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Day 3 of the Gaza War 16-Nov-2012

Day3 of the Gaza War 16-Nov-2012
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4:00 PM Going offline for Shabbat.  Wishing our readership and all the residents of Israel a very peaceful and quiet Shabbat.  Will return when Shabbat ends, Saturday night around 6 PM.

For our Israeli Soldiers:  May God bless and protect you, as you fight to secure our country from the terror of Gaza.

I'm personally very happy to be able to host 4 people this Shabbat from a community in Southern Israel.

Shabbat Shalom - Regards from Israel.


 4:00 PM Uninterrupted rocket fire over the past hour; 7 rockets at Ashdod, all taken out by the Iron Dome.
3:53 PM Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Leiberman meeting now along with the heads of Israelis Army and Security forces. (Channel 2)

3:46 PM Sirens sounding in Ashdod.

3:39 PM As of 3:30 PM today, the IDF Iron Dome system has knocked out 184 Gazan rockets, with a 87% successful it rate!

3:37 PM Ehud Yaari from Channel 2 TV: Traffic jam of IAF Fighter jets awaiting to bomb terror targets in Gaza.

3:23 PM Reports from Gaza that IDF is firing on a motorcylce

3:17 PM England says Israel will "lose support" if a ground incursion into Gaza takes place.  Thanks, send our regards to Her Majesty. 

3:09 PM Israeli Member of Knesset Zahava Galon (Meretz) says Israel must immediately start negotiating with Hamas.

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3:04 PM The house damaged in Beer Tuvia was hit by a fragment of a Iron Dome rocket, which blew into the home's living room of the house through the ceiling. No family members were home at the time and no one was injured.  There is damage to the home.

3:03 PM IDF Radio: Weekend weather is going to be hotter and dryer than usual for this season.

2:59 PM Air Raid Sirens in communities south of Ashdod.

2:59 PM IDF has hit over 30 targets in Gaza in the past hour.

2:54 PM Cleared for publication by IDF censor:  3 Wounded before in Eshkol rocket attack are IDF soldiers.   1 wounded moderately, 2 lightly wounded.

2:46 PM IDF reports that 510 rockets fired at Israel since the beginning of the operation; only 26 of them have hit Israeli communities.

2:46 PM Reports of a direct strike on a home in the Beer Tuvia region; no injuries.

2:43 PM Israeli police dealing with Arab rioters in Jerusalem's Abu-Dis and Ras Al-Amud nieghboohd. No injuires reported.

2:38 PM Israeli President Shimon Peres: "No one doubts the justification of this operation, We cannot abandon women and children to the insanity of Hamas".

2:33 PM Arabs throwing rocks in Ras Al Amud neighborhood of Jerusalem in response to IDF Airstirkes on Gaza.

2:28 PM Chief Commander of Hamas Military: I Promise there will be a severe retaliation which will not be forgotten.

Oh no. we're shaking.

2:27 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ashkelon and central/south areas adjacent to Gaza strip

2:26 PM IDF returning heavy fire against all areas that launched rockets in the past few minutes.

2:25 PM Air Raid Sirens in Shaar HaNegev Regional Council...

2:19 PM Air Raid Sirens in Yoav Region, Gan Yavneh Area...

2:17 PM Air Raid Sirens on Ashdod, Gan Yanveh, South Ashkelon area

2:16 PM Rocket Strike hits house in Beer Tuvia region (YNET)

2:11 PM
Palestinians sources claim a UN worker was killed by IDF airstike. Unconfirmed.

2:04 PM
Apparently the Fajr5 rocket launching at Greater Tel Aviv took place from within a heavily populated area in Gaza.  Nothing like using civilians as cover...

2:02 PM
IDF Radio announces that additonal silent frequencies will operate from 3 PM today till Staurday night on 93FM and 92.8FM, and only emergency announcements will be made.

2:02 PM
SKYNEWS (UK) reports that the rocket landed in Tel-Aviv suburb...

2:01 PM
Massive rocket barrage on South Israel....air raid sirens throughout the South

1:58 PM
Israeli Police announces no rockets landed in Eilat, and it was simply a training exercise...

1:57 PM Air Raid Sirens in Beer Sheva region

1:56 PM Air Raid sirens in Ashkelon.

1:55 PM In response to the rocket attack on Tel Aviv, all public bomb shelters are being unlocked and made available to the public.

