Monday, November 26, 2012

Likud Primary Final Results

11:14 PM Final Results of Likud Primaries:

1. Benjamin Netanyahu
2. Gidon Saar
3. Gilad Erdan
4. Silvan Shalom
5. Yisrael Katz
6. Danny Danon
7. Ruby Rivlin
8. Moshe "Bogey" Yaalon
9. Zev Elkin
10. Yariv Levin
11. Yuli Edelstein
12. Chaim Katz
13. Tzippi Hotovelli
14. Miri Regev
15. Moshe Feiglin
16. Yuval Steinitz
17. Tzachi HaNegbi
18. Limor Livnat
19. Ophir Akunis
20. Gila Gamliel
21. Carmel Shama 
22. Benny Begin

11:07 PM Preliminary results in order of number of votes (not final)

1 Gidon Sar
2 Gilad Erdan
3 Silvan Shalom
4 Danny Danon
5 Ruby Rivlin
6 Moshe Yaalon
7 Zev Elkin
8 Yariv Levin
9 Yuli Edelstein
10 Yisrael Katz
11 Tzippi Hotovelli
12 Miri Regev
13 Moshe Feiglin
14 Yuval Steinitz
 15 Tzachi HaNegbi
16 Limor Livnat
17 Ophir Akunis
18 Gila Gamliel
19 Carmel Shama 
20 Benny Begin

Off the list, Dan Meridor and Avi Dichter....

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NormanF said...

Netanyahu's failure in Gaza had a silver lining after all.

There are no coincidences in the world as Jameel well knows.

Apart from the PM, there are no supporters of a Palestinian Arab state in the Likud list - and such a state would be an existential disaster for Israel.

A new era in Israel is being born.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

THIS is why we have been working so hard in the Likud for the past 10 years. We have proved ourselves in a big way, and I hope that everyone that was so frustrated over the voting computer mess will now reconsider their decision to leave the party. Well done!

Michael Sedley said...

Why the heck did Benny begin end up at 22 - he should have been WAY higher on that list.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Michael: Because he did ZERO campaigning. As did (as didn't) Meridor.

Everyone on the updated list worked like a dog to get there. No one there rested on their laurels or their family legacy.

Michael said...

It's a nice list, finally a real right-wing one. let's hope that the bowing to the Quartets' pro-arab stance will be over.

Liron said...
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juvanya said...

Is there any list below 22? Specifically I want to know where Ayoob Kara placed. It seems he will not return to Knesset unless LB scores well over 40. I guess what was said about campaigning holds true.

rabelad said...
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