Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday's News from Israel

10:45 PM Since the start of the conflict last Wednesday, over 600 Israeli civilians have been hospitalized from Hizbolla Katyusha and Palestinian Qassam attacks.

10:38 PM Israel warplanes fire on Beirut airport fuel tanks. (YNET)

10:30 PM Fire breaks out resulting from Katyusha attack near Kibbutz Shomra. Firefighters responding.

10:01 PM Kibbutz Shomra -- 15 wounded from Katyusha rocket attacks.

8:09 PM Terrorist infitrates border near Avivim (north) -- killed by IAF.

8:04 PM Rockets fall in Kiryat Tivon, Ramat Yishai, Migdal HaEmek, and Natzrat Elite.

8:00 PM
Qassam Rockets hit Sderot, not reports of injuries.

7:37 PM
Rockets land in Tzfat

7:21 PM Rockets land in Har Meiron

Muqata break for driving home, BLOGGER FAMILY ROCK OF GALILEE FROM THE NORTH! (more on that later)

3:54 PM ST PETERSBURG, Russia –– US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Sunday the United States was deeply concerned about mounting civilian casualties in Lebanon but that an immediate cease-fire would not solve the problem (via

3:53 PM: Katyusha rocket lands in Golan Heights. No injuries reported (Israel Channel 10 news)

2:48 PM: Rumors abound that Israel has identified Nasralla's location and are pounding away with IAF gunships. Israeli commentator Ehud Ya'ari says Israel should announce this cautiously (and force him out of hiding as well if he isn't wounded)

2:13 PM All 4 sailor's bodies have been recovered from missile strike on IDF Navy boat -- status changed from Missing in action to Killed in action.

1:58 PM: British Warships head towards Lebanon, in case of the need to evacuate Lebanon's 10,000 British nationals (SKY)

1:54 PM: Air Raid Sirens go off in Haifa. Everyone ordered immediately to bomb shelters.

1:53 PM: Mofaz: The rockets that landed in Haifa were Syrian made.

1:45 PM: Tel Aviv and central Israel starts preparing for the possibility of incoming missile attacks from the North.

12:55 PM: IAF targets tunnel infrastructure in south Gaza.

12:41 PM: IAF warplanes destory 10 Hizbolla mobile rocket launchers in south Lebanon

11:56 AM: [Editorial Update] News sources and Blogs around the world have started attacking Israel for attempting to defend it's population, calling Israel's response unprovoked, unneccessary, dispropotional and evil. A sample of the sites can be found here (scroll down a bit to read the list in English) Despite many who claimed that everyone would love Israel after the Disengagement and leaving South Lebanon, we are losing the media battle (and "moral" standing) in the eyes of the world. Your help is needed to push a pro-Israel image.

11:44 AM: IAF destroys mobile rocket launchers in South Lebanon

11:39 AM: Additional reports of rockets being fired at Haifa, Nahariya, Akko, and in between Dovev & Baram.

11:17 AM: Four more Katyusha hits on Haifa, Kiryat Motzkin, Bat Galim. No injuries being reported. (Channel 2 Israel)

11:15 AM: IDF Homefront Command informs Central Israel residents to be prepared...

10:55 AM: Rockets hit Zar'it and Shetula.

10:50 AM: Israel Police is requesting that drivers in Haifa who abandoned their cars to run for shelter, to please move them to the sides of the raod. It is blocking crucial traffic flow of emergency vehicles.

10:30 AM: Update: In the previous Hafia-area attack, there are 8 confirmed killed, 6 serious, 2 moderate and the rest (tens) wounded lightly. Additional info here on YNET

10:20 AM: IDF is requesting for people not to release precise locations of rocket strikes (landmarks/streets/location)

9:51 AM: Police report that one missile strike was the Israel Train garage in Hafia, tens wounded.

9:50 AM: Received official request to refrain (for a few minutes) to detail exact locations of missile hits.

9:42 AM: 15 rockets landed in Haifa, Krayot, Checkpost area and surrounding areas -- air raid sirens continuing.

9:40 AM: Massive Rocket Attack on Haifa and surrounding areas. 9 Reported dead. Over 20 wounded

9:38 AM: Too much happening - will update momentarily.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael


Shtender said...

From Ynet alerts:
Hizbullah confirmed launching a missile at Haifa Sunday morning.

According to a report by al-Manar, Hizbullah's news agency, Hizbullah operatives launched a Ra'ad 1 liquid-fuel missile, developed by Iran. (Roee Nahmias)

What happened to the Patriot batteries around Haifa? And where is the vaunted Arrow missle and the Green Pine radar?

Ezzie said...

Hashem Yinkom Damam.

queeniesmom said...

thank you for the updates. Know that you and the rest of klal yisroel are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hopefully, it will end soon and the soldiers will return safe and unharmed.

Kol Tov. Shavoah Tov.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Shtender: I think the patriot's are more for psychological reasons that for tactical...and the incoming katyusha/fajar rockets are too small for a patriot to take down.