1:53 PM 2 Roclets land in Eilat - forces responding.

1:51 PM Hamas takes responsibility for Rocket attack on Tel Aviv.

1:44 PM Rocket shot down by Iron Dome over Ashdod

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1:41 PM Rocket appears to have landed in open area near Tel Aviv. No injuries reported.

1:39 PM  Knesset Security and Foreign Affairs Committee meeting with Defense Minister Barak in Tel Aviv's Defense Ministry moved to bomb shelter during Air Raid Siren.
1:35 PM Air Raid Sirens in communities south of Ashkelon

1:33 PM Explosion heard in Tel Aviv - details to follow

1:31 PM Air Raid Sires in Tel Aviv

12:59 PM Running to back in 15 minutes.

12:57 PM Air Raid Sirens in Beer Sheva, Ramat Negev, and many other places!

12:56 PM Important Information for Residents of Israel: This coming Shabbat, Radio Darom will be in "silent mode" and only broadcast emerrgency messages of Air Raids for targetted areas -- 101.5 FM.  This way you can keep your radio on, and it will be quiet except when messages are broadcast which are important to go to your bomb shelter.  The station will go quiet from 4 PM today to 6 PM on Saturday evening.

12:51 PM Air Raid Siren in Area adjacent to Central Gaza.

12:49 PM Air Raid Siren in Bnei Shimon Region

12:42 PM Almost done with a Muqata Facebook page...will publicize it shortly when it's ready.

12:40 PM My son just came in and handed me the mail...IDF Reserve Notice for me. Whew. Not for a few weeks.

12:17 PM Air Raid in area adjacent to Central Gaza Strip.

12:14 PM Air Raid in area adjacent to Central Gaza Strip.

12:07 PM Rockets launched at Sederot 7 minutes ago were taken out by Iron Dome.

12:06 PM Air Raid in area adjacent to Central Gaza Strip.

11:55 AM Air Raid in area adjacent to Central Gaza Strip.

11:35 AM IDF Paratrooper Brigade Coammander, Colonel Amir Baram says to his soldiers in pre-incursion briefing minutes ago: "We are already 48 hours into this operation which we knew would finally happen. We discussed it in exercises and in our training. There  is no doubt we must act, and that is why we are here and what we have prepared for, what we trained for..."

11:28 AM Air Raid Sirens in area adjacent to South Gaza Strip area, and now center area as well.

11:24 AM  IDF combat troop commanders being briefing officers on operational details of [future/upcoming?] ground incursion into Gaza.

11:11 AM Reports of explosion near Ofakim of Iron Dome taking out Gazan rocket.

11:10 AM Reports of Air Raid Sirens in Ofakim.

11:09 AM Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil's visit to Gaza is ending...and he is returning to Egypt.  IDF:  Show Gaza some love!

11:04 AM Seems like Israel is sticking to its cease fire due to Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil's visit.  Hamas on the other hand has fired dozens of rockets at Israel.

10:52 AM Air Raid Siren in community south of Ashkelon

10:51 AM The civilian jeep hit by a Hamas anti-tank rocket in Eshkol, near Beeri, was full of reporters and cameramen.

10:48 AM Video from 2 nights ago, of Iron Dome taking out 14 out of 15 Gazan rockets over Beer Sheva.

10:47 AM Hamas takes responsibility for hitting civilian jeep in Eshkol region -- they used an anti-tank rocket. As reported, no injuries.
10:45 AM A person was serious wounded this morning in Beer Sheva when he was running to shelter due to the Air Raid siren, and he was hit by a car.

10:43 AM Rocket from Gaza hits civilian jeep in Eshkol region.    Car went up in flames, yet driver and passengers escaped unharmed. Currently waiting for rescue...

10:42 AM 4 rockets shot down by Iron Dome over Ashdod.

10:38 AM Reports that IDF attacks terrorists in Jabaliya/Northern Gaza -- one dead and 3 injured.

10:34 AM Rocket fired at Ashkelon hit the yard of a Public Building, no injuries.

10:33 AM Air Raid Sirens in communities south of Ashkelon

10:32 AM IDF Radio reports Air Raid Sirens in Beit-El.  Then they corrected themselves to a different city, and in Israel's South...

10:31 AM Air Raid Sirens in Ashdod, Gederot area and Sederot.

