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Day 6 of the Gaza War 19-Nov-2012

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9:12 PM IDF soldier kills Arab in Southern Mt. Hebron area.
An Arab near Halhul attacked a soldier,in a kidnapping attempt. The soldier shot the terrorist. Simultaneous to the attack, Palestinian websites reported that an IDF soldier was kidnapped. It appears the site jumped the gun. All traffic in the are was stopped as soldiers searched to make sure no soldier was missing.

7:50 PM Prime Minister Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Liberman and Defense Minister Barak discussing terms of the cease-fire with Hamas at 9 PM tonight.
The main points are: 
1) a 15 year Hudna
2) Hamas will not smuggle or import any weapons
3) Hamas will not attack Israel, or Israeli soldiers along the border
4) Israel reserves the right to attack Gaza if there is an imminent threat
5) President Morsi will be personally responsible, and sign as 3rd party guarantor.

 6:57 PM Prime Minister Netanyahu today to Hasbara activists:  We are in 4 different fronts, Homefront, Military, Diplomatic and Hasbara.  Your work in disputing the lie industry is a significant addition to the State of Israel.  There will be many great efforts needed in the coming days.

6:45 PM Reports of another successful targeted killing -- 2-3 senior terrorists killed in Al-Buriej, Gaza, from the Popular Resistance terror group.

6:27 PM Air Raid sirens in Ashkelon

6:01 PM Arab rioters in Hevron throwing rocks at Beit Hadassah. Earlier today, IDF troops shot dead an Arab rioter who threw a firebomb at IDF troops.

5:55 PM Islamic Jihad Spox: Our retaliation against Israel [for killing 4 of our senior commanders] will be difficult, swift and painful. Ouch.

 Sorry for the font issues....working on it.

6:05 PM Reports of light weapon fire over Israeli forces from Syria.

6:00 PM  Sirens going off in Ashkelon, Iron Dome knock down rockets over the city.

5:40 PM Lebanese forces defuse 2 GRAD missiles aimed at Israel from its territory. 

5:37 PM IDF Spokesman releasing names of Islamic Jihad terrorist leaders targeted in strike on communications building in Gaza. Keep in mind that the building is the HQ of the foreign press in Gaza.

1. Baha Abu al-Ata, commndr. of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Gaza City Brigade, involved in planning attacks against Israel, arms manufacturing, long-range rockets
2. Tissir Mahmoud Mahmed Jabari, senior PIJ operative, responsible for training within org & approving terrorist attacks against Israel
3. Halil Batini, PIJ senior operative, a key figure in org's long-range rocket launching operations, responsible for internal security
4. Ramaz Harab, responsible for propaganda in PIJ Gaza City Brigade, aide to Tissir Jabari, former head of Sheikh Rajuan Division

4:46 PM Air raid siren sounding in Netivot.

4:42 PM Reports of SA-7 Grail Surface-to-Air missile at unmanned drone east of Gaza.

7 rockets fall in Eshkol region. No injuries.

4:30 PM
More air raid sirens in Sha'ar HaNegev. IDF destroys Hamas communications building in Gaza UPDATE: Palestinian sources reporting that Ramaz Harab,  one of the commanders of Islamic Jihad's military wing killed in attack. Well done!

4:04 PM
Egyptian sources: Armed group blowing up IEDs on Sinai border.

3:18 PM Eshkol - Rocket volley

2:48 PM
 Palestinian violence near Rachel's Tomb (Kever Rachel). Palestinians fighting with police. 

Bonus Video: After foreign activists and protesters block the main road, one driver decides not to let their "non-violent" violence get in his or her way. 

2:03 PM
 Iron Dome intercepts rockets at Be'er Sheva

1:56 PM
 Beer Sheva, Negev. DON'T GO OUTSIDE! Large barrage on its way!