The patriots themselves would do more damage than the incoming rocket!

Shtender said...

Jameel, I understand that they wouldn't work on a Katyusha and that type of rocket. But from the quote above it seems is was some type of liquid fuel missile.

Ezzie said...

Jameel, check your mail.

YMedad said...

KK"L = Kassamim Katyushas L'Yisrael.

And have you noticed that you are not practicing what you're publishing. Less than one minute went by between reporting not to specify locations and then you specify.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

YMedad: If the Israeli Police announce it for all to hear on the radio...

Besides, my understanding was not to give locations on a smaller resolution than what I have provided. I didn't write for example, where the train garage was (there are quite a few)

YMedad said...

Pleeeeze, don't hang up your kippa on the Israeli police - they also beat up protestors, fondle young religious girls and are next-to-totally incompetent in general. ;>)

Ari Kinsberg said...

This really stinks.

MUST Gum Addict said...

Our thoughts are with you Jameel, and all of Eretz Yisroel. I can't stay away from the news for more than 5 minutes.

mother in israel said...

Can't get on the homefront website, must be overloaded. What did they say on the radio regarding central Israel?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

MII: Basically they said they were trying to "calm" people in central Israel that they will have at least a minute from the time an air-raid siren goes off...yet there was no concrete evidence on an immenent attack (which was the information given to Haifa people this morning)

Central Israel was defined as Tel-aviv and northwards.

Cosmic X said...


Isn't it odd that "the Muqata" is now one of the "safer" places in Israel?

YMedad said...

No, not odd. You guys too young to remember the first Gulf War? At Shiloh, we used to watch the missiles fly overhead on their way to, er, Israel?

tafka PP said...

Ymedad- get off your high horse- the Israeli police don't have a monopoly on "fondling Religious" Girls or otherwise. There is not a single community in this country that can claim to be clean in that respect.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Tafka pp: Yes, no one has a monopoly on that.

I think his point is that the Israeli police are not neccessarily proof that brains are being used when making public announcements on Television.

Dot Co Dot Il said...

Bending over to make the world and the world's media like us won't end up in them liking us.

Never has. Never will.

It will only end up in them wanting us to bend over more.

~ Sarah ~ said...

Sky News is holding a vote "Is Israel's attack on Lebanon justified?"

Go to,,91153-1003515,00.html

go vote for Israel!

Oleh Yahshan said...

there are so many of these polls out there.
We don't need to hear/ effect the result of these polls since they mean absulutly nothing.
Most of the Int. Media has already made up it's mind about this - for example look at Yahoo news - and take a look as the slidshow - how many pictures from Israel (Exlcuding the ones of Israel firing into Lebanon), as apposed to pics from Lebanon.

look at Sky and bbc - while one is reporting from Beirut, on the Israeli side they are reporting from Jerusalem - I guess they feel safer in Jerusalem - than in Haifa where Hizbullah is aiming at Civilians.

~ Sarah ~ said...

oleh yahshan: i understand, i know they don't mean much because the media has made their decisions. but as stupid as these polls are rather have them in favour of Israel.

YMedad said...

While Jameel came to my defense, let me just add that: (a) I am not on a "high horse" (although for 3 months in 1967 at Amatzia, I was a cowboy riding herd from 4 AM to 6 PM) and (b) while the "Israeli police don't have a monopoly on 'fondling Religious' Girls", the point I was trying to make was that the police are part of the "problem" and not part of any solution and that is an additional element in the SNAFU we now find ourselves in. As the father of three girls, I am in full sympathy with those who suffer. Don't mix up pears and apples.

Yonah said...

Jameel - Thanks for the constant updates. I'm ignoring my usual sources and just checking with you every 22 minutes :)

tafka PP said...

Ymedad- Beyond talk of horses, I would nevertheless maintain that there are other ways of making points about the uselessness of the Israeli Police which don't involve implications regarding either pears or apples.

פייגא דבורה said...

Hey Jameel,
You're pretty good at this! We could start our own news service. I'll be the weather girl.


as the man dov shurin said be'sham the prophet amos ְלֹא יִנָּתְשׁוּ עוֹד מֵעַל אַדְמָתָם אֲשֶׁר נָתַתִּי לָהֶם--אָמַר, יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ.

we love you so be carful

Aussie Dave said...

Keep up the great liveblogging, mate.

YMedad said...

Does Tafka PP read feminism into everything I write? Lucky I stayed with pears and apples and not melons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, Jameel. They're much appreciated.

Fern R said...

Even though polls like the one Sarah linked to don't have any tangible effect on Israel, it is interesting to see that 82% of the people who voted said that Israel was justified in its attack Lebanon.

truthhurts said...

With the majority voting yes - it seems most are intellectually vacuous.
What fool would bomb areas of Northern Ireland for the military actions of IRA?
Do these idiots not know collective punishment is wrong?
The cowards cannot face facts.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »

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