Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Israel's MSM vs. The Likud

Last night when the results of the Likud internal elections were finalized the mainstream media started their field day:

Fascist....Radical...Ultra-nationalist....these words were used over and over again by Channels 1, 2, and 10 TV.  Channel 10 repeated as a mantra last night that the new Likud list is fascist and illegitimate.

Labor's Yachimovich says Likud now 'radical rightist party' (yet Peace Now crony Yariv Oppenheimer running in the Labor primary is the epitome of moderation?)

Despite what the media and left would have you believe, the Likud list is not full of blood-sucking zombies and vampires.

This morning, a Maagar Mochot poll for Nana and Channel 10 TV shows that despite the best efforts of the media, Israelis are happy with their options.

The center-right wing is strengthened to 70 seats, while the center-left drops to 50 seats.

Likud / Yisrael Beitenu joint list: 37

Shas: 14
Bayit Yehudi: 9
Yahadut HaTorah 6
Amsalem 4

Labor: 20
Tzippi Livni: 9
Yair Lapid's party continues to crash and burn, hitting 5
Meretz: 3
Kadima: 2
Arab parties: 11

Israel: Don't be brainwashed by the media.  We don't need more left wing parties disguised as "center" such as Livni and Mofaz.  The Likud has a responsible and energetic list of MKs who will continue to help lead Israel through the challenging times ahead.  Irresponsible fiscal policy from Labor would be the worst thing for Israel, which under the Likud government has managed to maintain a steady course as world markets experience serious turbulence over the past 4 years. 

Congratulations to the Likud -- you have an excellent list, and we need to all work together for a better future for Israel.

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Shaul B said...

Another standard MSM trick which almost nobody questions is the almost universally accepted tallying up of the Left/Right camps to measure who will likely form the next government.

For example, in this survey, the results are presented as Right 70, Left 50.

Actually, a more accurate split presentation would be Right 70, Left 39, Arabs 11. The Arab parties are basically dead space in terms of forming a government; not even Labor would be able to include them in a coalition.

And if you wanted to see the playing field more clearly and honestly (even though it's less comforting), you should put the parties who could sit in either a Left or Right coalition in the middle - like Shas, UTJ, Amsalem and Lapid. According to that breakdown the score is:

- Right: 46
- Swing: 29
- Left: 34
- Spoilers: 11

According to this, it is at least mathematically possible that the 29 Swing plus 34 Left could cobble together a coalition. But it does kind of strain credulity to imagine Shas or UTJ sitting in a government with Tzipi Livni or Meretz - but that's only because of the personalities involved, not necessarily any principled Left/Right or economic policy conflicts.

Yaakov in Rehovot said...

The positive: overall attitude in the country is not to give in anymore. As the nationalist and religious groups gain foothold, the government will be forced to stop throwing Jews out of their own land.
The Arabs are moving radically right.
Leftist weak leanings give them greater chutzpah; standing a slate against them which is firm is the only option!

NormanF said...

The real debate in Israel today is not a territorial one.

Its a split between being Israeli and Jewish.

Last's night vote heralded the end of the Oslo Era in Israeli politics. Its a dead end path Israel must get out of if it wants to survive.

Israel is missing a Jewish culture and a shared belief in common values and in the justice of Israel's cause. There is no such thing as Palestinian nationhood. There has always been a Jewish nation. In these times, its as true as ever. The Arabs are duty bound to respect it put forth as a principled and sincere argument. They do not respect weakness and cowardice.

A strong Israel is good news not only for Jews but for the entire Middle East as well. A country that stands for something will be both blessed by G-d and admired by the entire world. That is exactly what those of us who love Israel want to see it become in the future.

Mark Kerpin said...

Continue living in your fantasy world. Israel is becoming a racist fortress, which will eventually lose the support of the few Western nations that still back it up, as well as the American Jewish community. It cannot survive without this support - I give it 10 years at most.

Shaul B said...

Don't you love when somebody who doesn't even live in Israel comes and tells us that we're living in a fantasy world...?

josh said...

Shaul B has the right direction, so Jameel, don't eat the media brainwash of right and left blocs.

The Haredim are not right-wing and should also be in the swing bloc.

Daniel said...

Does anyone doubt that Oppenheimers ilk would've taken communion in Spain of 1492?

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