safely.

4:35 PM IDF radio reports that reservists with background in Military Civil Administration are being drafted in small numbers. This indicates the possibility of the IDF planning to administer South Lebanon for a limited time using a Military Civil Administration.

4:20 PM Qassam rockets land outside of Sderot; no injuries, no damage

4:05 PM IDF radio reports that over 100 rockets fired in the past 2 hours at the North.

3:30 PM One person wounded seriously from rocket strike in Akko. (IDF radio)

3:19 PM Reports of rockets also landing in Carmiel and Akko. Three lightly wounded in Kiryat Shmona.

3:16 PM Reports of direct Katyusha hits on homes in Kiryat Shmona and Akko. Rockets reported landing in Tzefat as well. MDA responding.

3:08 PM Air Raid Sirens continuing in Tzverya, Carmiel, Akko, Afula, Achihud, Chatzor, Machanayim, and Natzrat.

3:05 PM Air Raid sirens in the North. Rockets land in the area of Haifa and the Krayot. MDA responding.

3:02 PM IDF Continuing to shell South Lebanon, Syria warns Israel of war if IDF soldiers approach Syria. (IDF radio)

2:59 PM Newsflash: Binyamina Residents advised by IDF Homefront Command to be in close proximity to secure rooms/locations.

2:49 PM IDF locates and destroys a Hizbolla rocket launcher next to a Mosque in South Lebanon. Finds cache of arms inside. In a Mosque? Next you'll tell me they use ambulances to transport weapons as well...(pictures here don't bother with the movie...nothing interesting)

2:35 PM Israel's firefighters are battling numerous fires in the North, started by Katyusha strikes. Perhaps someone should lodge a complaint with GreenPeace?

2:27 PM Uh Oh...Iran’s Ahmadinejad tells Israel to “pack up’ and leave.

TEHERAN - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called Sunday for Israel to “pack up” and move somewhere outside the Middle East, the state news agency IRNA reported.

“I advise them to pack up and move out of the region before being caught in the fire they have started in Lebanon,” said Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly called for the Jewish state to be relocated elsewhere on the planet. Hattip: Khaleej Times

Wow...relocate to elsewhere on the planet? Impressive. Though I'm not really shaking in my boots.

2:22 PM Neighbor's son who completed 3 years of IDF service and was discharged last Monday, received emergency call up orders on Friday. He's painting his face green and going up to Lebanon today...We wish him a safe and successful mission!

2:21 PM No reports of injuries in previous rocket attacks

1:17 PM Air Raid Sirens in Tzefat, Hatzor Gelilit, and Rosh Pina

1:01 PM Announcement from, is launching a new "Pray for Israel" campaign to get people praying and learning for the ill and injured, by getting people onto it's mailing lists ("Lifeline" for learning links, and "Cholim" for prayers).

Click here for more details:

12:57 PM One katyusha rocket landed earlier on a house in Haifa. The residents were in their bomb shelter and emerged unscathed.

12:23 PM Israel Solidarity Rally in San Francisco

On 7/19/06, Deborah Schultz <> wrote:

Dear Friends -
-- Worried about the situation in Israel?
-- Concerned that you don't have all the facts?
-- Wondering what you can possibly do from here?

The answer is SIMPLE. THIS SUNDAY is your opportunity. Take a few hoursout of your day andJOIN the entire BAY AREA COMMUNITY as we STAND AGAINST TERRORISM and STANDWITH ISRAEL.The time is NOW and your attendance at the event really can sway publicopinion. Please SPREAD THE WORD to all your lists, sites andorganizations!

For Details click here

12:16 PM Pictures of cows who were hurt in Katyusha rocket attacks in the Galil last week. Viewer Discretion is seriously advised. More Pictures here.

12:14 PM Air Raid sirens in Haifa and Akko...No confirmed rocket hits.

12:10 PM FALSE ALARM -- Air Raid Sirens which were head in Binyamina and Zichron Yaakov a few minutes ago were false alarms.

12:05 PM One of the killed was from a direct Katyusha hit on a car in Haifa driving to Nesher. 12 wounded, 1 serious, 1 moderate.

11:17 AM MDA reports that there are 2 dead and 3 in serious condition from the rocket attacks on Haifa and the surrounding areas a few minutes ago.

11:11 AM Reports of 1 dead and several wounded in this morning's rocket attack on Haifa.

10:57 AM Air Raid Sirens head in Haifa and Northern Israel. 12 rocket strikes in Haifa area. Details pending...

8:30 AM This morning, Katuyusha rockets lande in Western Galilee - no injuries, no damage.

