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Day 1 of the Gaza War 14-Nov-2012

Day 1 of the Gaza War 14-Nov-2012

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12:09 AM (Thursday) IDF Radio confirms that Israeli Embassy staff in Egypt are returning home due to security concerns. It's not known if Israel's ambassador will be returning in the near future.

12:02 AM (Thursday) IDF Radio reports that 70 rockets were fire at Israel from Gaza today. 25 were successfully intercepted. One woman was injured y shrapnel in Be'er Sheva.

11:49 PM Conflicting reports on IDF radio. Egyptian sources claim entire Israeli diplomatic staff returning home to Israel. Reuters says that the embassy staff are remaining and the embassy remains open as usual.

11:42 PM IDF announces that not only did they destroy most of the long-range Fajr missiles, but also Hamas's unmanned military drone program. GLZ 23:41 Hamas didn't even know that Israel knew all about it.

11:42 PM From the IDF Facebook page

11:25 PM On Channel 2 Israel TV-- watching in real time as the Iron Dome knocks out a grad rocket.

11:23 PM Air Raid Sirens in Ashdod, Beer Tuvia, Gan Yavneh, Gedera, Yad Binyamin

11:20 PM Arab and Leftwing Students from Hebrew University in Jerusalem will be demonstrating for solidarity with Hamas tomorrow at 12:00 PM at the Mount Scopus campus.

11:17 PM Channel 1 Israel TV reports that the Iron Dome knocked down a rocket launched at Sederot.  No injuries.

11:15 PM Confirmed rocket strike in Ashkelon, no injuries

11:13 PM Unconfirmed report of a rocket strike in Sederot.  MDA and IDF forces repsonding.

11:12 PM Channel 10 Israel TV News reports that the Israeli Ambassador to Egypt did not leave because of the Gaza operation. (as also noted by Reuters / Commenter SDavidRam)

11:07 PM IDF Naval Warships firing at terrorist postions in Gaza.

11:06 PM Iron Dome anti-missile system taking out numerous grad rockets in Beer Sheva.

10:55 PM Asheklon hit by rocket in attack from 10:51. No known injuries.

10:53 PM 2 Rockets land in Beer Sheva. No known injuries or damage.

10:51 PM Sirens in Ashkelon

10:46 PM Color Red Missile Siren Warning in Bnei Shimon

10:44 PM As of 10:44 PM, a total of 55 rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza.

10:42 PM Photo of Grad Rocket strike in Beer Sheva from this evening.

10:39 PM Video from IDF Spox of Hamas hiding Fajr (long range) rockets.

 10:34 PM Israel's ambassador to Egypt left Egypt suddenly, with no explanation.

10:26 PM Otzem (Atzmona) Premilitary Academy Evacuated by order of IDF homefront command. Jameel's son is on his way home...

10:25 PM organizing hosts for families from Israel's south for Shabbat.

9:02 PM Barzilai hospital moving all patients to protected area.

9:02 PM Channel 1 reports that missiles shot at Dimona!

8:56 PM Arab Mob Threatening Jews Inside Kever Rachel!

8:55 PM Egypt confirms missiles fired from Sinai

8:32 PM Arab Party to Protest Outside Likud HQ Over Gaza Op

8:30 PM (Sorry, had to leave for a bit). Palestinian News Agency Server Down

7:29 PM The IDF and Shabak are working closely together along with the Artillery units to take out individual Hamas terrorists in Gaza. 

7:25 PM Official IDF video of assasination:


7:19 PM Video of after the Jabari Strike:

 7:15 PM Throngs of Israeli student pack the Be'er Sheva train station, due to the closing of Ben Gurion University. To accommodate the masses of students, Israel Rail Road is sending extra long trains to evacuate the students looking to escape northward.

7:14 PM Israel has achieved a  major success by taking out Hamas's Fajr-5 rocket capabilities which could have hit Tel Aviv. IDF is reporting that Hamas wanted to prove their capabilities due to Israel's strike on Jabari, but are now almost completely powerless to hit anything further than 40KM from Gaza.

7:04 PM IAF continuing strikes, explosions heard throughout Gaza.  Secondary explosions from munition bunkers also heard.

7:02 PM Bibi meeting with Cabinet and Defense officials in Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv.

7:02 PM Egyptian Foreign Ministry demands that Israel immediately stop attacking Gaza, and warned Israel against the consequences of not stopping.

6:54 PM Palestinians report that the IAF took out 2 more terrorists in Beit Lahia that were about to launch a rocket at Israel.