10:27 AM Air Raid Sirens in communities south of Ashkelon.

10:11 AM NRG/Maariv reports that on Motzei Shabbat/Saturday Night, a fifth Iron Dome installation will go on-line for active defensives.

10:09 AM Analysis of Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil's visit to Gaza and the temporary cease fire at the  - click here.

10:08 AM  Air Raid Sirens in South Ashkelon area.

10:04 AM Air Raid Sirnes in communities of the Northern Gaza strip area

10:04 AM The Jerusalem light rail has resumed service after a terrorists planted fake bombs.

9:57 AM Air Raid sirens in Norhern Gaza Region and Ashkelon,

9:56 AM Hamas President Ismail hanieh walking around freely to meet Egyptian Prime Minister, Hisham Qandil

9:53 AM Air Raid Sirens in Ashkelon and Kiryat Melachi.-- heard on IDF Radio.

9:52 AM AIR RAID SIRENS -- during the "cease fire" -- Thanks Hamas! (And Egypt)

9:50 AM 5000 chickens murdered by rocekt attack this moring in Eshkol region.

9:49 AM Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil's visit to Gaza is scheduled for about 3 hours.  During this time, there is supposed to be a temporary cease fire.

9:42 AM YNET reports that the previous rockets before were shot towards Kiryat Gat.

9:41 AM Live:  Egyptian Prime Minister, Hisham Qandil is in Gaza.

9:41 AM In the previous rocket launches to the Eshkol region, 12 rockets were launched at the region.

9:39 AM Iron Dome malfunction results in rocket falling in Ashdod at 6:50 AM this morning. (

9:38 AM Running on Twitter now: Hamas will take advantage of Egyptian Prime Minister, Hisham Qandil's visit to Gaza, to fire rockets at Israel, and Israel won't retaliate.

9:35 AM One rocket shot down by Iron Dome, one rocket landed in an open area.

9:33 AM Sirens going off in a region to the East of Ashkelon and North of Beer Sheva.

9:30 AM Of the 30,000 IDF soldiers authorized by the government to be called up, the IDF has started calling up 16,000 including those from Combat and Engineering troops.

9:28 AM No injuries reported from the strike in the Eshkol region. Landed in the yard of a house.

9:19 AM Explosions heard in the greater Ashdod  region

9:16 AM Sirens going off in Ashdod

9:16 AM Sirens going off in numerous regions, North of Ashkelon.

9:14 AM Channel 10 TV reporting of a direct hit of a rocket in the Eshkol Region.

9:12 AM Air Raid Sirens in Asheklon and Eshkol Regions.

9:02 AM Reports that Israel has agreed to a temporary cease fire while Egyptian Prime Minister, Hisham Qandil visits Gaza this morning. (Channel 10 TV)

8:59 AM Air Raid Sirens in the Eshkol Region

8:54 AM Pipe Bomb found on Jerusalem's light rail.  Sappers dealing with it (Channel 10 TV)

7:35 AM NYC closed the area around the Israeli Consulate in light of the protests and for security reasons. Security has also been increased around other Israeli sites in the city.
The Federation announced they are donating 5 million dollars to Israelis in the South.
A Suspicious Object was found near the Jerusalem light rail at the Herzl train stop.
IDF was busy pounding terror targets overnight.

6:55 AM Missile hits house in Ashdod. No injuries.

2:00 AM Reports are coming in of a number of massive IDF attacks across Gaza.
Among the major attacks is that the IDF has destroyed over 70 medium range missile launchers in the past hour.
Another is a strike on a major Hamas security building in the Sheikh Reduan neighborhood of Gaza City, as well as the destruction of at least 2 large weapons storage facilities.
These are in addition to other attacks throughout Gaza.

12:54 AM IAF Helicopters shooting at a Palestinian rocket launching terror cell in Beit Hanun (ostensibly, the same cell that launched rockets towards the Ashkelon region a few minutes ago)

12:53 AM As noted by a commenter below, many Palestinian Web Sites are claiming the IDF ground offensive has started, yet Hamas is chiding them for spreading lies and propaganda.  I am not aware that the ground offensive has commenced....(but it shouldn't be long before it does)

12:48 AM Air Raid Siren in Ashkelon Region.

12:44 AM Amazing photo roundup of IDF Operation in Gaza....(source)

12:15 AM OK people, I'm going to call it a night.  Will be back blogging again in the morning.  If there's a ground incursion starting then I will post that -- even in the middle of the night.