12:50 PM
 Sderot, Sha'ar HaNegev

11:51 AM 
Sderot, Shaar Hanegev

11:29 AM
 Be'er Sheva

11:16 AM Bnei Shimon

11:13 AM Gan Yavne, Gederot, Ashkelon Beach, Kiryat Melachi

11:02 AM Eshkol

10:49 AM Biurim and Patish

10:48 AM Ofakim

10:43 AM Grad hits Ashkelom School. School was empty, thank God.

10:34 AM Be'er Tuvia

10:33 AM  IDFSPOX:
A 40% decline in rocket launches from Gaza into Israel.
Israel destroyed 40 tunnels between Rafiach and Sinai.
In the past 12 hours, IDF has hit 6 rocket teams.
Israel will continue to issue warnings by breaking into the Gazan radio channels warning them away from areas to be attacked and away from Hamas and Islamic Jihad soldiers so they won't be injured.

 10:17 AM 60,000 reserve orders sent out so far.

10:09 AM Siren: Kissufim

10:07 AM Siren: Eshkol

9:58 AM Sha'ar HaNegev

9:29 AM Eshkol

7:21 AM   Overnight actions:

IDF attacked 80 terror sites, 1,350 since the beginning of the operation.
Underground rocket launching sites that shot at Kiryat Melachi were destroyed.
Building belonging to senior terror officials were targeted that were used as command centers, or as weapon storage facilities.
A number of rocket crews were killed.

6:56 AM No school today within a 40 KM radius from Gaza.

Loud explosions were heard in Ashdod at 6:43 AM, but not clear from what.

6:54 AM Good morning Israel. Muqata reporting will begin soon.

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Liyatle said...

Thanks for blogging :)

Anonymous said...

@jameel Why is Obama and the EU showing public support for Israel? What do you think we're not seeing publicly?

Anonymous said...

רוקטת אל אילת..

Menachem said...

what's your source for 60,000 reservists? nobody else is reporting that, it looks like it's still 16k

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Menachem: Yisrael Hayom newspaper today, page 10. "by today, over 60,000 tzavim were sent out"

I'm sure its online as well.

Menachem said...

60,000 is the total amount that were called up to lebanon in 2006. it would be huge news if it were true today, and i dont see it anywhere online, including the israel hayom site

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Menachem: PLEASE go to page 10 of the digital edition of Yisrael Hayom.

See the article in the middle of the page by Lilach Shoval.

Josh Weixelbaum said...

Every news source I've seen has been reporting 60,000

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Violence at Kever Rachel is a daily thing, these days. :(

Carolyn said...

I'm new to this site, but I thank you so much for keeping the information coming out. Please know that millions of Americans stand with Israel. G*d Bless and thank you for your blog!

Zilla said...

You have my prayers for your safety.
I have your post linked at my blog here:

MiriamS said...

"...targeted in strike on communications building in Gaza. Keep in mind that the building is the HQ of the foreign press in Gaza."

By that do you mean they even used the foreign press as human shields?

Thag said...

On the lighter (or grimmer) side:

TJ said...

Another rocket barrage in the south, shortly before 2:00 am. Sirens heard from Sderot to Ashkelon.

TJ said...

Channel 1 reporting that the latest ceasefire talks in Cairo have concluded.

TJ said...

Correction: The cabinet meeting has concluded. The ceasefire talks are still underway.

WhiteRavenHawk said...

We are with Israel
Glenn's special message for Israel

PeaceSalaam said...

I am hacking your site. Soon this site of muqata will be showing palestinian information of true genocide zionists. I swear by Allah's beard that the day of judgment will come before the Americans celebrate their day of thanksgiving. The Jew will hide behind the tree, but the tree will say, "Ya, Muslim, there is a Jew behind me. Come and slay the Jew. Don't be bashful, but come and slay the Jew!" Inshallah.

click here said...

Nice blog. I just love reading your posts. I look forward to see more new posts in here soon.

amyrpk said...

Hey, PeaceSalaam, that's sure one peaceful post you got there!!! Good job!!!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Oh No. PeaceSalaam is "hacking" the site.

Sounds like another pathetic Hamas threat; "We have destroyed F16s, bombed the Defense Ministry in Tel-Aviv, etc etc etc"

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