6:51 PM Picture of airstrike at 4:30 PM

6:33 PM Meretz MK Zahava Galon says killing Jabri was not worthwhile and that Israel should negotiate immediately to stop the violence.

6:31 PM Color Red / Rocket Alert to Sha'ar HaNegev region.

6:30 PM Israeli leftists and Arabs decry defensive IDF operation on Gaza, calling for demonstration tonight in front Likud Tel-Aviv HQ.

(see photo on right saying "Stop Netanyahu, The Nation is against war")

6:27 PM Hamas Spokesman:  The Zionist Enemy has done something very stupid; even places farther away from Tel Aviv should be scared.

6:24 PM Due to sensitive IDF combat operations , not all the information flowing in to the Muqata will be printed at this time.  Stay tuned...

6:22 PM Reports that the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt is called for Egpyitan President Muhammed Morsi to sever all ties with Israel as a result of the Israeli operation against Gazan terror.  Morsi's office to hold press conference within the hour. (Ehud Yaari, Channel 2 TV)

6:17 PM Update from Magen David Adom: MDA has gone to level 3 (highest level of prepardeness) in Israel's South, and the rest of the country has gone to MDA level 2...

6:08 PM Homefront Command Cancels School for all municipalities within a 40 kilometer radius of Gaza.

6:04 PM Live Broadcasts on the Internet; Israeli TV and Radio (Hebrew)

ערוץ 1
ערוץ 2
ערוץ 10
 גלי צה"ל
רשת ב'

6:03 PM Homefront Command Immediate Update: Eshkol Region residents should remain in extremely close proximity to bomb shelters.

5:59 PM Update from the field: IDF "Tzav 8" emergency call up orders for reservists are currently for Homefront Command soldiers (to help with incoming missile threats) and not for additional combat battalions.

5:54 PM Palestinian sources report of additional top Hamas commanders killed.  Israeli media reports of "Tzav 8" emergency draft notices going to IDF reservists. (Channel 10, Channel 2)

5:49 PM forum says that "Phase 2" of the Gaza operation was just approved by the Israeli government cabinet via telephone (calling each minister individually) 

5:45 PM Palestinian sources claiming that 10 killed so far in IDF attacks, including Ahmed Jabri, his son and 2 bodyguards.

5:43 PM Israeli war planes pounding terrorist targets in the Northern Gaza strip.

5:38 PM Israel's Chief of Staff is currently in the "bor" -- the underground command center of the IDF in Tel-Aviv, monitoring the war effort.  IDF Spokesman says that IDF ground troops are poised to enter Gaza.  Preparations are in place for IDF reserve call ups.

5:29 PM The Fajr-5 rocket installation hit by IDF had a range of 75 kilometers.

5:23 PM Photo of  IDF heavy artillery hitting Gazan targets (source)

5:21 PM IDF Firing heavy artillery at Gazan targets -- reports that a Hamas Fajar missile launching complex was severely damaged.  This complex would have been used to launch rockets at Tel-Aviv.

5:16 PM Photos from the IDF strike on Ahmed Jabri  (source)

5:09 PM Top Hamas Military Commander of Rafiach / Southern Gaza killed by IDF fire; Ra'ed Aater (one of the top 5 military Hamas commanders)

5:07 PM  IDF intelligence balloons are being raised around the entire Gaza strip.

5:05 PM  Name of the Operation: Amud Anan -- Pillar Cloud

5:03 PM Hamas declares war on Israel - and calls for general call-up.

5:02 PM Israeli Government Official: This is just the beginning...

4:59 PM Schools closed tomorrow in Israel's South - Kiryat Melachi, Sederot, Gan Yavneh...more to come.

4:54 PM IDF Spokesman announces: Israel's operation in Gaza has started.

IDF Spokesman:
In the past hour, the IDF targeted Ahmed Jabri, the head of Hamas’ military wing, in the Gaza Strip. Jabri was a senior Hamas operative who served in the upper echelon of the Hamas’ command and was directly responsible for executing terror attacks against the State of Israel in the past number of years.

The purpose of this operation was to severely impair the command and control chain of the Hamas leadership, as well as its terrorist infrastructure. This was a surgical operation in cooperation with the Israeli Security Agency, that was implemented on the basis of concrete intelligence and using advanced capabilities.

The IDF will continue to target sites that are used for carrying out terror attacks against the citizens of Israel while improving their daily security.

4:52 PM Israel's IDF Homefront Command orders Ben-Gurion University closed immediately as a result of warnings of upcoming rocket strikes from Gaza, in retaliation for Israel's killing of the Hamas High Military Commander, Ahmed Jabri.

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Israel says hasn't recalled envoy to Egypt, embassy open

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