8:28 AM As I reported on Friday, when the Commander of Israel's northern region mentioned that "we aren't sure if there's an additional soldier MIA or not..." -- this morning the IDF cleared for publication that a 5th soldier was killed in the Avivim area firefight on Thursday, and his body was just recovered. YNET has the story:

Following a day of uncertainty, the army located the body of a fallen soldier from the Egoz unit who was killed during battles against Hizbullah Thursday in the southern Lebanese village of Marun a-Ras. His name has not yet been released for publication, as he is a ‘lone soldier’ who immigrated to Israel without his family and joined the army on his own initiative. Thus, the number of IDF casualties in the battle has risen to five. Six more soldiers were wounded in the fighting.

8:27 AM Good Morning Blogworld. Quick news roundup before running to work.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael

Quick Saturday Night Roundup

Shavua Tov...A good week to us all.

Unfortunately, Northern Israel had a hell of a shabbat, with over 150 Katuysha rockets landing all over the place. Nahariya got 25 rockets, Kiryat Shmona got 28 rockets...and in total there were 3 wounded seriously and about 30 wounded all together.

In Maalot today, a Magen David Adom ambulance crew delievered a baby, and then, under rocket fire, transported the mother and newborn to the hospital in Nahayira.

Tonight in Tel-Aviv, thousands of Israeli Leftists demonstrated against Israel's response in South Lebanon. Wearing communist Soviet Sickle and Hammer shirts, the demonstrators urged IDF soldiers not to take part in the Lebanon operation, chanting: "Listen up, soldier – it's your duty to refuse." Other slogans recited by the participants were: "The occupation is a disaster, leave Lebanon now," "Olmert and Bush have struck a deal – to carry on with the occupation," and "Children in Beirut and Haifa want to go on living."
(Photo, courtesy of YNET)

May these people have a speedy recovery soon.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) editorializes:
Attention crazy super-rightwing friend from college who always called me a "pinko leftist commie". This is what REAL communists look like.

OK, Jameel here, one last story:

Fatah's "Al Aksa Military Brigades" announce that if Israel expands it's war in Lebanon, they will attack the Ben Gurion airport.

And here are some pictures from Friday of IDF soldiers operating in South Lebanon. Courtesy of

Shavua Tov...See you Sunday.


Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday's News from Israel (July 21)

6:25 PM Heyall, this is Steg (dos iz nit der šteg). I am staying by Jameel at the Muqāŧ‘ä for Shabbos, and just jumped on the computer to pass on Jameel's apologies for the lack of updates. Do to logistical concerns, things have been a bit busy around here. Expect more updates after Shabbat. Shabbat shalom!

3:26 PM Update from Katyusha attacks: Direct hit on Amirim School in Kiryat Yam (Haifa area). Total number of wounded in Haifa area climbs to 19.

3:25 PM Worrying News. General Udi Adam: We still don't know if a soldier is missing in action from yesterday's battle [near Avivim]

3:23 PM IDF calls up 5000 additional reservists via "Tzav 8" emergency call up orders. 15 wounded in Haifa in 4 rocekt strikes. The 2 seriously wounded are now classified as moderately wounded.

1:55 PMKatyusha Rockets strike all over Israel's Northern Region. Located rocket strikes in Haifa, Krayot, Rosh Pina, Akko, Tiverya, Nahariya and Kiryat Shmona. Direct hit on building in Haifa with 6 wounded; two in serious condition.

12:00 PM Taking a break for a to take pictures around Central Israel. Israel is at it's patriotic best.

11:46 AM Remember the chase for the suicide bomber on Wedneday around Kfar Sava and Hod HaSharon (near the mall) which I blogged about? Here's a picture of the would be bomber. Great work by Israel's police, Shabak and IDF for catching this guy before self-exploding, and possibly causing a catastrophic attack.

11:45 AM Reports of many hundreds of IDF soldiers operating in South Lebanon. Hizbolla rocket, aimed at Israel, misses..and hits a UN outpost in South Lebanon.

11:19 AM Gaza evacuees leave tent encampment (from YNET)
After 11 months of living in a tent encampment in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, residents of the evacuated Gaza Strip settlement of Elei Sinai on Thursday evening began disassembling their tents and held a farewell ceremony before moving to yet another temporary housing in Ashkelon.

According to the original plan, Elei Sinai evacuees were meant to settle in Kibbutz Palmahim, but after several months of struggle they were no accepted by the majority in Palmahim, and the Disengagement Authority is now looking into other options for them.

11:03 AM Channel 10- TV reports that hundreds of IDF soldiers are now operating in South Lebanon. Names of 3 IDF soldiers killed last night near Avivim cleared for publication: Major Benjamin Hillman, 27, of Raanana; Staff Sergeant Rafan-el Muskal, 21, of Mazkeret Batya; and Staff Sergeant Nadav Balua, 21, of Carmiel.

10:41 AM As I reported last night before going to sleep, 2 IAF Apache helicopters collided in mid-air, and crashed down near Ramot Naftali near Kiryat Shmona (hat-tip to KP who first alerted me to it as I was about to sign off...)

