Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday in Israel

7:21 PM Gaza launches rocket at Israel - Red Alert Sirens in Ashkelon and Eshkol region. Rocket lands in injuries or damage to Israel (except for its waning deterrence) 
5:04 PM Amit Segal / Channel 2 News says that if his sources are correct, the results of the Likud primaries will be devastating to current Likud MKs, specifically Ministers.  My guesstimates are as follows:

Not making the cut:

Limor Livnat, Leah Ness, Gilad Erdan, Benny Begin, Dan Meridor, Gila Gamliel, Yuval Steinetz

Making the cut:

Zeev Elkin, Tzippi Hotovelli, Danny Danon, Gidon Saar, Moshe Yaalon, Ruby Rivlin, Moshe Feiglin.

11:59 AM Likud Primary elections continue today....for those of you who are Likud members and didnt vote yet -- this video is for you. "Elkin Style" 

11:07 AM In a  self-announced "dramatic" announcement at a press conference, Defense Minister Ehud Barak is leaving Israeli politics -- and will not run in the upcoming elections.   He will remain as Defense Minister till after the elections and a new government is sworn in.

Breaking News:  10:20 AM Breaking News...Defense Minister Barak has called for a "dramatic" press conference at 11:00 AM Israel time (40 minutes away) and sent pager messages to all political and military correspondents. Barak has cancelled all his IDF related meetings today...

What could this dramatic incident be? Options can include:

1. Resigning as Defense Minister
2. Joining another party to run for the upcoming elections (though both Labor and Livni deny any connection to it).
3. Something big from a security perspective...

10:00 AM Likud primaries continue today due to severe computer issues yesterday.  What an embarrassment -- The High-Tech "Start-Up" Nation can't even get its act together for a simple voting application?  I'm ashamed.

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MiriamS said...

Actually I was surprised that with all the malfunction in the morning they were able to get it working without problems later in the day.

IsraelP said...

Wants to be President.

Michael Sedley said...

Barak is good at quitting right before he gets rejected by the electorate.

Remember in 2001 (?) when his government collapsed and the government called for new elections within 90 days.
Instead of facing a general election which he was sure to loose, he quite as PM, forcing a special election for PM between him and Sharon, instead of a new general election (Fortunately he lost be a landslide and they have since changed the law so there are no more direct elections of PM)

Again today, given that he was sure to take a beating in the election, instead of admitting that the electorate can't stand him and face defeat, he quit before the battle began.

Sort of like the way he ran the recent battle in Gaza.

IsraelP said...

Michael, he would call that "living to fight another day."

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