Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Compare and Contrast -- The Songs Israeli and Palestinian Kids Sing

See how Israeli kids cope with rockets being shot at them around the clock...and the songs they sing.

Here are the songs and poems the Hamas and Palestinian Authority teach their children to sing...


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colliemum said...

Thank you so much for showing us those videos - the contrast could not have been more stark.

Seeing how the Israeli teachers worked to help their children to deal with and overcome their fear was awesome.
And that's why I know in my heart that Israel will never be broken by that 'religion' of death.

mmatitya said...

Our "Palestinian" Muslim neighbors have a slogan that they teach their kids, about the difference between themselves and the Jews:

"We love death as much as they [the Jews] love life."

These videos of childrens' songs provide a nice illustration of just how right they are about that.

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Anonymous said...

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Thank you so much for showing us those videos

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