Just released for publication -- the officer killed in the collision (not 2 killed as previsouly reported) was a pilot. Three other soliders were wounded as a result of the collision -- one of them is in serious condition. They are being treated at the RAMBAM hospital in Haifa. (Read the whole story if you wish on YNET here)

Read here from wikipedia for some info about the Apache Attack Helicoper.

Cost per helicopter is about $56.25 million dollars (per wikipedia). So if we count the 2 of these that crashed last night, and the IAF F16i which crashed after takeoff the other day at a cost of $34 million, we arrive at the total cost of crashed IAF warships at $146.9 MILLION DOLLARS. Think about that when you buy Israel bonds...(maybe buy an extra one for the kids, grandchildren, pets...)

10:36 AM Good morning world. Updates coming shortly...

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael

Find a Rally Near You

[from SerandEz]

You may have noticed the latest sidebar additions - well, now there's another one. The JBlogosphere has a somewhat comprehensive listing of all the rallies around the world - and could use your help filling out the rest. Click on the icon to find the rally nearest you.

If you have attended a rally and have written about it and/or have pictures, please leave a link in the comments section there - thanks!

Though I am living in NYC, not a Muqata like Jameel, my heart always turns towards Eretz Yisrael

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Updates from Israel - Thursday July 20

12:40 AM I'm going to bed - signing off now. Reporting tomorrow (Friday) will be less than usual because it's erev shabbat.

A quiet shabbat to us all.


Reports of 2 soldiers killed in helicopter crash. Unconfirmed reports as well of IDF casulties near Avivim. I'm not staying up now to sustantiate the reports now...they should be on YNETnews soon.

12:22 AM Unconfirmed reports of TWO IAF helicopters colliding in Israel near Ramot Naftali (in Israel, not South Lebanon). Reports say it was a collision of the 2 helicopters and they were NOT shot down as Hizbolla is claiming.

12:09 AM Unconfirmed Reports of IAF helicopter down in South Lebanon. Checking sources...

11:46 PM Rallies for Israel in San Francisco and San Jose


12:00 noon - Sunday, July 23, 2006 Justin Herman Plaza - San Francisco (at the foot of Market street and the Embarcadero) More information:415.957.1551

Also Israel Solidarity Rally in SAN JOSE
Sunday, July 23 at 5:00 pm Tentatively planned for either Plaza de Caesar Chavez or City Hall. You will be notified of the exact location. For more information:(408) 366-9108

11:41 PM Rally for Israel in Toronto, CANADA

Stand With Israel - Join the Rally
Wednesday July 26, 7:30 pm
Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040 Yonge Street

11:34 PM Qassam Rocket lands in Karmiya (Southern Israel)

11:30 PM Israel TV (CH10) reports that the interview with Nasralla was not live on Al-Jazeera, but previously recorded.

11:28 PM Someone sent me a website pointing to a film, “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” Has anyone seen this movie or know anything about it? Worth seeing? Thanks...

11:10 PM Air Raid sirens heard in Carmiel and Tzefat

11:06 PM Nasralla appearing on live TV interview on
Al-Jazeera Television -- and says not one member of the
Hizbolla leadership has been hurt. (corrected)

11:04 PM More pictures of Katyusha rocket damage in Haifa

10:52 PM Sirens heard in the Western Galilee. Four Katyusha rockets land in Rosh Pina. No Injuries. Rumor from Lebanon that Nasralla will make a TV appearance this evening.

10:50 PM Some pictures of Katyusha damage to Haifa (click picture for full screen) More pictures coming soon.

10:18 PM Released for publication by military censor. Some of the terrorists arrested yesterday at the Palestinian Authority Muqata in Shechem, were working for Hizbolla.

9:38 PM Lots to post, but have to run to shiur.

Eilat Hotels at 100% capacity, due to influx of guest from the North. The IDF checkpoint at the Northern entrance to Eilat had a 7 kilometer traffic jam, as thousands of people flock to Eilat. Hotel occupancy in the North is at an all time low.

Intense Firefight continues up North on the border near Avivim. IDF troops kill at least 10 Hizbolla terrorists, while the IDF has some wounded and casulties reported.

Check back around 10:45 PM, Israel time -- as I have lots of pictures to post.

6:10 PM Going off-line back around 8:30 PM, Israel time

6:06 PM Reports of 6 wounded IDF soldiers in ongoing firefight near Avivim.

6:03 PM Rockets landing everywhere up North. Sirens sounding in Chatzor, Tzfat, Avivim, Akko, Carmiel. Heavy fighting near Avivim.

5:49 PM A few minutes ago, Katyusha Rockets fell in the Upper Galilee. No damage or injuries.

5:42 PM Instructions upon Hearing the Air Raid Siren (Homefront Command/Pikud HaOref website -- they should probably contract me to re-write their website)

At the launch of rockets directed against said areas of residence, a siren will sound.