Wishing all our readers and visitors to the Muqata blog, a very good evening, and wishing a quiet and safe night to our brothers and sisters in Southern Israel.  May God bless and protect the bravce soldiers of the IDF, who are fighting for the safety and security of our country.

Good night,

Jameel @ The Muqata

12:06 AM Air Raid Sirens in the general vicinity of the Beer Sheva metropolitan area.

Important Clarification: The IDF Spokesman Office has been sending out the message that it is "dangerous" to report siren announcements and rocket hit locations.  IDF Public Radio (Galei Tzahal, GalGalatz) announces precise locations of all sirens 24 hours a day and the MSM reports rocket hits.  It is unfathomable that social media and blogs need to be held to a higher standard for reporting than the MSM and Public Radio Stations, and the Muqata Blog will continue reporting rocket sirens in general areas and where rockets hit -- in general terms.  When MSM sites report exact locations, so will the Muqata Blog.

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Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Anonymous said...

Goodnight, dear, and thank you so much for doing this. Praying unceasingly here for Israel, in the U.S.
--Ma Sands
Minnesota, U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help Jameel.
Allah is a Zionist.

Anonymous said...

Palestinian websites report a ground incursion has begun. Hamas spokesman denies report.

TJ said...

Sirens reported in Ashkelon at 12:48.

TJ said...

More air raid sirens in Ashkelon at 12:53 (two minutes ago).

TJ said...

Air raid sirens in Be'er Sheva at 1:02.

TJ said...

Apparently, the IAF has destroyed around 70 mid-range (Grad?) rocket launching sites in Gaza over the last hour.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Jameel: What are your source websites for the vast amount of info. that you are giving us? Can we go to these sites too, or are these sites restricted access sites?

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Plus, I thought that this operation was called "Pillar of Cloud" not Pillar of Defense. that is Amud Anan. Did they change the name of the op.?

TJ said...

While the IDF is making thousands of phone calls to warn residents of targeted areas to evacuate in advance of strikes, Palestinian media is warning residents not to answer phone calls from unknown numbers.

The claim is that the IDF is attempting to make contact with residents in order to somehow do them harm.

Is Hamas delivering these instructions in an attempt to maximize civilian casualties?

TJ said...

Palestinian media outlets report that the IAF has struck the home of Muhammad Sanuar, a top Hamas commander in Gaza who is involved in rocket launching operations and has been linked to the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit.

TJ said...

An add-on to the previous comment: Sanuar's home was also destroyed during Operation Cast Lead in 2009.

TJ said...

Over the last few minutes, warning sirens in multiple locations in the south, including in Ashdod.

Reuven Chaim Klein said... has more recent updates from Friday morning... I guess Jameel is taking his long-deserved nap...

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

RChQ: Actually - just got back from shul :)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Dov Leib: The sites are restricted for people located only in Israel. If you live in Israel, drop me an email and I'll send you some links.

Additionally, Amud Anan is the Hebrew name for the operation, yet "those in charge" didn't like the English translation of "OPeration Cloud Pillar" they made its English name: "Pillar of Defense".

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

So when (hopefully not, but I won't hold my breath) there are rockets launched from Gaza over the next few hours, what is Israel's response? What if they come from the same location where Morsi is meeting?

Anonymous said...

How do you know the bombs on the train were a fake?

ruthie said...

88FM has stopped announcing red alerts for about 2 hrs now :(

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Ruthie: Use Gal-Galatz frequencies and weblink now on the top of the blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you...

Nicole said...

What's MSM that you mention at the Top of the page?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Nicole: MSM = MainStream Media...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately can't access your FB page, it keeps saying "Page is not found"

Miriam B said...

Love you J. Your blog is the only place to go at wartime. Wish I were there.

Anonymous said...

Air raid sirens went off in Jerusalem, rocket landed in Jerusalem, no injuries bh

Renegade said...

Thanks Jameel, I don't know what we'd do without you.

Let's try to get hamas off twitter: (it's illegal in the US to provide services to a terrorist organization.)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Sorry anonymous - no rocket landed in Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

(13 minutes ago) Sky News Newsdesk ‏@SkyNewsBreak

Sky Correspondent: Six Palestinians accused of being spies killed in street in Gaza City

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