Upon hearing the siren, act according to the following instrcutions:
1. If indoors: immediately enter a secure space or an interior room with as few openings, windows and exterior walls as possible.

2. If outdoors: enter a stairwell of a building or assume a prone position next to the nearest wall or other shelter.

5:40 PM Funeral time announced for fallen IDF soldier Yotam Gilboa -- Friday, 10:45 AM, Kibbutz Maoz Chaim. Yotam was also a volunteer EMT for MDA.

5:36 PM Firefights between IDF and Hizbolla continue to rage on Israel's northern border.

3:24 PM Israeli IDF tank soldiers prepare for mission on Israel's Northern Border. Tefillat HaDerech/Prayer for a safe journey, recited in their tank. The soldier reads off the prayer from a card connected to is dog tag.

Kudos to Oleh Yashan for the video editing.

3:15 PM "Red Dawn" system activated in Ashkelon..incoming Qassam rocket.

3:00 PM In previous firefight today near Moshav Avivim -- 3 Hizbolla terrorists killed by IDF. One person lightly wounded by Qassam strike in Southern Israel. IDF Chief of Staff says war may take a long time.

After warning South Lebanese to move northwards, the IDF dumps leaflets on Gaza warning residents that any home with weapons in it, is liable to get destroyed.

2:45 PM Reported Rocket Strikes in Haifa

1:47 PM For those of you who were upset at the picture I posted a few days ago of Israeli girls signing missiles for launching at Lebanon, Lisa provides the full background story. (It was sort of a set-up)

1:43 PM No missile strikes in Haifa or surrounding areas.

1:32 PM 230 New Olim arrived in Israel this morning from North America through Nefesh B'Nefesh. Welcome Home -- Ken Yirbu!

1:30 PM Air Raid sirens in Hafia and Nahariya -- no reports of Katysuha hits.

1:15 PM Qassam strike in fields of Kibbutz Nir Am (Southern Israel) -- fire breaks out as a result.

1:12 PM Picture from Avivim (in the north!) from yesterday's fire (result of Katyusha strike in the middle of Avivim during heavy firefight between IDF and Hizbolla). Credit -

12:55 PM Geographically Challenged? You read Muqata updates about all these places around Israel and Lebabon, but you have no clue where they really are. Is Avivim North or South...and is Tzomet Amiad in the east or west of the Galil...and where is Maalot? How far is Sderot from Gaza...?

We at the Muqata understand...and will be now introducing a feature...the war in maps. Using GoogleEarth technology, we'll help pinpoint the different locations in Israel (and Lebanon as well) to help acquaint you with the locations in the news.

Our first image map is for a full screen. More to follow....

12:44 PM Qassam Rockets Landing in Sderot.

11:49 AM One of Israel's largest Internet Service Providers, Netvision, is having technical problems with it's DNS. That means...many many news providers, bloggers and websites are experiencing slowdowns and service interruptions. It should be fixed soon...

11:31 AM Fierce fighting around the Northern Border between IDF soldiers and Hizbolla. CNN reports that US Marines have arrived in Lebanon to assist in evacuating American citizens who wish to leave. IDF radio reports that many South Lebanese are leaving their homes and going north in accordance to IDF instructions. Katyushas all over the north...3 IDF soldiers wounded in fighting 1 serious, 2 moderately. Still no word on Nasralla after Israel's bombing of a Hizbolla bunker late last night in Beirut.

11:04 AM Rocket Landed near Tzomet Amiad, no damage, no injuries.

10:48 AM Senior IDF artillery commander tells YNET: We have already shot over 10,000 shells at terrorist targets in South Lebanon over the past week.

10:22 AM Administrative Message: Do you live in Israel, have good hebrew skills (reading and comrehension), and think you're blog savvy? I need a volunteer or two to help run this blog, since it's taking up too much of my time...Drop me an email...Thanks! (

10:21 PM One Minute Video From Aish HaTorah -- correlating the 3 weeks to the current situation. See it here

10:21 AM Rockets feel a few minutes ago in Tverya and Carmiel.

10:06 AM While Natzrat town leaders publically complained yesterday that the air raid sirens are not working in Natzrat -- the reason was explained last night. Since the sirens automatically go off twice a year on Yom HaShoah and Yom Hazikaron, and the town requested for the sirens NOT to go off that day -- to honor their request, they were disconnected from the national IDF Homefront command system. They are being reconnected now...

10:05 AM Earlier this morning, 2 Qassam rockets fired at Sderot; 2 lightly wounded, and 2 Qassam rockets fired at Negev Kibbutzim. Not damage or injuries. Ari Raid sirens heard in Haifa, but no Katyushas landed.

10:03 AM Good Morning - going to be a busy day today with updates more hourly than by the minute.

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